Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 120: Complete Instant Kill


Elder Wei never thought for a second that the one helping Jade palace was a young boy, furthermore the young boy mentioned have a high leveled cultivation too.

“This is impossible! You are so young! How can your cultivation be so high?” Elder Wei says while shaking from shock. He thought that Yi Tianyun undergo a normal cultivation training like others, not knowing Yi Tianyun cultivation method is nothing like others.

“That is not something for you to know! You from Profound Azure Mansion don’t get the chance to blame us for doing this, you force our hand to retaliate!” Yi Tianyun says while taking a stance to attack Elder Wei.

He starts to run into the elder’s directions with an aura like a dragon enveloping him.

“Dragon God Secret Art, Second Style, Dragon God Fist!” Yi Tianyun shout out his technique as he punch Elder Wei’s chest. Elder Wei tries to retaliate by throwing his own attack with his claw at Yi Tianyun, but with the effect of Frost Fist constantly slowing everything on its path, Elder Wei’s attack never connect. 

Yi Tianyun’s technique can’t be blocked by Elder Wei’s armor, completely piercing through his armor like butter and boring a hole in the elder’s chest. The wall behind Elder Wei doesn’t miss the aftermath of the punch either, cracking and breaking like brittle. 

Elder Wei doesn’t die immediately by Yi Tianyun’s punch, while he is still alive, but then again with such a huge injury there is no way he would survive. 

Elder Wei began coughing blood as the second passed, there is nothing he could do to fight of Yi Tianyun at this moment, meanwhile he is dying!

“Your body really is tough, punchin it through is not as easy as i thought.” Yi Tianyun says smirking while looking at the elder in the eye.

“Activate Luck Aura!” Yi Tianyun activates his Luck Aura as he already levels it up beforehand. With a luck aura level 2, he now has the effect of 5 times enhanced luck with a consumption rate of 100 points of crazy points per second. 

This consumption rate is what makes Yi Tianyun reluctant in using this ability like before. He doesn’t know that the reward he would get on killing things would be rewarding enough to spend a high amount of his crazy points. But now, he wants to use it against such a high leveled enemy.

“Say your prayer!” Yi Tianyun says while pulling out his Blood Fiend Divine Spear.

“If you kill me, Profound Azure Mansion would not turn a blind eye for you, Jade Palace will be crushed!” after the elder ends his speech, Yi Tianyun drive his spear through the elder’s heart, instantly ending the elder’s live. 

[Ding, successfully killed Elder Wei, earned 200.000 experience, 5.000 Crazy Point. Obtained Martial Art Burst Claw, Dragon Cloud Steps, Thundercloud Claw. Obtained the Stage Prop Dragon Skeleton Divine Armor, Tyrant Dragon Claw, 5 Times Experience Card, and Blast Divine Pill!]

A lot of things were rewarded to Yi Tianyun as he successfully killed the elder. Although the item was good, as his opponent was from a spirit core cultivation, but there is nothing of interest to Yi Tianyun.

“Even with this much luck there is still nothing that excites me from this list of rewards.” Yi Tianyun says while shaking his head. He turns his head and his focus shifts to Inspector Ge. 

Inspector Ge was shaking profoundly, he didn’t expect Elder Wei would lose, he comes with the elder to avoid having a dire situation, but now, the elder is already dead! Now he finally believes the power of Yi Tianyun, the power of limitless potential! 

“You! What are you going to do now? You killed our elder, if you still want to live, you better escape now while you have the chance! Otherwise our Mansion Lord will crush you all! But, I will give you another options, let us go, and we will try to appease the Mansion Lord for you!” Inspector Ge tries to negotiate with Yi Tianyun, clearly he’s afraid to die. But, Yi Tianyun doesn’t put off his killing intent, he makes it stronger, making inspector Ge and two other man besides him completely shaken with fear.

“Wow, did you think I am stupid? I am not a three years old kid you could deceive. What is it that you have that would reassure us to really do what you said? Did you really think that I would trust you to plead for our situation? If I let you go now, the Profound Azure Mansion would just come back with you again in just a few days, am I wrong? It’s better for you to die here, than for you to be killed in a useless war, with your dead, you get the chance to help me a little!” Yi Tianyun says while sneering at the shaken inspector. 

The inspector suddenly turns pale, it is clear now that Yi Tianyun would not let any of them go.

“No, no, no you have to listen…”

Inspector Ge doesn’t get the chance to finish his sentence as Yi Tianyun’s spear pierced his heart.

[Ding, succeed fully killed Inspector Ge, earned 140.000 experience, 3.800 Crazy Point. Obtained Martial Art Transforming Heaven Palm, Netherworld Step; obtained the Treasure Heaven Breaking Sword, 100.000 Experience Pill!]

More rewards than a normal opponent, and he is lucky enough to receive an experience card from killing Elder Wei before. But the reward is still not good enough for Yi Tianyun. He can’t complain now as he knows that this enemy in front of him now is not an elite opponent. There is no way a non-elite opponent will grant a great reward.

“Now, it’s your turn!” Yi Tianyun says while shifting his sight into a trembling Inspector Fang. 

There is no doubt what’s on the trembling inspector’s mind is he finally encounters a real living demon!

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  1. JayVlad Dark Heart says:

    Thank you for this chapter! 🙂

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    The exp MC got from elder Wei is way too nerfed and unbalanced

    1. Lolislayer says:

      200k exp? He needs tens of millions to rank up on his cultivation.

    2. jk says:

      the author is making shit about this power levels lately. 100k bp on peak core while that pig elder who is 7th core is 160k? he’s not accepting the fact that his protag is already extra overpowered so he’s toning him down to have a bit of challenge. I hate it when authors does that for convenience.

      1. Nyawdao says:

        calculation get better after chapter 200

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    The higher his level, his intelligence stays the same. 4 people need the peak of core and he doesn’t absorb them first for more exp.

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