Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 109: Swallows Crazily


Yi Tianyun looked at the black mist trapping him from all side, unless he can fly, there is no escaping the mist. Yi Tianyun doesn’t get panic over this entrapment he is dealing now, he choose to fight back. He reposition his Chaotic Heaven Sacred Axe and slams the axe against the black mist and almost instantly the ground and the mist was cleaved in two making a gap large enough for him to escape the black mist.

“All I have to do is just rely on the axe, huh.” Yi Tianyun said with careless attitude.

“You have a soul tool?” Old Ancestor Hei Hun said with slight disbelief.

“Of course, who doesn’t have it in this time of age?” Yi Tianyun said while smirking. Old Ancestor Hei Hun shake his head “You choose to oppose me?” Old Ancestor Hei Hun thought there’s still a chance Yi Tianyun will submit to him.

“What do you think old man? Am I not defying you enough?” Yi Tianyun said while putting the axe back into his inventory and bringing out his Frost Fist, although the Chaotic Heaven Sacred Axe was much better because of the effect of the set, but the Frost Fist is far more superior than that. 

“Another soul tool? It seems that you’re not just an average cultivator, but don’t even think that with just a mere soul tool you can fight in par with me!” Old Ancestor Hei Hun quickly wave his hand and the black mist that surrounding the room immediately forms into a countless black dragon.

“In that case, become food for the Black Dragon Spiritual Vein!” Again he wave his hand and now the black dragon rushes into Yi Tianyun attacking him from every direction. Yi Tianyun quickly rises his arms and use his Absorbing Stars Great Technique. The force of the technique makes every black dragon to change trajectory and sucked into Yi Tianyun’s palm. 

[Get 4000 experiences.]

“Are you done? Is that all?” Yi Tianyun said with a mocking smile. Old Ancestor Hei Hun was shocked. Although this attack wasn’t his best technique but the attack at least contains 50% of his power, and sadly it did nothing to Yi Tianyun, and this fact alone makes him confused.

“It seems that you posses an evil art! But how much can you endure until the darkness swallow you whole!” Old Ancestor Hei Hun screamed, and suddenly the black dragons multiply from the ground and the black mist start forming like a hand around Yi Tianyun, clearly purposed to entangle him. Yi Tianyun doesn’t get fazed by this amount of attack, instead he quickly uses his Absorbing Stars Great Technique and activate his Crazy Mode immediately. 

“Absorbing Stars Great Technique!”

“Crazy Mode, Activate!”

When the black dragon come close into the vicinity of the force of the Absorbing Stars Great Technique, it quickly evaporated into exp, the same could be said with the black mist that comes near him.

[Get 16.000 experience, 15.000 experience, 21.000 experience…]

Under the effect of crazy mode, he absorbed tons of exp from the old man’s power. Yi Tianyun feels that this is all he needs for now, he keeps on killing everyone too fast and that is not really efficient to if his purpose is to increase his level. Almost in no time, the black mist that comes to attack Yi Tianyun already disappeared, absorbed by Yi Tianyun’s crazy technique. Old Ancestor Hei Hun was stunned in the distance, all of his energy just disappeared in an instant.

“Your power is clearly not too bad, do you still have another technique up your sleeve? This is not even enough to make me serious you know.” Yi Tianyun sneered at the old man. This word that leave Yi Tianyun’s mouth immediately anger him, “I don’t believe you could absorb that much power so quickly! But how about I multiply it constantly?” 

In an instant, Yi Tianyun is being swallowed by the amount of black mist that attacks him. the black mist is condensed around him, possibly purposed to squash him. But this attack doesn’t seem to last long enough or fast enough to completely overwhelm Yi Tianyun. The black mist that surround him becomes thinner in seriously quick pace.

“Impossible! Let’s kick it up a notch shall we!” Old Ancestor Hei Hun said while screaming, giving all his strength to make Yi Tianyun succumb into his power. This attack shakes the ground, it seems the core in the underground of this stronghold is shaken by how much power is being extracted from it. 

[Get 23.000 experiences, 32.000 experiences, 33.000 experiences…]

The amount of exp Yi Tianyun receive is skyrocketing through the roof! With the crazy mode activated, he receives 32.000 exp in average per second. 

With the amount of energy released by the old man, Yi Tianyun is sure to receive at least a million points on his exp. However, Old Ancestor Hei Hun doesn’t want to stop, he is convinced that his power will finally overwhelm and kills Yi Tianyun, but then again, the reality is not in his side. 

As he keeps on adding more black mist to attack Yi Tianyun, the black mist itself keeps getting asorbed by Yi Tianyun. Yi Tianyun’s absorbing rate win by big margin. This attack the old man keeps using eventualy exhaust him, Yi Tianyun is smiling brighter than before. 

How can he not! the amount of exp he got from this fight alone is like killing a pack of Core Condensation Cultivator at the same time! The difference in those case is that Yi Tianyun can’t absorb them just like now, the more enemy he faces the harder it is for him to use the Absorbing Star Great Technique to get more exp. 

He wants to keep this situation as long as possible, but it seems that it was not the case, as Yi Tianyun saw some flash coming from his side, he quickly raise his arm to try to block whatever danger it may be. And surely his instinct is reliable as usual, his frost fist suddenly blocked an attack from a sword that comes from Old Ancestor Hei Hun himself! Apparently the old man was fed up by Yi Tianyun constantly absorbing his attack and choose to attack head on himself!

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