Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 103: Instant Kill


Xiao Lian was very surprised when Yi Tianyun showed up in the village. She knows how busy Yi Tianyun is thus she never tells about her village conditions. Now that Yi Tianyun can see the situation himself, she hopes that Yi Tianyun can help her village. She looks at Yi Tianyun with tears on her eyes, Yi Tianyun always comes at such critical moments, before in Jade Palace, and now right when she’s about to be taken captive.

Yi Tianyun looks at the bandits with cold eyes, he already knew everything he needs to know about these bandits. Fortunately he comes to the village in time, or Xiao Lian would’ve been taken by these bandits. 

[Random Quest: Xiao Lian – Protect Gong Village] [Reward: 50.000 Experience, 30 Prestige, 50 Liu Menglian’s Favorability, 100 All Gong Villager’s Favorability] 


He didn’t even read the quest description, all he heard was something about protecting Gong Village and Xiao Lian, then he quickly accepted it without any hesitation.

“I suggest that you all scram from this place and never return again, or you will be facing a dire consequence. All the bandits and the villagers are all shocked by Yi Tianyun’s sudden appearances, while the villager are all grateful for a hero’s coming, the bandits are all sneering when realizing it’s just a little boy playing a hero.

“I thought a real hero with amazing cultivation made his grand entrance, but it turns out to be a titty-sucking kids who doesn’t even know how to pee. Boy! You shouldn’t play hero when you don’t know the real situation you are in.” Niu Zhi said with much venom in his words. Yun Tiansheng at the side also feels the same way as he adds “I don’t know anything about you but you come at the right time to show these people what happen if anyone crossed me. Xiaobai show him what the afterlife looks like!” 

Immediately one of his men reached out for a knife and quickly rushed over to Yi Tianyun’s position, with a slightest hint of hesitation he positions himself to stab Yi Tianyun on the heart. That slight hesitation makes it easier for Yi Tianyun to counter him, and Yi Tianyun immediately kicks the man’s chest, sending him flying into the forest, and never to return again. Yi Tianyun doesn’t like this situation at all, killing this small fry doesn’t increase his experience nor his mastery, they are all just a waste of time. but he sure does hate the people who made his loved ones cries, he will make sure to kill every single one of these bandits with a gruesome ways.

He walks over to Yun Tiansheng very slowly, as he’s still pondering about how to finish every single one of these roaches.

“You have some skills, but I advise you to beg for mercy as you already succeeded on killing one of his men, I am sure you will immediately face the wrath of sir Yun!” Niu Zhi doesn’t stop kissing ass in front of Yun Tiansheng. As Yun Tiansheng himself was slightly intrigued by Yi Tianyun now, there is not much people have the power to defeat someone with one move like that.

“It seems that you have a decent cultivation base, with a little practice I am sure you can get stronger, but still as of now, you are no match for me. Let me give you a chance to use your life better, join me! And I would give that girl to you, I have much more beautiful woman than her, in fact if she doesn’t satisfy your need you can discard her when you get tired of her.” Yun Tiansheng says with smirk on his face.

“What do you say again? Care to repeat it for me? I don’t think I hear you quite right.” Yi Tianyun sarcastically says to Yun Tiansheng, his heart becomes furious hearing every word Yun Tiansheng spill out of his mouth. 

“Hoo, you still have quite the fire, it’s better to accept the off er now little boy, there is not that many chance that you can have a better life like this. The influence of Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold is quite big you know, you can have a better future than to live it off in this shit stained little village.” Niu Zhi keeps on giving a compliment to Yun Tiansheng while encouraging Yi Tianyun to take the offer.

“I will give you one last chance! Join me or die!” Yun Tiansheng says with all seriousness on his voice.

“Despite a contrary belief I am not merciful enough to let you live!” Yi Tianyun says with venom.

“You sure got guts, I can tell you that. But as you have chosen your path there is nothing in it for me anymore. Now you die!” Yun Tiansheng immediately take a stance and release his aura of Spirit refinement cultivation and immediately rushed over to grab Yi Tianyun’s head with his Eagle Claw Martial Arts Technique. 

Yi Tianyun is just standing there waiting for Yun Tiansheng, this move he choose is considered to be stupid by the people who watch him, either the villager or the bandits.

“Haha, This kid is really asking to die, not accepting Sir Yun proposal.” Niu Zhi laughed at Yi Tianyun as he thought Yun Tiansheng surely would kill Yi Tianyun in one move. The villagers are all scared to look as Yun Tiansheng gets closer to Yi Tianyun. 

”Die!” Yi Tianyun screams loudly when Yun Tiansheng is in his reach. He immediately reach and grab Yun Tiansheng wrist and slams him to the ground, stunning him by the shock of the slams. The power of the slams itself is amazing, as it almost kills him. He is still alive for now, but he knows that several of his bones are already broken by the impact.

“You have a garbage cultivation and even more shitty martial art and you dare to threaten me!” Yi Tianyun says with furious look on his face and a potent killing intent.

Yun Tiansheng himself doesn’t know how exactly he got his martial art, but all he know is the martial art gives him a quite good cultivation base, while the martial art itself is not quite reliable as most martial art he sees an expert use, but it still meets his needs.

“You, Your cultivation base…” Yun Tiansheng now knows that he’s up against an expert, but he still needs to do something to escape from death. He immediately stands up and punch Yi Tianyun on the chest just to hurt his own hand.

“Hoo, you sure are a fighter. Doing completely useless shit despite knowing you can’t win!” Yi Tianyun quickly grabs Yun Tiansheng hand and twists it forcefully resulting in Yun Tiansheng’s painful screams!

On the side Niu Zhi gasps seeing what happened in front of him.

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