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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 115: Face


With the good relations between ZI Yuwei and Yi Tianyun, Rain Pavilion’s Headquarter gave Zi Yuwei a permission to keep her pavilion lord title, even grant her more authority than before so that she can assist Yi Tianyun in the time to come, or at the very least prevent the shameful circumstances like the one in the past. 

Even with that much power, Zi Yuwei still find it a little bit pointless, she already knew that Yi Tianyun’s cultivation already reach the point where he doesn’t need the help from small pavilion like Rain Pavilion anymore, Yi Tianyun even managed to suppress the Wind Pavilion, which is much larger than Rain Pavilion, alone. 

Helping him now doesn’t mean anything to him anymore.

“Young Master Yi, you are here!” Zi Yuwei doesn’t have a word to say to Yi Tianyun, she never expects Yi Tianyun to come here again. 

“I am here to buy some materials, I wonder if i can get some discount?” Yi Tianyun said with small smirk on his face clearly teasing Zi Yuwei. 

“Yes, yes, of course there is, in fact you don’t have to pay at all!” ZI Yuwei replied with a touch of nervousness in her voice. Seeing this display of emotions by ZI Yuwei slightly disappoint Yi Tianyun a little bit, he expects that Zi Yuwei could be able to become his friend or at least act normal around him.

“Hahaha, I am only joking, there is no need for that anymore, just sell them to me with their normal price.” Zi Yuwei just smiles a little hearing Yi Tianyun words, she’s clearly still nervous in front of Yi Tianyun. 

After looking around and picking up materials he needs, Yi Tianyun ask Zi Yuwei for certain materials he doesn’t seems to find.

“Do you have Soul Tools materials” Yi Tianyun asks politely.

“Soul Tool Material? Hmm, I don’t think we have it anywhere in the city, but we’ll see if we can get our hands on some of it later on.” Zi Yuwei quickly replies with rush as she was shocked to hear Yi Tianyun asking for something so advanced. 

The ability to forge soul tools class weapon is in Master Level, even in that level, the success rate is still crap, the Rain Pavilion doesn’t even have Master Level Blacksmith, it’s pointless to stock the materials needed to forge a soul tool. 

There’s barely any blacksmith who can forge something as advanced as a Peak Grade Spirit Tool around here. Blacksmiths capable of forging above this level will only be found in third level faction and above. 

“Okay then, I guess I will buy all of these materials now.” Yi Tianyun said with a defeated look on his face. There’s nothing he can do about this, most faction around here are low – level factions , so most pavilions only provide low level materials as well. It would be a different story if there’s a third level faction or above around here.

He bought off all of the materials Rain Pavilion has that can be used to forge Peak Grade Spirit Tools, which in this region is already shocking enough to have.

“I will buy off all materials used for Peak Grade Spirit Tool, how much is it?” Yi Tianyun said with a smile.

“Oh, okay. Wait a minute young master.” Zi Yuwei quickly her men to gather all of the materials needed by Yi Tianyun, afterwards, she immediately put it into a small inventory ring and gave it to Yi Tianyun. 

Yi Tianyun immediately checks the content of the ring, and he is hit again with a wave of disappointment. The materials collected didn’t have the quantity he wants, it’s too few to forge for literally a faction.

He can’t blame this on Rain Pavilion, he knows that the person who can forge a Peak Grade Spirit Tools, is so scarce in this region, therefore the materials needed for forging it lose its value, due to lack of demand.

“Is this all you have?” Yi Tianyun said not even hiding his disappointment.

“We are sorry Young Master Yi, this is all we have for the time being. We can bring more later from the headquarter if you like.” Zi Yuwei hurriedly replies.

“Well, if it’s not an inconvenience to you, I would like that idea. I will take all of the materials you can provide for me, that includes materials for refining pills too, the higher the grade the more quantity I will buy. But as of now, I don’t have that much gold yet, how about we strike a business deal here. I will forge and refine a batch for you, I will say 1 weapon for 2 materials? Is it good enough? Of course this includes pills as well.” Zi Yuwei can’t help but to be surprised beyond belief. 

The business proposition that Yi Tianyun just mouth off just now, is undeniably a cost effective deal! 

The Blacksmith she usually ask to forge a Peak Grade Spirit Tool  didn’t have the confidence Yi Tianyun shows right now, normally forging a Peak Grade Spirit Tools will only successful in 1 out of 4 or 5, and Yi Tianyun only needs 2 materials for his room of error, which basically said, he can only fail once for him to basically have a profit. 

“Deal, we agree with your terms.” Zi Yuwei quickly said.

“Nice, if that’s the case, I would like to go now, when you have procured the materials needed for our agreement earlier, you can transport it to Jade Palace for forging, and when it’s finished, you can your men to pick up the goods.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. 

The materials he just bought already depleted all his gold, he doesn’t have the amount needed for the next transactions, and therefore the business deal he just suggested comes to mind. 

He certainly will have the amount of Peak Grade Spirit Tools he needs for Jade Palace to advance with this method.

“Of course young master, we will immediately collect the materials needed from the headquarter and immediately transport it to Jade Palace!” Zi Yuwei said excitedly.

“Now that everything’s settled, this is my payment for the materials I just buy.” Yi Tianyun takes out all the gold he has in his inventory in the middle of the room. 

He never uses gold for anything before this, so that is his entire gold from the time he can use Crazy Leveling System. 

After handing off the money, Yi Tianyun starts to walk away, Zi Yuwei doesn’t make any effort to stop Yi Tianyun this time. The elder behind Zi Yuwei quickly shouted: “Master Yi, please wait a moment.”

Yi Tianyun immediately stops and said: “Yeah? Is there anything else I can help you with?” 

“Yeah, that is. I just want to say that we are sorry that we didn’t extend our hand to help back then, actually we want to help you, but our Rain pavilion is weak, so please I ask for your understanding from our positions.” The elder said while looking remorseful. 

Yi Tianyun just smiles to the elder explanation.

“I don’t blame Rain Pavilion for anything. I understand where you’re coming from. As of now I don’t really care.” This word from Yi Tianyun relieves the pressure from the elder, but the elder immediately added: “Oh, what about the thing about you become our Honorable Guest?” 

“Honorable Guest? I thought i’m already one, I already promise you to become your Guest Official in the past, I am not going back with my word now. But I am sorry if the time of my visit is short. I have other responsibility to uphold now.” Yi Tianyun said with smiles. He then proceeds to walk out without looking back. This word from Yi Tianyun stuns the elder, making his face pale, Yi Tianyun’s word earlier is basically soft rejections. The elder quickly turns to ZI Yuwei to help him.

“Palace Lord Zi, hurry up, help me persuade him to stay. Are you not in good relations with him?” the elder said anxiously. 

“Elder, he will come again if he needs something to buy, I can’t persuade him for anything, and I will lose his respect for doing that. Sometime, we have to let go what we already miss.” Zi Yuwei said while sighing deeply. 

With Rain Pavilion’s shortcoming to help Yi Tianyun at that time, Zi Yuwei is amazed that Yi Tianyun still wants to step his foot in here. Rain Pavilion should be glad that Yi Tianyun comes to buy stuff from them. 

The elder hearing Zi Yuwei word is left speechless, he sure feels terrible right now. What is a Honorable Guest if the host can’t protect them at all. Even from Yi Tianyun’s understanding for their situation, there can’t be anything more from him for Rain Pavilion.

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