Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 163


“Guarding the gate was changed to Uchiha?”
Akabane was a little surprised when he heard the news from Yamano Izumi.
“Yes, the people at the gate of Konoha are now replaced by Uchiha people, and a notice was posted stating that these duties will belong to the guard in the future, and the guard will expand its recruitment due to insufficient manpower in the near future. “
Yamano Izumi brought the team in and paid special attention to the different inspections in the past, so he noticed these differences.
Akabane fell into thought.
The gate is handed over to the guards, and the guards have expanded their enrollment. It seems that the division of power in the village has begun to change.
He doesn’t know who will expand the enrollment…
If he has to face the major clans, they may also be within the conscription range.
“But it doesn’t feel different that much. People like Uchiha are also very easy to get along with. They don’t look down on everything as rumoured.”
Yamano Izumi smiled and helped a guard unload a box of comics.
“They are just rumours after all.”
Akabane smiled slightly, if even an outsider said so, which shows that the guards will get more points for participating in these tasks.
As long as they sincerely serve the people, everyone will naturally recognize it.
If the Uchiha didn’t clean up their internal fighting, gaining power will only increase the villagers’ hatred towards Uchiha. This is one of the reasons why Uchiha Yuan is determined to eradicate the cancer.
“How many are there in total here?”
Akabane pointed to the cart. Before, there was only one cart, but this time there are two carts.
Although each is relatively small, each comic book is packed in a box, and you can see that it is much more than before.
“The tenth volume of “Naruto” has 250 pieces, while the fourth volume of “One Piece” has two hundred pieces, while Jiraiya’s book of “Love in the Dessert” has 50 pieces.”
Yamano Izumi took out a piece of paper, and read the total of the boom they printed.
In the end, he seemed to hesitate, and after long consideration, he said: “By the way, Mito-sama recently came to me and wanted to publish a manga with me.”
“Which Mito-sama?”
Akabane was startled.
“Who else can it be, of course, it’s Mito-sama from the Senju Clan family.”
Yamano Izumi’s expression was respectful and awe-inspiring, and at the same time, he seemed to be in pain.
This expression is as weird as it is.
With Uzumaki Mito’s painting skills, even he has nothing to criticise about, that’s why he fails to understand Yamano Izumi’s expression.
As if he understood Akabane’s doubts, Yamano Izumi lowered his voice, lowered his head and said, “Mito-sama’s paintings are about the First Hokage-sama…well, something that is not normal.”
Not normal?
Associated with Senju Hashirama’s character in the manga, Akabane probably understands what is going on.
To make a false statement about the first generation, Yamano Izumi is also afraid of getting caught up.
He wanted to laugh, but he felt excusable.
After all, although Yamano Izumi is the director of the arsenal, but to put it bluntly he is working for the daimyo, and his status is completely incomparable with Konoha.
So Akabane offered a trick: “If you let Granny Mito write the opening speech, wouldn’t it become the most authentic memoir?”
Who in the world knows Senju Hashirama better than Uzumaki Mito?
A word to wake up the dreamer!
Yamano Izumi’s eyes lit up, and his thoughts were clear for a moment, and he kept nodding his head and said: “Memoir…Yes, as long as you can get the testimonials and statements, even the Third Hokage and others can’t say anything!”
He has seen signs of the fire.
“It’s up to you how you work it.”
Akabane gave some suggestions but didn’t plan to continue to blend in.
If he wants his comics to become the best seller in this world, maybe there are only a few places he can sell them, but Senju Hashirama is different.
The daily life of Senju Hashirama…
It should be very interesting, even he has some expectations about the story.
After talking about it, Akabane took out the design drawings and equipment he had obtained from Orochimaru, and handed it to Yamano Izumi and said, “By the way, the equipment I mentioned to you before is this kind of equipment.”
“Let me see.”
Yamano Izumi picked up two pieces of equipment and took a closer look.
He knew the use of the first one, but the second…
“Is there anything special in this bell?”
Yamano Izumi asked.
Akabane handed over the design drawing of the bell. Izumi Yamano took over and looked at it a few times, and finally said confusedly: “I didn’t understand it. Can you explain it to me?”
“It’s not clear to me also..?”
Akabane glanced at it, and finally lost his confidence–he didn’t understand either.
Although the structure and principles are written, the symbols and manufacturing requirements are all explained in a very big snake pill style, which is profound and obscure.
After thinking about it for a long time, he pondered and said: “You just follow the above specifications, try to be as detailed as possible, and try to make ten first.”
“Okay, I’ll try it out first. As for the money, I will ask you to calculate the cost later.”
Yamano Izumi is very open-minded, he has long-term cooperation with Akabane and knows him enough, so he doesn’t worry about the money for a few weapons in this small area.
After Akabane finished speaking, he looked at another drawing design.
Yamano Izumi glanced down, then raised his head, and suddenly noticed that someone was peeking not far behind Akabane. He was about to remind him, but the person first said,
“Akaba, what is this weapon for?”
Huh, what is this voice?
Akabane turned his head and saw the person he hadn’t anticipated-Uchiha Yuan.
At this time, he also found the expression of Yamano Izumi, so he smiled and said, “Don’t be afraid, he is the patriarch of Uchiha.”
“It turned out to be… hello, my lord!”
“it’s okay no problem.”
Uchiha Yuan didn’t care.
He had been dormant in the clan before, so he seldom came out and walked around, and people outside rarely saw him.
Therefore, it is normal for Yamano Izumi not to recognize him.
“It’s the work of Orochimaru. It’s a good weapon.”
Akabane introduced the two weapons again.
Because seeing Uchiha Yuan, thinking of the expansion of the guard, he suddenly thought that they needed them more than the new root ninjas!
Uchiha Yuans’ eyes lit up and said, “Oh? Can I see its power?”
“It needs to instil chakras, increase the amplitude through the wind holes, strengthen the impact of the chakra flow, and form a powerful force.”
Akabane handed it to him, thinking for a while and reminded, “Your strength is relatively high, be careful not to use too much chakra.”
Uchiha Yuan put it on, looked around, walked to the empty field, and then poured Chakra carefully.
Not long after…
With a whistling, the violent Chakra was compressed and blown out from the wind hole, directly smashing a large stone in the distance.
“This power is okay!”
Uchiha Yuan is ecstatic. Its power is not strong, but it doesn’t need a hand seal. As long as you know how to control Chakra, you can exert good power.
This weapon is very suitable for Genin, elite Genin, and even some Chunin without powerful Ninjutsu.
“Are you interested?”
“Of course, I was worried about the strength of the guard before. To be honest, I came here and wanted to learn from you, but now I look at it… it’s pretty good.”
Uchiha Yuan said happily.
“It also has shortcomings. If the air outlet is blocked, it is likely to cause great harm to the user if used.”
Akabane said.
“Of course it is just a weapon after all.”
Uchiha Yuan nodded.
There is no perfect weapon in the world, because of this, people need to use and manipulate it.
Yamano Izumi was also very happy.
It seems that as long as these two weapons are made, there is no need to worry about getting money.
Uchiha, that’s a big clan!
“What’s the function of bells?”
Asked Uchiha Yuan.
“Making a sound that disturbs the sense of hearing, if a Chakra was injected into it in a large amount, it can also destroy the sense of hearing of others.”
After Akabane said it, he considered it for a moment and added, “Theoretically so, but it is still in the experimental stage.”
“Let’s try.”
Uchiha Yuan stood there and motioned Akabane to do it.
Akabane poured into the chakra and shook the bell gently.
The sound rang.
“Effective, but not strong.”
Uchiha Yuan said after hearing it, but there was no slightest scent of contempt.
It is not strong because the chakra injection is small. If the chakra input is increased, the effect will be stronger.
of course……
For powerful ninjas, these props are not very useful, because they have very limited effects.
It’s just that for the ninjas, any weapon can save their lives.
Uchiha Yuan likes these two weapons more and more and quickly said: “Akaba, these two types must be given priority to our guards. Money is not a problem!”
” You can’t find from every clan for enrollment expansion?”
Akabane was a little surprised.
The ninja from every clan, presumably will not be too bad.
“It is definitely necessary to find from every clan, but…”
Uchiha Yuan looked around, feeling a little unsafe, and instantly opened his eyes and performed illusions.
Akabane was drawn into illusion.
At this time, the other party continued: 
“But in the follow-up, the guards are not only responsible for Konoha’s safety, but also for the daily safety of Konoha’s villages, surrounding towns, and even the entire Fire Country. That’s why every clan elite is not good.”
“So that’s it… isn’t this the department!”
Akabane instantly understood.
Today’s tasks such as bandits and gangsters are often entrusted by the villagers after the chaos, and the duty of the guards is to station and patrol in advance, protect the safety of the place, and stifle this chaos in the cradle.
If it’s such a wide range, let alone every clan elite, I am afraid that it will be too much to include Anbu.
“You can choose ninja from commoners. After all, the most commoner ninjas are Genin. They are fully capable of tasks such as daily patrols and alert transmission of information.”
“I think so too, and I also confide it on the Third Hokage.
Uchiha Yuan nodded, “That’s why with these weapons, their independent combat capabilities will be stronger.”
Akabane thought for a while and said: “If you manage a remote town, it would be inconvenient to patrol Konoha every day. The guard can set up a small team there, send people to the station every day, and change team members every once in a while.”
“It makes sense!”
Uchiha Yuan’s eyes lit up and he asked excitedly, “Anything else?”
“Um…there is, with Inuzuka Clan, make a good relationship, I remember Inuzuka Clan not only has Ninken but also some dogs with poor aptitude, which can be taken over by your guard. Although the fighting strength is insufficient, it is just right for daily warning.”
Akabane said.
Of course, police dogs are no longer standard.
But these suggestions are obviously very useful to Uchiha Yuan.
He nodded and wrote down, and then said excitedly: “Sure enough, a genius like you has a bright mind. I thought about it for so long and I was very upset for not finding solutions, but you solved it all at once. Are you interested in coming to become a guard? The position of deputy captain is for you!”
“Don’t don’t don’t, forget it!”
Akabane quickly refuses, The roots are already very busy, and if becoming guard is added, he fears that his liver will explode.
Uchiha Yuan feels a little regretful, so he can only let it go with a soft sigh.

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