Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 110: Really Happy


The power from the old man’s attack is not weak, if the one in the receiving end is not Yi Tianyun The old man woul’ve succesfully pierced through them. 

“Why don’t you keep using the black dragon’s strength? That would be much better than your sword technique.” Yi Tianyun said while smirking. 

Old Ancestor Hei Hun becomes quite furious from Yi Tianyun’s word, he switfly sprints toward Yi Tianyun’s direction and shouted: “Black Dragon Howler!” 

The surrounding black mist was drawn into the old man’s body just like when Yi Tianyun absorbed them earlier. 

A black dragon symbol is suddenly engraved in his sword, and his body continues to emit a more powerful wave of aura than before. The black mist that from the gap in the ground continuously strengthen him. 

The average combat power of a core condensation expert is 160.000 but the old man already broke through 200.000 and now it reached 210.000! 

Yi Tianyun is a little bit impressed by the amount he sees from the old man through appraisal eye. 


Yi Tianyun think to himself, this is the strongest opponent he ever face that have this amount of combat power. It seems that the Black Dragon Spiritual Vein is really capable to strengthen him to a level of Spirit Core. But Yi Tianyun isn’t fazed at all. 

He shouted: “Frost Fist, activate!” 

He wants to show the old man what kind of move he is capable of. 

A wave of powerful frozen field blasted from the Frost Fist and immediately froze everything in its path, which includes the black mist that continues to exert from the ground. 

The old man is no exception, as he can’t dodge the wave coming to him in a speed that shocks even him. 

Yi Tianyun know that this effect would not last long for a powerful cultivator like Old Ancestor Hei Hun.

“Not bad, completely frozen solid!” Yi Tianyun said while humming at the frozen Hei Hun. 

Yi Tianyun walks toward the Old Ancestor Hei Hun, and the old man can only watch Yi Tianyun without doing anything. 

Yi Tianyun proceed to grab the old man’s hand and then slams his body to the ground! 

He continuously doing so while activating his Absorbing Stars Great Technique, he absorbs tens of thousands exp in one go! 

This is really great Yi Tianyun said to himself, but just after roughly half a minute passed, the old man is already able to move, released from his frozen solid state.

“You are dead brat! I will kill you slowly!” Old Ancestor Heihun shouts and he quickly release an extra power from his black dragon strength to throw off Yi Tianyun from his back. But Yi Tianyun doesn’t get fazed by the old man’s strength, he choose to activate his Dragon God Bloodline, “Dragon God Bloodline, activate!” 

After the Dragon God Bloodline power is activated, the dragon scale quickly covers his whole body, his power is greatly improved, at least several times higher than usual. 

After using the Dragon God Bloodline his combat power is higher than Old Ancestor Hei Hun, this fact alone making it hard for the old man to escape from Yi Tianyun, he can’t break free from Yi Tianyun’s grasp. Yi Tianyun keeps absorbing the old man’s spiritual power, making him weaker with every second passed.

“Brat, let me go! Let me go, you freak!” The old man is visibly shaking from the amount of spirit power he lost from Yi Tianyun’s technique. It doesn’t matter whether he has a high combat power or not, if his spiritual power is constantly leaving his body like this, it just a matter of time until he can’t do anything anymore. 

“Let you go? You are really stupid aren’t you? Let go of you so you can attack me again? At least now you can atone your sin from doing evil deeds your entire time, consider me a punisher from god!” Yi Tianyun said while sneering at the old man.

“Stop! Get the hell off of me!” Old Ancestor Hei Hun screams out in anger. He keeps on whipping his black dragon’s power around, letting the power he hold going berserk! This kind of power surely can hurt Yi Tianyun while he in normal condition, but as of now, when he activate his Dragon God Bloodline and combined with the Guardian Title and Chaotic Heaven Divine Armor, it absolutely does nothing to him. 

As Yi Tianyun keeps on absorbing more and more of the old man’s spiritual power, the old man is getting weaker and weaker by the second. The old man keeps on struggling even though his spiritual power is already drained..

As Yi Tianyun absorbed more and more, Old Ancestor Hei Hun became weaker and weaker.

“Let me go! Let me… Go! Let me…” Old Ancestor Hei Hun says while struggling. 

After a while, Yi Tianyun doesn’t get the rush of exp from the old man anymore, so he said: “What happens? There is no more spiritual power left for me to take, are you not the master of the Black Dragon’s Strength? This is all spiritual power you have?” 

When Yi Tianyun finished his sentences, he sees the old man’s conditions. The old man already passed out on the ground when Yi Tianyun looked at him, and the old man’s body seems to be covered in a black spot. 

This is seems to be the negative effects of using the black dragon’s power carelessly, as it didn’t appear before Yi Tianyun froze the old man. The Black Dragon’s power is a form of evil art, there are consequences from using it carelessly. 

After knowing the old man is already spent, Yi Tianyun has no other use for him anymore, so he proceed to slams his fist on the old man’s head, completing his intention to kill him.

“Remember to be a good person in your next life, so you don’t have to get through with me anymore.” Yi Tianyun says while smiling satisfied. 

[Ding, successfully killed Old Ancestor Hei Hun, got 120.000 Experience, 3000 Crazy Point, Black Dragon Divine Secret Art (Lower Grade Earth Level Martial Art), Soul Extinguishing Palm (Lower Grade Earth Level Martial Art), Black Dragon Spiritual Vein Crystal, Black Dragon Skeleton!]

After killing the Old Ancestor Hei Hun, the reward is very good! Two Earth Level Martial Arts which can be used for fusion mastery, and he also got the Black Dragon Spiritual Vein and Black Dragon Skeleton, which is he still didn’t know what it’s used for.

“Black Dragon Spiritual Vein Crystal and Black Dragon Skeleton, what are these items?” He quickly checks the item with his appraisal eye, and the information quickly appeared in front of him. 

Black Dragon Spiritual Vein Crystal: Black Dragon’s Energy Crystal which absorbs Cultivator for cultivation, suitable for Dark Attribute cultivation technique.

Black Dragon Skeleton: Black Dragon’s cheekbones, the main backbone of the Black Dragon, pair with the Black Dragon Soul and Black Dragon Spiritual Vein Crystal to summon the Black Dragon!

“What, Summon a Black Dragon?!”

Yi Tianyun is really happy by the information he gets, a black dragon as a pet companion surely would be great he thinks to himself. 

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