Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 116: Profound Azure Mansion Arrive


Yi Tianyun and Liu Menglian soon returned to Jade Palace without any problem, Yi Tianyun’s well known cultivator around these parts now. Besides, ever since the complete annihilation of Three Great Faction, there’s no other faction strong enough to pick a fight against Yi Tianyun.

In terms of faction level, Jade Palace, although being a First Level Faction, has surpassed most Second Level Faction and almost comparable to Third Level Faction. However ‘almost’ is not as close as everyone thought, Third Level Faction is far superior compared to Second Level Faction.

Because the condition to become Third Level Faction is having at least three Spirit Core Experts, and more than ten Core Condensation Experts. And this is merely primary condition, of course an actual Third Level Faction will have more powerful cultivators, even having Core Transformation cultivator is possible, and to be promoted to Fourth level Faction the condition will be even more difficult, but so far there’s no Fourth Level Faction around here.

“Next is Main Quest. With this many Pill, I’m sure reaching Second Level Faction is not impossible!”

Reaching Third Level Faction will be difficult for now, but Second Level Faction won’t be a problem, that’s what Yi Tianyun thought.

“Young Master, we are finally back to Jade Palace.” Liu Menglian said with a smile.

Yi Tianyun nodded. The moment they enter the gate. They could see several luxury feather carriage, and several big footprints on the ground which belongs to several restless giant eagle.

“This, this is the giant eagle…” Liu Menglian cry out in surprise, she was shocked when she saw this giant eagle.

Yi Tianyun squinted at these luxury feather carriage, and this giant eagle is at Eighth Level Spirit Refinement, this is already a level of a demon beast. Their specialty, of course, is flying, they’re the one pulling the feather carriage, although they’re not that much faster that normal carriage.

As the name suggests, this carriage is filled with feathers, and it is engraved by Divine Rune, which makes the whole carriage light and sturdy.

“It seems like we have a visitor …”

The fact that these two belonged to them means they’re not from an average faction. even Second Level Faction can’t afford these. It’s undoubtedly expensive.

He quickly rushed inside with Liu Menglian, he can hear voices vaguely, it seems like there’s a discussion.

“Palace Lord Shi, please reconsider, if you join our Profound Azure Mansion and become our affiliates, you’ll acquire lots of benefits. Even just being our subsidiary, you’re already considered a Third Level Faction. I see no problem.” The voice is very aloof and condescending. Although this is a discussion, it’s more like he’s just the one throwing opinion.

“Inspector Ge, I’m sorry, our Jade Palace has no intention to be a subsidiary of any faction for the time being. We will maintain our status and respect the will of our Old Ancestors.” Shi Xueyun euphemistically refused.

Inspector Ge frowns, there are not that many guests coming, three in total, but all of them is Core Condensation cultivator, in fact Inspector Ge is at Seventh Core Condensation, at the same level as Shi Xueyun. Although their cultivation base is the same, he is stronger than Shi Xueyun. As a member of Profound Azure Mansion, obviously he possessed several high level Martial Arts.

Of corse Third Level Faction have more Earth Level Martial Arts compared to Second Level Faction, although not that many.

“Hey! Are you sure really refusing an invitation from a Third Level Faction?” Inspector Ge is extremely dissatisfied: “No factions ever refuse us, in fact so many of them ask to join under our wing, yet they can’t! But today we trouble ourselves coming to this remote place and you refuse? If you refuse our invitation don’t ever think you can even become a Second Level Faction!”

Shi Xueyun raised her eyebrows. Inspector Ge just keeps going on and on with no intention of stopping, although she herself already had a clear image of Jade Palace’s future. And becoming Second Level Faction deinitely won’t be a problem.

When she’s about to say something, Yi Tianyun who just entered the room quickly interrupted: “How is it impossible?”

Yi Tianyun walked in with Liu Menglian and looked at Inspector Ge. Of course compared to Profound Azure Mansion, Jade Palace is still like a little bird. They have more than ten Core Condensation cultivator, and there are a few Spirit Core cultivator. That’s why they looked down on lower level faction

Inspector Ge frowns looked at him and was very dissatisfied with his sudden interjection: “Palace Lord Shi, is this one of your disciple? Isn’t it rude to suddenly come and just say whatever he wanted?”

When Shi Xueyun saw Yi Tianyun coming in, she smiled and immediately said to Inspector Ge, of course with a indifferent tone : “He is Elder of Jade Palace and is qualified to discuss this matter.”

“Elder? of Jade Palace?” Inspector Ge frowns, he can’t believe someone at this young age can become an Elder.

They just heard the rumour about Jade Palace, but they don’t really know about the details so they’ve never heard of Yi Tianyun before.

“Yes, I am Fourth Elder of Jade Palace. So let me ask again, why can’t we become Second Level Faction?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently: “I believe that in the near future we can become one, it’s not that difficult.”

Hearing the name Profound Azure Mansion nothing good comes into Yi Tianyun’s mind. Even though they’re already on friendly terms with Jade Palace, they didn’t send any reinforcements back then when Three Great Factions attacked Jade Palace. And Jade Palace decided to sever their relationship with Profound Azure Mansion, now that Jade Palace gains more reputation, suddenly they wanted Jade Palace to become their affiliates, it makes Yi Tianyun sick.

Inspector Ge feels a bit uncomfortable with Yi Tianyun’s question: “Even if you managed to reach Second Level Faction, the gap from Third Level Faction is too big, if you want more resources, you have no other choice but to join us. Our Profound Azure Mansion has a lot promising disciple, if they marry your disciple a promising offspring will be born, and it will strengthen our relationship, considering we become united and completely merged, and with better influence you’ll have no trouble!”

“Bla bla bla, that day When the Three Great Faction attacked, why didn’t you send reinforcement? now you want us to join?” Yi Tianyun coldly said.

Other Elders are having the same opinion with Yi Tianyun, as they fight that day filled with fear and no reinforcement came, and now that Jade Palace gains some reputation they want Jade Palace to join them? Is there any guarantee they’ll keep their word this time?

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