Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 117: Mansion’s Elder


When Tianyun brought up the situation regarding when Profound Azure Mansion didn’t send any reinforcement the day Three Great Faction came to attack Jade Palace really caught Inspector Ge off guard. It’s not that Profound Azure Mansion is in the wrong, but the choice of not helping Jade Palace in time of need basically means Profound Azure Mansion doesn’t want anything to do with Jade Palace. 

“There is nothing wrong with this decision we made, the Three Great Faction was supposed to be strong but they decisively lose to you, so there again we reach our hand for you to take, so you can become more powerful in the future!” Inspector Ge said, without remorse at all.

“I understand your reason, but we decided to be an independent faction, we didn’t intend to refuse you solely due to the earlier problem, we just don’t want to be reliant of another sect for now, but thank you kindly for the offer!” Tianyun responds indifferently. 

Tianyun words moved the Elder’s heart, they nodded vigorously at Tianyun’s word, showing their agreement.

They completely agree to not join a sect that previously abandons them like a piece of trash! 

It is true that Profound Azure Mansion doesn’t have the obligations to help Jade Palace, but there are many Jade Palace’s disciples already married Profound Azure Mansion disciple, but they don’t even consider this relations. 

It is a natural decision that Jade Palace chooses to not join the Profound Azure Mansion as the trust is not there anymore. Inspector Ge seeing these new found determinations just claps his hand sarcastically. 

“You talk about self-reliance to us now? Are you sure you can support a sect on your own? You only succeed on defending against three small second level factions, and suddenly you think you’re strong? A third level faction can kill you effortlessly!” Inspector Ge said exasperatedly.

The eyes of all elder of Jade Palace turns cold, as they heard Inspector Ge’s words sounds like a threat. 

“Sure, any third level factions surely would be too much for us. But if we don’t do anything to provoke them, then there is nothing interesting in this remote place.” Shi Xueyun said with a smile. 

“Are you some new kind of stupid or what? Are we not a third level faction? I am done talking some sense into your head! You get two options, you can either obey us and join, or you can prepare yourself to be annihilated!” Inspector Ge said, clearly getting annoyed. 

After he stops talking, the three men behind him release their aura, a core condensation aura fills the room, making the Jade Palace’s elder steps back a little. Their aura is much stronger than the Old Ancestor that the Jade Palace fights against in the previous war. 

The reasons are simple, it is because the one in front of them is still young, and they have much better equipment than the old ancestor. Tianyun looks at them with his appraisal eye to see their status.

Inspector Ge: Seventh Level Core Condensation, wearing the Peak Grade Spirit Tool armor, Synthesized Combat Power is 160,000! Weakness is Wood Attribute and can be restrained. Possible items dropped : Transforming Heaven Palm (Lower Grade Earth Level Martial Art), Netherworld Step (Lower Grade Earth Level Movement technique)…

Inspector Fang…

The data appeared almost immediately, the combat power they have is rather impressive, without a weapon their combat power already reached 160.000, with a weapon for sure it would break through at the very least 180.000. 

The power of third level factions is surely something else, this much power can’t be compared to the old ancestor from before. 

“It seems that you already planned this from the very beginning!” Shi Xueyun said coldly. 

“Yes, so stop being a stupid bitch and pledge loyalty to us! If you refuse me now, I will attack immediately! The Three Great Faction was originally the one who would merge with us, to rule this area. It is much unexpected that they are destroyed by your faction. Now if you refuse to join us, we will go to another sect, but as i said before, there will be no more Jade Palace after that!” Inspector Ge said with serious manner. 

“It seems that you are underestimating us!” Shi Xueyun said while also releasing her own aura. She already broke through eight levels Core Condensation while Tianyun went to Xiao Lian’s Village. But Inspector Ge is not even fazed after seeing Shi Xueyun. 

“I know that you are not the one who took down the Three Great Faction Old Ancestor, so bring him here, stop wasting time already!” Inspector Ge said while sneering at Shi Xueyun. It seems that they come to Jade Palace without knowing the vital information about Yi Tianyun. 

A few of Jade Palace elder hold their laugh. Inspector Ge didn’t acknowledge Yi Tianyun at all, in his eyes Yi Tianyun is just a weak little boy. Tianyun doesn’t care about this kind of treatment, he’s already used to it. 

After a few minutes that no one else shows up Inspector Ge runs out of patient. 

“Where is this helper of yours! Is he afraid to come out, knowing that he will lose or is he literally not here in the Palace right now? Whatever then, whichever it is you need to decide now! Either you join us or today will be your last!” Inspector Ge said to Shi Xueyun with smirk splattering his face. 

“But, Palace Lord Shi, whichever it is the decision you took, you will have to come with us, our Mansion Lord is waiting. He requested you to be his concubine, with your innate ability, your offspring with him definitely will be promising!”

As Inspector Ge ends his speech, Yi Tianyun immediately jumps to the front and slaps his face so hard that his teeth break, covering his face bloody. 

“I dare you to insult my aunt one more time! Your mansion lord is a pig! There is no way he is qualified to become my aunt’s partner, just tell him to partner up with a sow it seems more appropriate that way!” Yi Tianyun said to Inspector Ge that’s lying on the floor holding his face, shocked by Yi Tianyun’s sudden attack.

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