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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 118: Spirit Core Expert!


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Inspector Ge wants to insult Shi Xueyun as she let her guest be slapped in front of her, but the powerful slap left him stunned. He can’t react to it, it’s not because the slap was so fast but it’s because it came from the person he least expected from. And other inspectors gasped: “This boy! How dare he insults our mansion lord! Kill him!” Inspector Ge says while fuming with anger. 

He quickly pulls out his Peak Grade Spirit Sword, ready to fight. But, Yi Tianyun is much faster than him, he’s already in front of Inspector Ge in a blink of an eye, and slaps him some more.

“Who you gonna kill? Did you say I insult your mansion lord? Consider that a praise for someone like him? A pig is so much better than what he actually is!” Yi Tianyun says while holding Inspector Ge’s head in his hand. 

Inspector Ge wants to say something, but when he’s about to say something, Yi Tianyun quickly slaps his face. In the end, Inspector Ge can’t say a word anymore, his face is beaten to a pulp.

The two other people with Inspector Ge released from their state of trance quickly rushes to help Inspector Ge. 

Shi Xueyun sees them rushing to fight Yi Tianyun off, and she quickly jumps in front of them to block them. With her cold aura weaving through the air, both of them is shaking from the sheer pressure. As this happens, suddenly there is a clap sounding from the outside of the door. As the door opens, a middle-aged man comes in while smiling.

“To think the hero would be a boy. With what I have seen, clearly you are already at Peak Core Condensation. I’m more intrigued with the fact that you become an elder here in Jade Palace, despite being a male! Is it because your exceptional talent?” 

“Wei Chang Elder! Elder Wei!” Inspector Ge immediately crawls into the man’s leg. Yi Tianyun quickly analyze the old man with his Appraisal eye.

Elder Wei: Second Level Spirit Core, wearing Lower Grade Soul Tool armor, the Martial Art will be Burst Claw (Middle Grade Earth Level Martial Art), Dragon Cloud Steps (Lower Grade Earth Level Martial Art) and so on. Synthesized Battle Strength is 280,000! Weakness is good at melee attacks, and long-range attacks can disrupt their positions. Possible drop items are Burst Claw, Dragon Cloud Steps…

280,000 combat power, Second Level Spirit Core! Yi Tianyun is a bit surprised, he looks over to the people of Jade Palace and saw that all of their expression changed. 

Shi Xueyun and the entire elder from Jade Palace can feel the powerful aura in the room. He finally realizes why the Inspector was not afraid of insulting the lord of Jade Palace. 

Elder Wei looks at Yi Tianyun and said: “Do you still want to slaps this man?” While releasing all the power he has. 

Great elder Mo Yu’s face contorted to a frown, she already tries everything in her power to break through to the Spirit Core, but her effort was for naught, now she hopes that Jade Palace’s first spirit core cultivator would either be Shi Xueyun or Yi Tianyun. 

Inspector Ge was startled when Elder Wei holding him up by his face and said: “Go on, hit him again. I have all day to play.” Inspector Ge was left speechless by the elder’s order. 

He saw Elder Wei in the eye and see the elder was looking at him with disgust. Soon after another slap lands in his face, the power behind the slap is enough to make him flies from the elder’s grips. 

Yi Tianyun was the one slapping him, this move left everyone in surprise. This is really a bold move by Yi Tianyun.

“You think I am some scared child? If you want to be entertained just say so, I will be glad to give you more surprises.” Yi Tianyun says while cleaning a little bit of blood from his knuckles. Elder Wei was shocked a little bit, but quickly regains his composure.

“Very good, there are not many youngster brimming with courage like you nowadays, too bad you’ll have to die today!” Elder Wei slams his foot into the ground, breaking the ground like a spider web. The next moment he rush swiftly to Yi Tianyun’s direction. 

Shi Xueyun quickly realize that the elder doesn’t play around, quickly shouts Yi Tianyun’s name and leap in front of Yi Tianyun without hesitation. 

She immediately release her aura at full power, creating a frozen field appeared across the room, this frozen field technique is strong, it can freeze everything in its radius, but this technique is nothing compared to the elder’s cultivation. 

“Such insignificant techniques, stop wasting my time!” Elder Wei turns his hands into a dragon claw and immediately slashes his way through the frozen field. He doesn’t seem to stop even though Shi Xueyun is blocking his path. 

Shi Xueyun already accepted the fact that she may not be able to hold this man’s power, but suddenly she felt a warm palm rubbing her waist, gently drags her to safety, when she sees what is holding her, she only sees a scaly arm, but when she looks behind her, she sees Yi Tianyun smiling warmly at her. 

These warm smiles make her blushes a little, and after Yi Tianyun let go of her, Yi Tianyun quickly turns to the Elder Wei Direction and slaps him across the face with a powerful energy behind it. Elder Wei was thrown out into the wall with broken teeth and bloodied face.

“I am brave, but I am not stupid enough to throw a fight I can’t finish! You don’t need to say anything anymore, but today is not my end, but you are!” Yi Tianyun activates his Dragon God Secret Art and Dragon God Bloodline at the same time. 

His combat power is rising up explosively.

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