Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 1: Pale Teenager


Jade Palace, located in a remote area of the Dragon Empire, is built on a snowy mountain. With hundreds of years of inheritance, among the entire Dragon Empire, it can only belong to the middle and lower faction. There are nearly a thousand disciples in Jade Palace, most of them are female disciples, each is beautiful like the flower.

Many female disciples, even if there is heavy snow here, there are no plants, they are like beautiful flowers, blooming in this heavy snow, forming a beautiful landscape.

Although the Jade Palace is nothing out of the ordinary, there are many women here, and it is a good place for many cultivators to choose dao companion.

At this time, in this heavy snow, many female disciples are training martial arts, holding a long sword to training, their practice sounded through the entire Jade Palace, like music to the ear. Under this rhythmic and powerful sound, it seems that this winter is not so cold.

At the same time, in a courtyard of Jade Palace, a pale teenager, thrusting a wooden spear in his hand, continually screamed forward. Each thrust is like taking time out of his strength and releasing all the power. When snow fell into his spear, a snowflake turned into countless white spots and scattered down.

After thrusting a few times, he stopped breathing and looked up at the sky.

In the meantime, his thoughts shifted to the memory of his previous life.

His name is Yi Tianyun. He is a game fan. On a night of thunderstorms, suddenly, lightning flashes down, and he lost consciousness. At the last moment, he felt that he was going to die. Such a terrible thunder hit him, and it was a strange thing that he survived.

When he regained consciousness, he was already in this place, and there was a strange memory in his head.

The owner of the body died because the body was too weak, yet he still trains excessively and eventually died. And despite that fact, the current owner of the body still does this.

Even though he knew that he couldn’t train for too long, and his body was really weak, he nevertheless needs to strengthen himself

“Do I have no other way?”

His face was pale, and his body was thin. He didn’t look as burly as the cultivator. Instead, he was as fragile as a girl.


He shouted and strove forward with a spur, a cyclone running through the tip of the spear, and a pile of snow in front of him was washed away, re-splitting into countless snowflakes, falling slowly from the air, it looked so beautiful. However, the pale skin color of his body is not much worse than this snowflake.

His skin is pale and horrible, and he doesn’t possess blood qi. This is a taboo for the cultivator.

Those who don’t possess blood qi will be facing difficulties in life, and also, it is impossible to cultivate.

This is like blood is gone, how can we live?

This is the case for this boy, his face is pale, there is no blood qi, and he will die young.

To train martial arts in this state is to let yourself step into the coffin in advance.

Therefore, he can only exercise at most, and can’t train martial arts.

“Cough and cough…”

His face suddenly redden, and it was rare to have a bit of blood qi, and a severe cough made him half-squatted. This is no longer a cultivator, it is a sick person. Cultivating was just too much, and his body was somewhat unbearable.

“Aaaahh Young Master, how come you out here practicing, you are hurting yourself!” At this time, a maid ran out of the palace, watching the coughing teenager, she blames him for what he’s doing, but more than that she was worried about his well-being.

She hurriedly took a piece of clothing and put it on the boy.

Due to practicing martial arts, he did not wear any clothes on his body. In such cold weather, wearing such thin clothes is insane.

“Sister Xiaolian, I am fine, I am just exercising…” Yi Tianyun held back the cough, and from the pale face, squeezed a smile and expressed that he was fine.

His other identity is Young Master of Jade Palace. The Lord of Jade Palace is his aunt, she feels responsible for Yi Tianyun, moreover, his parent’s whereabouts are still unknown.

When he said that, he stood up on his own, without borrowing Xiaolian’s help, which proved that he was fine.

Xiaolian looked at him from the top of his head to the bottom of his toe, and confirmed that Yi Tianyun is finished with his training, felt a litttle relieved.

Xiaolian said: “Palace Lord asked me to take you to the main hall. I’ve been looking for you for quite a while and didn’t find you, and here you are, training martial arts… Young Master, I know that you want to train martial arts, but continuing to cultivate in your current situation, then…” She said reluctantly.

Xiaolian couldn’t finish what she said.

“If I continue to cultivate, I’ll die?” Yi Tianyun smiled indifferently, then he said: “I always know that this body doesn’t possess blood qi, and I am not worthy of cultivating, But I don’t want to end it like this. I don’t believe in fate, it’s so pathetic!”

His talent is not bad, but he doesn’t possess blood qi, that’s where the problem lies. Even though he is talented, without blood qi, what is the point of being talented?

“Young Master…” Xiaolian’s eye became teary. Her age is a few years older than Yi Tianyun. When she looks at Yi Tianyun, she is filled with sadness.

“Don’t say anything else, let’s just go to the main hall, I wanna know why my aunt is looking for me.” Yi Tianyun throws the spear to the side and falls accurately on the weapon frame on the side, then they step into the main hall.

When he steps into the main hall, he feels warmer. He noticed gaze toward him, a female gazed, all of whom were female disciples here. It can be described as a man’s paradise.

Many outsiders want to join in as a disciple, but not everyone recruited. Only a small number of male outer disciples recruited, the majority are female disciples.

The female disciples outside the main hall, watching him with eyes full of disgust and dissatisfaction.

They are disgusted and annoyed with Yi Tianyun. Apart from being trash that could die at any time if he keeps training martial arts, the other point is that he is the son of former Palace Lord.

There is a certain rule in the Jade Palace, which states that the Palace Lord is absolutely forbidden to marry and have children.

Yi Tianyun’s mother violated the regulations.

After giving birth to him, she ran with a man!

If it wasn’t for his aunt’s influence, Yi Tianyun had already been thrown out instead of staying here.

Xiaolian addressed him as Young Master, but other people won’t respect him, let alone address him as Young Master, and they call Yi Tianyun as trash or rotten eggs.

Facing this situation, Yi Tianyun is showing indifferent expression, he’s used to this, and he has already acknowledged this fact.

Every time he felt their contemptuous eyes, he clenched his fists and felt extremely angry inside, but he was powerless to change this fact.

He thought of leaving here countless times already, but when he thought of his aunt, he could not bear to leave.

“Tianyun, you finally came over, did you secretly train martial arts?” With a burst of complaints, a petite and beautiful girl walked over, about twenty years old, Not much older than him.

When she came over, the surrounding female disciples bowed their heads and said respectfully: “Palace Lord!”

The girl who came in was Yi Tianyun’s aunt, Shi Xueyun.

Very young at age, but already became the Lord of Jade Palace.

The reason why she can become Palace Lord is that her talent is amazing.

At the age of twenty, her cultivation has reached Core Condensation Realm!

Generally, at this age, people only reach Spirit Refinement Realm.

“Aunt.” Yi Tianyun looked at Shi Xueyun that look frustrated and rushed over to her, and he smiled heartily. His aunt is the most concerned person about him in the entire Jade Palace.

Seeing her, Yi Tianyun feels warm inside.

A few years ago, when he came to this world, he felt very confused.

In these years, Shi Xueyun has been accompanying him, taking care of him, and letting him accept this fact.

After all, accepting the previous memory does not mean that there was a sense of belonging. The sense of belonging developed slowly. It is not something you earned in just a few days.

Although he addressed her as an aunt, they did not have a blood relationship. Since his mother entrusted Shi Xueyun, who is like her own sister, to raise Yi Tianyun, it should be reasonable for her to call him Xiao Yi. But they do not have a substantial blood relationship, why should they call each other sister?

Moreover, the aunt mentioned here is not only mean to address blood relatives but also to address an older female!

Not only applies to Shi Xueyun but other older women as well, as long as they let you address them that way.

No one cares more about him than she does, she is affectionate, kind, and warm, and those feelings are genuine.

Looking at her beautiful face, he remembered things from his childhood.

Just like his mother, Shi Xueyun has been supporting him as he grew up.

When she went to train, she will bring him along with her so no one will bully him. She will even go against the elders if it is for his sake.

If it weren’t for Shi Xueyun’s talent, those elders would have cast him away.

Even if he wanted to stay in the palace, he can’t cultivate.

Then if he tried to cultivate, he didn’t possess blood qi, and if he continues to cultivate, he will die.

What is the difference between this and trash?

Shi Xueyun reached out and patted his head gently, and said, “I don’t blame you for trying to cultivate, but you can’t overdo it!”

Then she took out a box from underneath her sleeve and opened it gently. A strong blood qi came from this jade box.

After seeing it, the disciples around them couldn’t help but exclaim, they couldn’t help but envy him.

Who told this trash to be the loved by Palace Lord?

Shi Xueyun herself specifically went outside to obtain it.

“This, this is Dragon Blood Divine Pill…” Yi Tianyun was shocked when he saw this Dragon Blood Divine pill.

That thing is quite precious. It can add a lot of blood qi, since Shi Xueyun herself brought this. That definitely cost a lot.

“Yes, this is Dragon Blood Divine Pill, take it! it should be able to improve your body’s blood qi greatly.” Shi Xueyun smiled softly, did not care about the value of this Dragon Blood Divine pill, just want to improve Yi Tianyun’s condition.

“But…” Yi Tianyun is touched, and his eyes were teary.

Over the years, his aunt has always found a lot of medicinal herbs to increase his blood qi, but the effect is not potent enough to increase his lifespan.

For several years, Shi Xueying keep giving him medicinal pills with similars effect and now even giving him such valuable Dragon Blood Divine pill.

“There is no better joy for me, other than improving your body’s condition, understand? Don’t think too much of it.” Shi Xueyun stretched his hand and pinched his pale face, slightly pulled down, like a naughty girl.

“Yeah!” Yi Tianyun nodded. He knows what he need to do now. Regaining his body is the best reward!

At this time, a disciple hurriedly entered the palace and said: “Palace Lord, a person from Spirit Sect is coming!”

“Someone from Spirit Sect?” Shi Xueyun frowned, and suddenly her attitude change drastically from just a moment ago when she was talking with Yi Tianyun.

But then immediately, she smiled at Yi Tianyun: “I will go deal with some things first, and you should take some rest.”

Sister Xiaolian also nodded at him, and she also had to go along with her to deal with these things.

“Well, I understand.” Yi Tianyun nodded and looked at Shi Xueyun’s back as she faded from his sight. He clenched his fist and became frustrated because he can’t help her.

When Spirit Sect came over, they want their quota to enter ancient ruin. He knew all these things, but couldn’t do anything to help.

“I have to take this Dragon Blood Divine Pill, and I hope I can recover some blood qi…” Yi Tianyun put away this Dragon Blood Divine Pill, then turned around and went to his room.

When he walked out to the courtyard, three figures stopped and blocking his way.

“Young Master, can you give the Dragon Blood Divine Pill to us? We only need a little bit more push in our cultivation to reach the next level, give us the pill, it doesn’t even have any effect on you anyway, it would be better to give it to us.”

“That’s right, it’s better to give it to us. If it works, we will take you to see the world afterward!”

“Yes, it won’t have any effect on you, nothing will happen even if you take it. It would be better for you to give it to us!”

The three in front of him were recruited male disciples.

Originally, they are not Heaven Jade Palace’s disciple, they are from the outside sect.

Judging from their tone, they are just treating Yi Tianyun as trash, even though it hasn’t been that long they become a disciple in Heaven Jade Palace, but they know that Yi Tianyun is trash, trash standing behind a great woman!

“Oh, if I say no?” Yi Tianyun’s eyes are cold, this is what his aunt gave him, how can he give it to other people!

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