Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 162


After arriving home. Akabane didn’t become idle like he always does.
Because he finally found a way to reduce points from his system, he immediately took out the scrolls the Uzumaki Patriarch gave to him.
The Five Elements Seal from Uzumaki Clan requires 750 points.
Normal A-level ninjutsu only requires 500 points, but it is very difficult to learn. The instructions and techniques on the scroll are no different from those in the heavenly book, so the points seem to be much higher.
Akabane turned out the scroll and found the position of the five-line seal from above.
He didn’t look at it carefully before, but this time he looked carefully from top to bottom, over and over again.
Even many techniques he didn’t understand were memorized by rote.
It didn’t take long for the entire Five Elements Seal’s principle, technique and seal technique to be remembered in his mind.
After taking another look, it suddenly decreased five hundred points!
Relative to the total price, it can be said that it has been directly reduced by one-third, but it is still very expensive.
“Is it because swordsmanship is different from ninjutsu, so I have to practice Jie Yin?”
Akabane pondered for a while and practised it several times in the order of the knot seal on the scroll.
Drop 50 points.
Is he missing these fifty points?
After thinking for a while, he gradually understood: “The four hundred fifty tuition fee is because I can’t understand the sealing technique at all?”
Although swordsmanship is profound, Akabane can understand it by his imagination in terms of words, pictures and usage.
However, when it comes to Sealing…
Sorry, I really didn’t understand.
Wanting to understand the whole story, Akabane silently closed the seal art scroll.
Although the reduction of 300 points is close to 50% off the big bargain, the previous points are all used to redeem his physique, so he still can’t afford it.
“Since it’s not decreasing anymore, drawing more for points is the kingly way.”
Akabane comforted himself, then threw the seal art scroll to its original position.
Izumi Yamano’s caravan will definitely come this afternoon, and chapter 56 to 60 will be updated by then. With Uchiha’s popularity, it will surely sell well.
Even if One Piece does not sell like Naruto, it can still sell higher sales than before with the popularity of Naruto.
“Go to Orochimaru first…”
He thought to himself.
He went to get the design drawings and planned to give them to Izumi Yamano in the afternoon to see if they could make those two pieces of equipment.
Although it does not improve much for ninjas above Elite Chunin, this equipment is indeed very useful for low-level ninjas.
However, the plan never keeps up with the changes.
As soon as he left the house, he saw Tsunade walking towards him, her eyes… something was wrong.
Akabane stared at her, and when she was at his side, he asked, “Are you here to pick Tomiko?”
“No, I’m here to beat you up!”
As soon as the voice fell, her fists were thrown out.
Akabane was so frightened that he dodged immediately, but apparently, this fist is not Chakra Enhanced Strength and did not cause much damage.
Tsunade was a little surprised.
She launched an attack based on her previous experience, and Akabane supposedly could not have avoided this punch.
Not seeing in a few days, he became faster!
Although she was surprised, she still retracted her hand as she said, “Grandma wants to see you.”
“This… alright.”
Akabane hesitated for a moment and nodded in response.
The last time he met Uzumaki Mito, she was very friendly to Uchiha and very much agreed with Uchiha Yuan’s approach.
So there shouldn’t be any problems with this visit.
On the contrary, there may be some rewards…
He thought secretly in his heart.
Akabane pays attention to the centre of her eyebrows, that special sign-it is the Yin Seal.
“It seems that Tsunade has not been idle during this time.”
He secretly thought in his heart.
“Just asking, how long have you been learning Yin Seal?”
Akabane was a little curious.
He had seen the technique of Yin Seal, it was very, very profound, and could not understand it at all.
Tsunade snapped her fingers and said, “Um… three days?”
Three days?
Akabane was stunned, then fell silent.
“What’s the matter, have you also recently learned sealing techniques?”
Tsunade asked thoughtfully.
Akabane shook his head and said, “No, just took a look.”
“Seal art is very difficult to learn. If you want to learn it, you can let grandma teach you.”
Tsunade said.
She knew that Akabane had seal art scrolls from Uzumaki Clan, so it would be a waste not to learn it.
Akabane could only remain silent.
Even with Uzumaki Mito’s teaching, it is quite difficult to learn the Yin Seal in such a short time.
If it’s him, not Tsunade, it is estimated that the Angry Uzumaki Mito will return to heaven soon.
In order for the elderly to live a few more years, let’s wait for the points.
He secretly complained in his heart.
Walking straight to the courtyard of Uzumaki Mito, Tsunade left consciously.
She was very busy during this time, she had to train her Chakra control, and she had to maintain physical exercise. In short, she didn’t have so much time to do other things.
“hmph, you brat is not coming to Senju recently, do you hate chatting with this grandma that much?”
 Uzumaki Mito sneered.
At her age and experience, she can see through Akabane like a white paper.
“What are you talking about, I’m just a little busy lately.”
Akabane was ashamed.
It was really embarrassing to be dismantled in person.
“What are you up to, is it the Uchiha?”
Uzumaki Mito pointed to the position, told him to sit down, and then sat down looking at Akabane.
From her expression, he can see obvious fatigue.
Obviously, it was not easy to teach so many children together during this period.
“I just messed around, but luckily nothing happened.”
Akabane chuckled.
“You got Uchiha done, I’m pretty happy, to be honest, I heard that you also signed a summoned beast recently?”
Uzumaki Mito asked.
“Yes, it’s a dream tapir.”
Akabane nodded.
“Yin Seal, your seal art scroll has it, so I won’t say more…you kid is really difficult, it seems you have everything.”
Uzumaki Mito pondered for a moment and suddenly had a headache.
This kid seems to have everything, nothing is missing, it is not easy to solve the problem for her.
Finally, she asked Akabane: “What do you want to learn?”
Akabane pondered for a long time, and said, “I want to learn Chakra Enhanced Strength.”
“You are joking?”
Uzumaki Mito was a little surprised, obviously, she didn’t expect Akabane’s goal to be this.
Chakra Enhanced Strength?
Is that something your family can play!
“Caught!, I’m not kidding, I really want to learn this.”
Akabane said.
This is well thought out. Since he can’t find out how to become faster, then it’s better to use violence to solve the problem of speed ninja melee.
And Chakra Enhanced Strengthening is one of them.
No matter how fast you are, seize the moment of opportunity to punch and immediately hit the ground.
“Let me see your physical condition.”
Uzumaki Mito got up from her chair and walked to Akabane’s side.
She not only knows the sealing technique, but also some medical techniques.
A cursory look appeared on her face after a cursory examination.
This is the physique of the Kurama Clan?
She looked at Akabane with a baffled expression, and said after a long time: “Your body is really good enough to learn Chakra Enhanced Strength.”
“Of course!”
Akabane chuckled, the vitality of Uzumaki’s physique was strengthened plus 80 physiques, this physical constitution could not be inconsistent.
“Okay, I’ll teach you.”
Uzumaki Mito sat down and then explained the principle of the Chakra Enhanced Technique.
These Akabane can understand, although there are not many places to understand.
The most difficult thing to do in the Chakra Enhanced Strength technique is the Chakra Control, but as a Genjutsu ninja, what he is best at is Chakra Control. It is completely handy to learn this stuff.
Although he can understand it, practising it is definitely not easy.
Chakra Enhancement is not only controlled by Chakra but also requires the coordination of the body’s muscles. 
 But due to his studies on Taijutsu, he has learned a certain trick.
This was enough to surprise Uzumaki Mito.
Although the Chakra Enhancement technique is not difficult, it requires extremely high physical fitness, chakra and control ability. And Tsunade spent a lot of time learning it at that time. But she didn’t expect Akabane to be faster than her.  At this speed, he can master it after a while.
Learning the Chakra Enhancement, Uzumaki Mito no longer retained Akabane.
She wants to suppress her shock for a while and stabilize her chaotic mood.
Is it really normal for the Kurama Clan to easily learn the Chakra Enhanced Strength?
Thinking carefully, it’s also very confusing. The melee level of the Kurama is well known in the Ninja world, who would have thought that Akabane would have a strange power.
Coming here at the critical moment and absolutely reversing the situation.
It’s just this strong sense of violation…
“There is a feeling that Hashirama’s position as the God of Shinobi will be replaced one day, hey, I really don’t understand.”
She sighed softly.
The world has changed so fast that she has slowly lost track of it.

At this time, in the meeting room of the Hokage Building, Uchiha Yuan has rarely come here for many years.
Sarutobi Hiruzen, Danzo, Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado sat in a circle.
“Please sit down.”
Hiruzen pointed to the position and let Uchiha Yuan sit down.
Danzo’s bandage hasn’t been taken off yet, but he attended the meeting very professionally.
Uchiha Yuan looked around, and he knew that these people had already made a decision.
The four people had reached an agreement on the distribution of interests and power. When he came over, they just announced the result.
But he didn’t care, the Uchiha showed their attitude, and it was inappropriate for Hokage to not give any benefits to them.
Besides, he is really sincere, even if there are no benefits, he is fine with it.
Danzo pondered for a long time, and said first: “Yuan, I heard you awakened the Mangekyo?”
“I am ashamed to say, Mangekyo opened temporarily that day.”
Uchiha Yuan nodded without denying it.
The unconventional illusion of Demonic Illusions: Shackle Stakes was nothing to hide from the Anbu ninjas, and he had no thought of denying it.
Only by showing your muscles properly can you increase your leverage.
“Well, Uchiha hasn’t awakened Mangekyo Sharingan for many years. It is a great thing for the village that you awakened it.”
Hiruzen applauded, and then he continued, “You Uchiha suffered a greater loss this time. We discussed this point and we plan to let the other families participate in the guards. In addition, I hope that Anbu and Uchiha can contribute.”
This is a requirement.
Uchiha Yuan looked at his nose and nodded and promised: “No problem.”
“The guards are still under your control, but the number of people from all ethnic groups will be larger after participating. Therefore, you can choose the place to train. The duties of the guards should also be changed. It is not only responsible for the safety of the village, but also for the surrounding areas. Security and daily issues, such as entrance and exit records, commercial disputes, and the suppression of surrounding gangsters, are all under your control.”
Three generations continued.
This is good!
Uchiha Yuan breathed a sigh of relief. The Third Hokage meant that the guards expanded and incorporated into other foreign ninjas, and their responsibilities and powers were also expanded.
The current guard is just like a power department.
“When your manpower reaches a certain level, some tasks on the Anbu side will be handed over to you. From now on, your guards will be equivalent to the Anbu on the bright side, and you must thoroughly handle the security issues within the Land of Fire.”
Danzo said coldly.
“Yes, I understand!”
Uchiha Yuan lowered his head and was delighted.
Listening to this, the guards of the future are equivalent to the law enforcement teams on the bright side, responsible for the surfaced issues in Konoha and the Land of Fire.
But relatively, when the guards expand in the future, I am afraid that power will be relatively dispersed.
But one thing will not change-the power circle of the guard must have Uchiha’s position!

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