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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 106: Do Not Hope To Run


Yi Tianyun ensures everyone that comes along with him to get ready as fast as they can and quickly set off to eliminate the stronghold. Yun Tiansheng as the villager said is one of the top brass of the place, and if he doesn’t come back for a long time without anyone knowing anything the enemy surely would get suspicious and Yi Tianyun doesn’t want them to come to this village while he was gone. In the road Xiao Lian leads the way to Yi Tianyun to reach the stronghold faster.

“Young Master Yi, the stronghold is just in front off that wall” Xiao Lian pointing the location of the stronghold after a walking for a while. Her eyes shone with anger as this place hold bad memories for her village. After reaching a vantage point, he can finally observe the stronghold, Yi Tianyun saw that the stronghold is surrounded by a wall of mountain, making it quite impenetrable from all side, while the main entrance is heavily guarded. 

“Okay, I have seen enough, let’s go!” Yi Tianyun said to everyone. Xiao Lian is a little bit confused, “We will walk through the front door just like that?” she asks. Yi Tianyun smiles, and he said in response “Yes, we walk through the front door, there is nothing we could do about it, there are no more entrance we could use to make it easier. Stay within 2 meters from me.” After hearing Yi Tianyun’s command, Xiao Lian just nodded and didn’t say anything else, as she completely obeys Yi Tianyun. 

When they casually walked into the front gate of the stronghold the guard immediately stops them, “Stop, you are entering the Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold border, if you didn’t know what you’re walking into, turn around and leave or you will be executed immediately!” the guard’s already pointing their bow and the spears to Yi Tianyun’s group. Yi Tianyun doesn’t falter from such a threatening glare coming from the guard, he reaches into his pocket and throw a small stone in it into the guard directions.

[Ding ,successfully killed Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold guard, gaining 400 Experience, 30 Crazy Point]

This is sad he thinks to himself, the guard is too easy to kill and the reward from killing them doesn’t amount to anything. Xiao Lian is at loss for words, she doesn’t expect a small stone can be used to kill a person. This revelation just make Xiao Lian respect Yi Tianyun more than before.

“Sister Xiao Lian Let’s go inside.” Yi Tianyun wave at Xiao Lian as a signal to walk closely to him, he pulls out his Chaotic Heaven Sacred Axe. The size alone can cause other to tremble in fear. Not to mention the domineering aura Yi Tianyun emits as he pulls out the axe.

“Even an axe can be used to smash cockroaches.” Everyone else  was too speechless to say anything.

Yi Tianyun quickly wave the axe at the thick door serves as an entrance into the stronghold. The thick door can’t handle the power of the axe and a big hole is formed on the entrance. Yi Tianyun and the villager walks inside and he can see there are many house and the people inside which is either too shocked to move or just too scared to do anything. After observing many of the people inside using his appraisal eye, Yi Tianyun immediately knows that this people poses no threat to him.

“Sister Xiao Lian!”

“It’s Sister Xiao Lian!”

“It really is Sister Xiao Lian!”

Several people wave and shout at Yi Tianyun and Xiao Lian, disbelief is still clearly laced on their eyes.

“Xiao Dong, Xiao Yun…“ Xiao Lian also wave at them and immediately anger took over her as she sees the condition of the people waving at her. They are full of injuries and their ankle has been chained so that they can’t get away from here. The bandit guard around the place finally rush toward the area due to the commotion, quickly reach over to where Yi Tianyun is currently standing “Who are you?” as they readied their weapons to attack Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun just sighs at this view and said “I am just nobody and I am here to kill you!” Yi Tianyun immediately split the guard in two with his axe, the blood splattered everywhere.

The bandit he killed is at seventh level body refinement, it’s not high at all, but soon the spirit refinement cultivator comes over to check the situation but as they look at Yi Tianyun’s powerful aura they realized he’s not an opponent he can handle and quickly runs away while shouting “Quick! Call over the fortress lord!”

Shortly after the bells are ringing everywhere and the shouts are echoing everywhere “Intruder! Intruder!” There are many of the bandits running around either to hide or to inform the others about the situation they currently in. 

Not long after, there is a booming voice comes from the house on the side shouting “What the hell is happening outside!” An old man rushed outside the house immediately after, the old man watches as his man running wildly outside his house, clearly confused.

He looks around and grab one of his man as he shout at the poor man ear “Why are you running around! What the hell is the situation!” he shout. The poor man point at the entrance of the stronghold and the old man immediately notices Yi Tianyun and Xiao Lian standing there with blood splattered everywhere around them.

“Who are you two? You dare disturbing me in my own place, you will die by my hand!” the old man screams. He releases his own aura that in sixth level spirit refinement and pulls out his long knife, he ready himself to attack Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun just yawn at the old man display of power and quickly slash his axe against the air in the direction of the old man. The axe made a wave of shockwave that quickly split the old man in two.

The old man doesn’t even have the time to do anything as the shockwave travels through him and ended on his house, completely destroying the house into crumble. The old man falls to the ground in two splattering blood everywhere in his vicinity.

“Don’t hope any of you can run away today! I will make sure none of you bandits alive at the end of the day!” Yi Tianyun said emitting his powerful killing intends. 

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