Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 10: Bet


Under everyone’s gazes, Yi Tianyun smiled faintly, “This is the last battle, I will fight till the end. Let me teach them a lesson and let them know the might of our Jade Palace!”

His voice was deep, he wouldn’t let the Spirit Sect do whatever they please!

“Young Master, were you really ok?”

“Yeah, we thought you’re a weakling. We didn’t expect the Palace Lord to have actually concealed your true strength. Young Master, you really got us!”

Yi Tianyun’s prowess captivated many female disciples, they’re really confused. Most of them, if not all, changed their view of Yi Tianyun.

The former Palace Lord’s behaviour was very irresponsible, but it did not cause serious damage to the Jade Palace. While she was the Palace Lord of the Jade Palace, she contributed quite a lot to the Jade Palace, so she could still be forgiven.

Of course, this was because of Yi Tianyun’s capabilities, with the most important thing being that he won, not just for himself but also for the Jade Palace. If it’s not for this, he would probably still be looked down upon even if his strength was mediocre. In the end, without power, you can’t change others’ opinions about you!

Shi Xueyun looked at the situation around her and couldn’t help but shake her head. They all thought that she deliberately concealed Yi Tianyun’s strength but as a relative who consistently took care of Yi Tianyun, she obviously knew that it was not true. But, even if Yi Tianyun had normal blood qi like everyone else, it’s impossible to suddenly get this strong.

This was what bothered her and Xiaolian.

“Alright then, can you still fight in that condition?” Shi Xueyun worried. “Don’t be stubborn, if you can’t, then come down.”

Just as Yi Tianyun just wanted to say something more, Zhao Hualong spoke coldly from the audience. “He has promised to fight the last fight so we must continue!”

Everyone shifted their attention to Zhao Hualong and saw his red eyes. Killing intent spread to his surroundings. Even the disciples of the Spirit Sect glared at Yi Tianyun who killed their two martial brothers in quick succession. Not only had they lost so much face by coming here but they also lost two talented fellow disciples!

At this point, Zhao Hualong couldn’t hold back his anger any longer. With Mo Cheng talent, in the future, he was definitely going to become a core disciple, but now he was dead! He will be held responsible later once he returned to the Spirit Sect.

Now, he only wanted to kill Yi Tianyun, avenge his disciples, and saving any remaining dignity he had in front of the Spirit Sect.

“Elder Zhao, Tianyun already fought twice, in this last fight we should let other disciples participate, it’s not against the rules!” Shi Xueyun looked at Zhao Hualong with cold eyes, and the powerful aura around him seemed to be turned into a weak spark in the face of Shi Xueyun’s presence. The killing intent released by Zhao Hualong was washed away.

“He just said that he would continue to fight, so of course we will respect his wish!” Unsurprisingly, Zhao Hualong was not willing to let Yi Tianyun leave. If he left, he will miss the chance for revenge.

“I have already spoken on his behalf. I don’t know what elder Zhao is implying.” Shi Xueyun already knew that Zhao Hualong wanted to take revenge.

Everyone couldn’t help but despise Zhao Hualong. Shi Xueyun just spoke up and said that she was not going to let Yi Tianyun participate.

“Palace Lord Shi, this is his own choice!” Zhao Hualong raised two fingers and said, “If he chooses to participate in this round as well, and wins, I will give him a Spirit Breakthrough Pill.”

Everyone gasped upon hearing Zhao Hualong’s statement. The Spirit Breakthrough Pill, as the name suggested, could help the user to breakthrough the Body Refinement Realm to the Spirit Refinement Stage.

If the user was at the peak of the Body Refinement Realm. As long as they take it, they would breakthrough to the Spirit Refinement Realm!

What Zhao Hualong put forth as a bet was definitely something extremely tempting, and the price of the Spirit Breakthrough Pill was not low. If he loses, he would not only be losing two disciples, but also a Spirit Breakthrough Pill.

Originally, he didn’t want to bet using something as precious as a Spirit Breakthrough Pill, but to tempt Yi Tianyun into remaining on stage, he could only use this pill as a bet. Originally, this pill was going to be given to Mo Cheng.

Despite everyone’s expectations, Shi Xueyun sneered. “Are Spirit Breakthrough Pill that precious? Despite being an elder you’re still shameless enough to use it as a bet. Take it back and eat it yourself!”

Jade Palace could still get their hands on the Spirit Breakthrough Pill. For the time being, no matter how precious it was, Yi Tianyun was still more important to her. Looking at Zhao Hualong attitude, he was definitely planning something, and Yi Tianyun will be in danger!

Zhao Hualong was getting desperate, this Spirit Breakthrough Pill was precious to disciples at the Body Refinement Realm, but it did not affect Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators.

“What do you want then?” Zhao Hualong clenched his teeth.

“Get out! I don’t need anything from you!” Shi Xueyun said, no hesitation at all in her voice. Yi Tianyun was more important!

Zhao Hualong face became darker, he wanted to take revenge but he was at his wit’s end

“A Spirit Breakthrough Pill? I will fight!” Yi Tianyun smiled lightly. He planned to fight till the end anyway from the beginning. He didn’t expect them to continue discussing it, regardless of his opinion.

From the very beginning, he had already said that he would fight. He didn’t expect them to argue, even turning it into a bet.

This bet made this situation even more interesting. I like it!

Like earlier, he still chose to fight. But this time no one dared to laugh at him. The strength he had just shown had already shocked everyone.

Zhao Hualong eyes showed joy and hurriedly said, “In that case, then get ready!” He didn’t want to miss this opportunity, his heart was cold, and as long as Yi Tianyun agreed, he would have a chance at revenge!

Shi Xueyun was anxious. Just as she went to stop Yi Tianyun from fighting, she saw Yi Tinyun eyes exuding an overbearing confidence. She felt her mouth drop open, only to close it a second after. She couldn’t bring herself to stop Yi Tianyun.

“Last fight, Zhao Feng go!”

Zhao Hualong pointed out a disciple who was the seventh level of the Body Refinement Stage. His level was lower than Fang Yun. Could he win?

However, since it was Zhao Hualong the one who sent him, he must have his reasons. Zhao Hualong has reached the position of elder, after all, he was not a fool.

After beckoning Zhao Feng over, he whispered, “Don’t spare any effort, remove him! I will help solve any lingering problems as long as you do!”

“No problem!” Zhao Feng’s eyes stared at Yi Tianyun, his cold eyes were like those of a poisonous snake, reflected back Yi Tianyun’s eyes.

Zhao Hualong was furious and mercilessly mocked, “You want this the Spirit Breakthrough Pill, huh?! You must be a fool, you won’t be able to win, let alone get your hands on this the Spirit Breakthrough Pill, you will pay the price for killing our people!”

The anger in his heart was revealed on his face. Not only was he been slapped, but then some of the outstanding disciples he brought with him had died. If he doesn’t take revenge, he would surely lose his dignity.

Meanwhile, Yi Tianyun was thinking about completing his mission and getting its juicy reward.

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  1. Miguel Gomes says:

    I always think it’s a pity how many Chinese Authors waste their lines with repeated phrases and such, I believe that the poetic way they describe their novels’ surroundings is much funnier.
    To tell the truth, though, this novel is better than many others in my opinion.

    1. Nyawdao says:

      Chinese author get paid by word, so they make story as long as possible

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