Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 2: System!


“If I say no?” Yi Tianyun looked at them coldly. These people are beginning to get noisy. The Jade Palace was forced by the outside forces to accept more male disciples and therefore would only accept male disciples who they have been forced to.

To put it bluntly, these three have bad intentions, they are here just to find a woman. According to the regulations, they were regarded as outer disciples since they originated from other sects, to begin with, but they could still participate in the training here. And the moment Shi Xueyun gave Yi Tianyun the Dragon Blood Divine Pill, their greedy nature emerged.

Dragon Blood Divine Pill was among one of the best pills out there, it was really costly. If they take it, they will be able to make further breakthroughs and reach a higher level of cultivation.

Fang Chen stepping forward, “You don’t wanna give it to us?” Looking at Yi Tianyun, he smiled contemptuously, “Someone like you, who has to rely on palace lord’s protection to survive, still thinks he is safe now that his aunt is not here? We are members of the Spirit Sect, our elders are just outside of this sect, even if I do something to you right now, your aunt would not dare to do anything to us!”

Spirit Sect was relatively strong. On this continent, factions were divided into five levels.

The first level was a Palace, the second level was a Sect, the third level was a Mansion, the fourth level an Empire and the fifth level, a Divine Nation! Jade Palace was naturally inferior to Spirit Sect. It was mainly for female disciples, so in terms of numbers of disciples they naturally had fewer, but their overall strength was not weak.

However, the overall strength was still weaker compared to Spirit Sect, so they are suppressed. Since they were suppressed, even if they were talking to the Palace Lord, she must give a little face to their disciples! Since their hierarchical position was superior

As the saying goes, if you want to beat a dog, you must know who the owner is. Defying them was equal to defying the Spirit Sect. They were naturally very arrogant. They thought that Shi Xueyun would not dare to confront Fang Chen, so taking the Dragon Blood Divine Pill from Yi Tianyun would be easy.

“Yeah, I’m just saving some of your dignity here. You are trash, a cockroach, and yet you dare to defy us?” Zhao Hao, standing next to Yi Tianyun, chastised and laughed at Yi Tianyun. Zhao Hao truly felt like he was standing next to a garbage dump.

“Are you courting death?” Yi Tianyun said with a dark voice, and with killing intent in his cold eyes.

Whenever someone called him trash, there was a sting in his chest, but hearing it from another trash from the outer sect truly make him furious. His killing intent welled up from inside his chest provoking him into becoming angrier than he was supposed to be.

“Oh, so persistent, are we? Do you think your aunt can save you every time? Do you really think that I am afraid of her? I am not some pushover, trash!” Fang Chen laughed, taunting Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun’s problem was spread as a rumour outside the Jade Palace as the Palace Lord of the Jade Palace, raising trash!

“Either get out of my face or die!” Yi Tianyun eyes flashed with a cold light, his fists clenched, and his hand’s pale skin was pinched by his nails.

He could ignore his own reputation, but his aunt’s reputation, he must take good care of it!

“Haah, I see you already tired, if you dare to talk so much shit to me, give me a slap on the face!” Fang Chen screamed, quickly rushed over and a punch connecting with Yi Tianyun.

The fierce boxing style was like the wind, fast and accurate and Fang Chen was not even in the upper tier of cultivation, he was in the fourth level of the Body Refinement Realm. In the Jade Palace, a low-level disciple was generally at the third level. So his fourth level was considered low-middle tier but that didn’t mean their force was weak.

His fist was quite slow in Yi Tianyun’s eyes. When he looked up, a cold light burst out. The fist that Fang Chen swung seemed to have become slower. There were countless kinds of evasive methods in his head, and even the method of counterattacking. The attack in front of his eyes was incredibly flawed! Although he couldn’t train much, he still studied combat skills.


A light flashed in his eyes, he was gently moving to the side to dodge Fang Chen’s strike. Due to his training earlier, he was exhausted, and only barely evaded the attack but he lost his footing, and he fell down.

When he fell, everyone squatted and immediately laughed.

“Trash is trash, after moving a little he falls over! Dragon Blood Divine Pill in your hands, give it to us!” Fang Chen laughed, and reached out and grabbed his.

Yi Tianyun’s eyes were cold. He knew that he couldn’t escape. He quickly took Dragon Blood Divine Pill in his body, stuffed it into his mouth, chewed it, and swallowed it! This scene took them by surprise. A Dragon Blood Divine Pill, was eaten by this dog?

“You actually ate my Dragon Blood Divine Pill, you’re courting death! I will kill you!” Fang Chen was angry, he thought he could get this Dragon Blood Divine Pill, he did not expect it to be eaten by Yi Tianyun.

After a moment, the three men rushed over and prepared to punch and kick him.

At this moment, a notification sound rang in his mind!

『Ding! Congratulations for successfully activating the Crazy Leveling System』

『Ding! Gained a thousand EXP. 』

『Ding! Congratulations for levelling up to the first level of the Body Refinement Realm! 』

『Ding! Congratulations for levelling up to the second level of the Body Refinement Realm! 』

『Ding! Congratulations for levelling up to the third level of the Body Refinement Realm! 』

『Ding! Congratulations for levelling up to the fourth level of the Body Refinement Realm! 』

『Ding! Congratulations for levelling up to the fifth level of the Body Refinement Realm! 』

In five breaths, from the first level of the Body Refinement Realm to the fifth level of the Body Refinement Realm! Dragon Blood Divine Pill let him rise five levels!

“Crazy Leveling System? This is a game’s system… This is just a game!” Yi Tianyun was shocked. As a gamer, how could he not know what this concept is!

At the same time, fists connected with Yi Tianyun, but at this moment, Yi Tianyun felt that he was full of strength, no longer in a state of powerlessness, but a state of extreme strength!

“Get lost!”

Yi Tianyun’s eyes glowing, his hands slapped the ground, and he began to spin up quickly. His leg swept the floor, containing the strength of a fifth level of the Body Refining Stage, and a burst of power broke out!

He quickly kicked the three men in front of him with a strike to their chest.

The three men flew out after his kick, and they were pated onto the wall. Their cultivation was weaker than him, and they started to vomit blood onto the ground!

“This, what is going on here? This is the fifth level of the Body Refinement Realm. Isn’t he just trash?” Fang Chen was dumbfounded. He climbed up slowly, his eyes were full of shock. Tianyun’s cultivation was higher than theirs, he was at the middle level of the Body Refining Stage right now.

In this world, cultivation was clearly defined and divided into nine stages.

They are the Body Refinement Realm – Spirit Refinement Realm – Core Condensation Realm – Core Spirit Realm – Core Transformation Realm – Void Spirit Realm – Spirit King Realm – Saint King Realm – God-King Realm!

Each stage was divided into ten levels. The young Shi Xueyun was already in the Core Condensation Realm.

Yi Tianyun looked at Fang Chen, and his strong murderous intent made Fang Chen’s body weak. He hurriedly knelt on the ground and cried, “Please let me go, I am wrong, I will never dare to ask for your pill again!” If he still couldn’t understand anything, then he would really be a fool.

He didn’t expect Yi Tianyun not to be trash like the rumours and was so powerful, especially the murderous intent that surged out of him. Even he didn’t know how to cultivate it. Moreover, Yi Tianyun had also reached the fifth level of the Body Refinement Realm. Although it was not heaven-defying, Yi Tianyun was at least stronger than them.

He could only curse in his heart, “The rumours outside are fake! Who said that Yi Tianyun was trash, that Yi Tianyun stage was not very high. It wasn’t but at least it was higher than theirs!”

Yi Tianyun slowly came over to him and his eyes were cold.

“I said, either get out of my face or die, I had already given you a chance.” Yi Tianyun looked cold, and in Fang Chen’s horrified eyes, he picked up the long spear on the side and pointed at Fang Chen’s head.

Fang Chen panicked.

He just wanted to make the other party faint and did not mean to kill him, otherwise, Spirit Sect would definitely find him for trouble.

At this moment, Fang Chen screamed, “You’re going to kill me!” The other hand quickly took out a dagger from his arms, he aimed the dagger at Yi Tianyun’s heart so that Yi Tianyun would die before he could kill Fang Chen.

Yi Tianyun saw through Fang Chen move and quickly countered Fang Chen by blocking the hand holding the dagger and slamming Fang Chen’s own hand strike onto his own chest before slamming Fang Chen onto the ground. Fang Chen was heavily slammed on the ground and slightly stunned by Yi Tianyun move. Yi Tianyun then grabbed Fang Chen’s hand and pressed it down to his own chest.

The sound of blood clogging Fang Chen’s throat filled the space around them.

“You still dare to attack me!”

Yi Tianyun’s eyes were cold, and he lifted his foot and flicked it out. Fang Chen was kicked away by his foot and slipped along the ground.


Fang Chen vomited a big mouth of blood, and immediately widened his eyes, his face became dark and inconspicuous, and it was obvious that it was a sign of poisoning. It was obvious that, on this dagger, there were intense toxins, and the insertion into the heart accelerated the flow of venom.

The next moment, Fang Chen’s eyes become dimmer and he died.

『Ding! Congratulations successfully killed Spirit Sect’s disciple, Fang Chen, and gained 300 EXP, 5 Crazy Points! 』

『Ding! Congratulations gain the Human low-tier martial arts ‘Eagle Claw Art’, Human low-tier ‘Falling Feather Sword Technique’, and a Recovery Pill! 』

Yi Tianyun was stunned, he did not expect that killing Fang Chen would not only increase his EXP and Crazy Points but would, most importantly, give him martial arts. This was essentially an explosion of treasure! These martial arts were things that Fang Chen learned by himself and now they all burst out and landed in his inventory!

“It’s a Crazy Leveling System, killing humans could also make them burst into treasures, it’s equal to killing monsters!” Yi Tianyun was ecstatic, he thought that he could only level up by eating, but now it seems that by killing, he can also be level up!

『Ding! Congratulations on successfully activating character and getting a newbie package! Open it? 』

Yi Tianyun’s eyes widened, and immediately his thoughts moved, and a Status Window appeared in front of his own eyes!

Host: Yi Tianyun

Level: 5

EXP: 300/1000

Crazy Point: 5

Cultivation Technique: None

Martial Arts: ‘Eagle Claw Art’ and ‘Falling Feather Sword Technique’

Divine Ability: Crazy Mode (Level 1)

Item: Recovery Pill

In addition, there were equipment slots, inventory bars and the like, which stunned him, this was the hallmark of a game! It seemed that there are still a lot of things that have not been opened, and it seemed to be related to level.

Then he thought in his heart and opened the newbie package.

The contents of the package that appeared in front of you are: a 10 Times EXP Card (one hour), two Recovery Pill, Level 5 Novice Gift Pack.

“What did I get?”

Yi Tianyun smile widened. He knew that he had reincarnated, but he did not know what ability he gained. He did not expect to get the Crazy Leveling System! As long as he kept levelling up, his attributes would become crazy strong.

“This is broken!” He thought to himself, this was not something suitable for martial arts and it should have nothing to do with him!

He did not expect swallowing Dragon Blood Divine Pill would activate the system, it could be assumed that the Dragon Blood Divine Pill’s energy was so strong that reached the requirement to completely activate his system! He ate a lot of pills before, but they were useless. They must have not had enough energy in them.

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