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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 105: Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold


Wu Liquan comes over and saw Xiao Lian still in Yi Tianyun’s arms. Based on Yi Tianyun’s act before, he is definitely a trustworthy person.

“Xiao Lian, can you tell us a little about our young hero? Who is he?” Xiao Lian immediately rose to her feet and her face become red from the embarrassment caught in Yi Tianyun arms.

“Yeah. . .” she said.

“This is young master of the Jade Palace.” Her face is all red from before and proceed to not look everyone in the eyes.

“A young master?” everyone who hear Xiao Lian word become surprised, they never had such an important person coming to this village, the one that come to this village is just a criminal at best and they all come from the Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold.

“I remember now that the Jade Palace is the sect that sister Xiao Lian joined, I never expect that one of the most important person of that place to come here and help us like this.” Wang Dechuan was mesmerized by Yi Tianyun’s fighting prowess earlier and he quickly adds, “Big brother, you are clearly a powerful cultivator, can you teach me to become strong like you? So that I would be able to defend the Gong Village.”

“What are you talking now, Wang Dechuan. It’s not easy To pass martial arts you know. You must possess compatible affinity to be able to cultivate it!” Xiao Lian said with confidence. Hearing Xiao Lian explanation Wang Dechuan is down with a frown, “I’m just saying..“ Wang Dechuan didn’t finish his word as Yi Tianyun interrupt him by said “That’s alright, I will teach you later, but you must work hard, you can’t just quit halfway, because it would be bad for your own body if you did that.” Hearing Yi Tianyun agreed to teach him, Wang Dechuan become excited.

“Really? Really?! You would teach me the martial art?” Wang Dechuan said excitedly.

“Of course, would I lie about something like this?” Yi Tianyun said with poise.

“No, you are our savior, there is no way you would lie about this. Thank you young master! ” Wang Dechuan said while smiling happily to Yi Tianyun.

“After all said and done, we have to get out from this village soon. We can’t let the people from the Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold to come here, if they come when we’re still around, we would be dead.” Wu Liquan said with gloom atmosphere. Everyone immediately stops what they did and began thinking with sorrowful eyes. They didn’t have any money to be able to live in another place, furthermore they have a family member being held captive in the Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold.

Yi Tianyun saw this solemn expression, and immediately suggest “Let me go to that stronghold and take back the people being held there? There is no reason to leave this place just because a bunch of fools trying to rob you from your happiness.” When the villager heard this word from Yi Tianyun they become shocked, they only know a fact that Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold is a group of violent and strong people, if Yi Tianyun is going alone what will happen to him.

“Young hero, we couldn’t let you do that, we couldn’t let you die for our sake, they have many expert in there which is far more powerful than Yun Tiansheng was.” Wu Liquan said while shaking his head.

The other villager nodded at Wu Liquan’s word, they really don’t want Yi Tianyun to die just to help them. Yi Tianyun turns his attention to Xiao Lian and ask “Sister Xiao Lian, is this Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold is really as strong as the people said it is?” Xiao Lian was a bit startled by Yi Tianyun’s question but quickly answer “I don’t really know the extent of their power, but they are definitely no match for you i’m sure! are you really gonna help us young master?”

“Of course, I am already here aren’t i?” Yi Tianyun said to clarify Xiao Lian. He adds “I would always help you if you’re in trouble like this sister, and maybe this is God’s way to tell they’ve done enough, i’ll go and end their rein.”

[Side Quest: Eliminate Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold] [Reward: 150.000 Experiences, 10.000 Crazy Points, 100 Prestige Points]

A brand new Side Quest came out after he finishes speaking, the reward is great for an easy job, the prestige point is all he sees that is very worth the time. The effect of prestige is great by combining it with the lucky aura, the higher his prestige point is the greater the lucky aura would be. 

The Villager is still not convinced enough to let Yi Tianyun do this alone, if something happens to him, they would surely felt guilty for sending him to dangerous place.

“I will come with you, young master.” Xiao Lian said with confidence. After hearing Xiao Lian many villagers also express their intention to also tag along Yi Tianyun to retrieve their family member. Yi Tianyun just smiles and shook his head at the excited villager, “Okay, I would bring several people with me, but the rest of you have to hold tight in this village. Everything will be over before you know it, I’ll make sure you’ll witness of the destruction of Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold!”

He doesn’t need to ask for another information, he already knows that the Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold is not as strong as the Three Great Factions, if it as strong as them, there is no way he never heard of it before. At most they only had several great cultivators but that would not be able to stop him for destroying the place.

Old Liu come over to Xiao Lian and said “Are you sure this is okay? It would be our fault if something bad happen to him you know.” Xiao Lian just smiles at Old Liu and said “It’s okay, young master is very strong, he definitely can destroy the stronghold and let us stay here.”

With the assurance they got from Xiao Lian, the villager agreed to Yi Tianyun’s plan to destroy the Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold. But they surely have some concern left still for Yi Tianyun’s safety, as far as they know the stronghold is filled with terrifyingly strong cultivator.

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