Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 11: Still One Move


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Zhao Feng leapt to the stage. Causing quite an impact upon his landing! The following bang caused everyone to shudder.

Something wrapped in black cloth was on his back, piquing everyone’s attention. Then Zhao Feng grabbed it from his back and pulled it out. Turns out it was a heavy black spear!

Zhao Feng waved it a few times through the air, and then let it slam into the ground, causing a loud noise and even leaving a small hole in the ground!


This situation rendered the disciples of the Jade Palace speechless. It was no wonder that he leapt onto the stage confidently. Turns out he was carrying a powerful weapon. Any random strike from it would cause huge damage.

“This spear weighs at least six or seven hundred pounds…”

“This must be his innate power. Even if you were at the seventh level of the Body Refinement Realm, could you wield such a heavy weapon so easily?”

Around the stage, everyone began chattering among themselves, Yi Tianyun’s technique was certainly dangerous, but that weapon’s length and reach were abnormal. Its length was almost two people tall. How do you even close that gap? Let alone attack.

Shi Xueyun panicked, “It seems like Elder Zhao has observed Tianyun’s movements and decided that competing with one’s cultivation realm was pointless to Tianyun so he sent someone with an innate power to wield heavy weapons!”

As expected of him, he really was scum, sending someone like Zhao Feng to deal with Yi Tianyun. Nevertheless, it was not against the rules to use weapons. Weapons were considered a necessity. A good weapon could enhance the wielder strengths by an entire level!

Now that Zhao Feng decided to use a weapon, Yi Tianyun may also choose any weapon he wished. There were many weapons in the Jade Palace, but Shi Xueyun didn’t know which weapon Yi Tianyun would use.

Zhao Hualong sneered, “There is no rule that forbids the usage of weapons, you may also choose a weapon”.

Yi Tianyun cultivation level was higher, but what about the weapon? A difference in realm does not translate to absolute victory, especially in this situation. He knew that Yi Tianyun’s movement skills were weaker since, in the previous battle, it wasn’t like he managed to dodge all of the attacks.

But something bothered him, but he couldn’t put a finger on it but there was no point to keep thinking about it, he focused only on winning!

“That spear looks very powerful.”

Yi Tianyun looked at the long spear in Zhao Feng hand, now that he thought about it, he has a weapon of his own too.

“Tianyun, what weapon do you need?” Shi Xueyun mentioned all kinds of weapons in order, from the low-level ones to the high-level ones.

Yi Tianyun smiled, “I have my own weapon…” As he said that he pulled out the Frost Fists and equipped it. The blue gauntlet covered his fists and shone a faint blue light. It looked very pretty.

Everyone felt confused when they saw this gauntlet. How was this different from being barehanded? Meanwhile, Zhao Feng was using a weapon with absurd reach, even if it was a pair of powerful gauntlets, what could he do in the face of such a weapon?

“Oh…? What is the difference between this and being barehanded? And what was this thing? It  looks like a glove, does it have some kind of effect!?” Zhao Hualong laughed, finding it funny. How was it a weapon? It’s just some sort of glove!

The disciples of the Jade Palace sighed. They were convinced this round will result in a loss!

Shi Xueyun anxiously said, “Tianyun, how will you fight him with this weapon?”

She noticed Yi Tianyun struggling last time, and evading the attacks was already hard enough for him last time. How would he even attack? Not to mention the weapon he faced this time.

“I don’t know if he will even be able to land a hit.” Yi Tianyun smiled and walked toward the platform.

Does someone actually use this kind of weapon?

Both the Jade Palace and the Spirit Sect questioned Yi Tianyun’s sanity for picking this type of weapon. If the gap in their cultivation level was really large, it would be easy to defeat Zhao Feng with his bare hands but that’s not the case, the difference in level was not that big.

Due to the weapon advantage, Yi Tianyun chance to win was below 50%!

This was not an exaggeration. Zhao Feng swung the heavy spear like it was nothing, it didn’t even reduce his reaction speed. In this situation, could Yi Tianyun even close the gap? Unless he moved faster than Zhao Feng’s swung.

“If you want to die that much, I won’t stop you.” Zhao Feng pointed the long spear at Yi Tianyun. The tip of the spear held enormous power, with this he could avenge his fallen comrades.

“After you.”

Yi Tianyun indicated that Zhao Feng could attack any time with his casual expression.


Zhao Feng did not hesitate, he shouted, grabbed the spear and rush toward Yi Tianyun. A fierce aura was emitted from his body, and his killing intent exploded in front of everyone. This kind of strength was not possible for someone in the seventh level of the Body Refinement Realm.

“Could it be? He took a power pill?” Someone noticed Zhao Feng taking a power pill before attacking.


A loud sound was heard from the impact of his spear hitting the ground. He marked Yi Tianyun and wouldn’t let him go. Zhao Feng held his long spear aloft and rushed toward Yi Tianyun.

“Spear Downstream Dragon!”

He used the Spirit Sect martial arts and combined with the effect of the power pill, his power increased even further! Yi Tianyun couldn’t escape from this strike.

Suddenly Yi Tianyun disappeared, as though his figure distorted somehow. This was oddly familiar, was this the Floating Cloud Steps Mo Cheng used earlier? But this time it was Yi Tianyun who used it! This skill was a secret technique used by the Spirit Sect so how on earth did Yi Tianyun learn it?

“This, these are Floating Cloud Steps, how is it possible?!”

Zhao Hualong was shocked. Even in the Spirit Sect, not every disciple was capable of learning the Floating Cloud Steps. Yet now, Yi Tianyun used it like it’s nothing. Naturally, everyone was dumbfounded, not just the disciples of the Spirit Sect but also those from the Jade Palace.

In an instant, he disappeared from Zhao Feng’ sight and reappeared behind Zhao Feng! He punched him and the Frost Fist immediately shone with blue light. A cold aura was quickly emitted, and suddenly it covered Zhao Feng entire body. In an instant, his movements became very slow, he wanted to turn around and fight back, but his speed was greatly reduced. He couldn’t keep up with Yi Tianyun’s movements.


Incapable of countering and defending Zhao Feng once again suffered another punch from Yi Tianyun. Zhao Feng was tossed away as the terrifyingly cold air continued to cripple his body. Even worse, since he took a power pill earlier his body was currently emitting extreme heat. But with both extreme heat and cold raging throughout his body, his body was slowly being destroyed from within.


He vomited blood then fell to the ground, before expiring. It was like his blood vessels had been punctured! What a painful death…

『Ding! Congratulations on killing Zhao Feng! You gained 700 exp, 30 Crazy Points … 』

『Ding! Congratulation on Completing a Mission!』

『Gained 10,000 exp, Divine Armor (Normal) and 100 Gold』

『Ding! Congratulations on levelling up to the first level of the Spirit Refinement Realm!』

Finally! After spending half a month hunting monsters, his cultivation had reached the peak of the Body Refinement Realm. And completing this task, he finally entered the Spirit Refinement Realm!

He dominated this competition from the very start. At the peak level of Body Refinement Realm, no one could defeat him.

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