Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 104: Eliminate


“Where is that arrogance you show me earlier?” Yi Tianyun steps on Yun Tiansheng’s hand.

“Aaah… I beg you, let me go master! It’s my pride talking! Please master, let me go! I am a nobody, there is no point on killing me master! You will gain nothing!” Yun Tiansheng says while screaming in pain. 

The pain itself is unbearable and enough to make him faint, but Yi Tianyun never let that happens so Yun Tiansheng can ‘enjoy’ the pain as he constantly inflicted to other people throughout his life.

“Then nobody, you are nothing more than a dust in the sand, your life is pointless as a small ant lost in the desert!” Yi Tianyun immediately stomp on Yun Tiansheng’s arm and cut it off immediately! This act of cruelty shocks everyone, they never imagine a teenager is able to do this kind of cruelty. 

After his hand is cut off, Yun Tiansheng screamed so loud that make people in the vicinity having chills down their spine. Niu Zhi on the side is shaking from fear from what he is currently witnessing.

“Now its your turn, are you guys ready?” Yi Tianyun looked cold.

Yi Tianyun’s word scared all the bandits, as they began to flee while pissing their pants. They know if they don’t escape, they’ll meet the same fate as Yun Tiansheng. To them, live with no arms is just the same as death!

“Why so eager to leave?” Yi Tianyun’s eyes were cold, he buried his feet in the ground to build momentum and chase after them, his first target is Niu Zhi. When Niu Zhi senses a murderous aura catching up with him, he was scared shitless, his foot began to numb as he is taken over by his fear. Due to this, he eventually falls down as his feet refuse to move, he immediately beg for his life to Yi Tianyun as Yi Tianyun walks ever so slowly to him.

“I am sorry! Please forgive me! Spare my life master! We were wrong, we will not trouble anybody else after this! I beg you, spare my life!” Yi Tianyun doesn’t seem to care about the man begging in front of him, he kicks Niu Zhi into the villager directions, because he thinks that Niu Zhi it would be more appropriate to leave his punishment to the villagers. He immediately set his pace to catch up on the rest of fleeing bandits.

Not long after he kicks the bandit one by one into the direction of the village but didn’t really hold back his kicks as the system keeps giving him notification as he kills someone.

Eventually, Yi Tianyun goes back to the villager and see that Yun Tiansheng is still cowering from pain in front of the villager.

“Please let me go master…” Yun Tiansheng begged again as he knows his life can be decided on a whim by Yi Tianyun.

“When you disregard Xiao Lian as a human being before, doesn’t you know that everything you said have consequences? You garbage, I can’t control my anger when I see you, better to dispose of you before you infested another human with your disgusting way of thinking!” Yi Tianyun said with cold stare and venomous word.

“I, I am only joking master…” Yun Tiansheng feels remorse after all his done, there is nothing he can do now, but he surely doesn’t want to pay it with his life.

“Oh, you are only joking, hahaha that joke sure is funny!” Yi Tianyun hit Yun Tiansheng head with his palm, lift his body and take him to the villager.

“I am Yi Tianyun, sworn brother of sister Xiao Lian, I came here to help her solve some of her problems. Now these two idiots are yours to judge, it is not my place to kill them in this situation.” Yi Tianyun said with confidence.

“Younger Brother?” All the villager looked into each other as they didn’t understand the meaning behind Yi Tianyun’s word, they don’t think that Liu Menglian ever had a brother! However they focus soon turn to Niu Zhi and Yun Tiansheng. The anger in their eyes and weapon in their hands tells everything that they want these two to be judged.

“Everything i did is for the sake of the village, there is nothing…” Niu Zhi stops talking after he saw Wang Dechuan holding a long stick, he began to tremble as he believes this is the end for him, his previous action just can’t be forgiven by the villagers.

“I suspect there’s already a spy long before Xiao Lian’s return, like how they always find out when we’re about to collect spirit herb, making the money needed for this non sense protection fee even harder to get. But I never thought that it would be you!” Wang Dechuan said angrily.

“you two really made my day a living hell!” Wang Dechuan adds.

After Wang Dechuan finished speaking, all the villagers holding a wooden stick wave their weapons and immediately pummel both of the criminals in front of them, they both die painfully in the chaos. Yi Tianyun choose this moment to come and talk to Liu Mengyan or more known by Yi Tianyun by the name of Xiao Lian.

“Sister, it seems that there are still things you hide from me, you never mention about this village’s circumstances!” Yi Tianyun huffed at Xiao Lian, he really feels that Xiao Lian didn’t trust him enough.

“I, I saw that young master was busy with stuff, I didn’t dare to make this your problems too.””Xiao Lian keeps rubbing her eyes from the tears that she shed a while ago. After awhile she couldn’t hold her emotions any longer and hugged Yi Tianyun while thanking him over and over again.

“If you happen to be taken by the bandits, what would you think aunt would do. She surely would be devastated by that news you know.” Yi Tianyun adds as he envision his aunt enraged by the news. 

“Next time I don’t want you to hide your problems like this anymore. I told you over and over again that we already saw you as a family, don’t you ever dare do this again!” Yi Tianyun said with a bit frustration in his voice. He quickly adds “what if next time you do this and i am not coincidentally nearby? What would happen to you then?”

“Young master, I am very sorry, I will tell you the next time I have a problem, would you forgive me?” Xiao Lian’s tears poured out from her strong emotions.

[Random Quest Completed] [Reward: 50.000 Experience, 30 Prestige, 50 Liu Menglian’s Favorability, 100 All Gong Villager’s Favorability] 

The reward comes out almost immediately, while he receive the reward from the quest his heart wasn’t happy, all this quest do was pointing more profoundly that Gong Village was attacked!

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