Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 121: Worry


Inspector Fang has no means of escaping Yi Tianyun now, even the most powerful person tagging along as a bodyguard is already dead. Inspector Ge is also dead in one shot, how can someone with lower cultivator like Inspector Fang be an opponent to Yi Tianyun.

“We won’t say anything to anyone!” Inspector Fang says while still trembling from Yi Tianyun Killing aura.

“What are you talking about now? Could you please make sense for once? Stop wasting my time!” Yi Tianyun ignored their act for mercy, and start to walk in their directions. The two of them seeing Yi Tianyun doesn’t acknowledge them become more scared than ever, and start to run away from Jade Palace, but before they can leave the room, Yi Tianyun use his Absorbing Stars Great Technique sucking each of them into his palm. 

In a matter of seconds, the two of them become an empty husk, but they are not dead yet. He got a rough total of 700.000 exp from the two of them. This is so much higher than killing them instantly.

“Profound Azure Mansion wouldn’t let you go!” Inspector Fang says while already looking like a mummy. Yi Tianyun sighed “I told you already, Profound Azure Mansion would not bother me if I don’t ask for trouble, in turn, if they did otherwise I would gladly come to them!” Yi Tianyun says coldly at the two near dead man. He activates his Lucky Aura and kills them immediately.


‘Successfully killed Inspector Fang of Profound Azure Mansion’

‘Reward: 160.000 Experience Points, 3.600 Crazy Points, Transforming Heaven Palm Martial Art, Netherworld Step Technique.’


‘Successfully killed Officer Zhang of Profound Azure Mansion’

‘Reward: 160.000 Experience Points, 3.600 Crazy Points, Transforming Heaven Palm Martial Art, Netherworld Step Technique, 1x Heaven Ancient Spear, 1x Dropping Clouds Boots.’

Yi Tianyun notices that they are dropping the same martial art, but nonetheless it is still Earth Level Martial Art so he can’t complain. He can always sell it for the Crazy Points. He also get disappointed as he also notices that even with the effect of Lucky Aura he still can’t get all of the probability item reward he could get for killing them. 

Suddenly his attention is shifting to Shi Xueyun as she talks to him, “Yi Tianyun! Your already brokethrough into spirit core?” Shi Xueyun asks while sense of bewilderment is very visible on her face. She was still in shock from watching Yi Tianyun brought down Elder Wei with ease. In fact, everyone else besides Shi Xueyun have the same question, they are bewildered by Yi Tianyun’s inhuman cultivation speed. 

They refrain themselves from asking Yi Tianyun this question because when Yi Tianyun shows his power, he’s already too far ahead of them, leaving them too embarrassed to ask such question. 

“No, I am still in the Core Condensation Level.” Yi Tianyun answered light heartedly. This answer from Yi Tianyun makes them more bewildered than before. 

If Yi Tianyun already able to fight of a Spirit Core Cultivator in only his Core Condensation Level, than what would happen when he reaches the Spirit Core Level? This kind of question fogs their mind as they look at Yi Tianyun. They find a new kind of respect from Yi Tianyun, a terrifying one. 

But as soon as Yi Tianyun starts to relax, everyone snaps back to reality as one of the elder said: “What will we do now? Profound Azure Mansion surely will attack us after they hear about what happened here!” Yi Tianyun thought the elder’s words over, he has some ideas about what to do, but he’s still reluctant to break the information to all elder this fast. 

But he clearly has no choice now, he can’t have the Jade Palace to be destroyed. Not only Shi Xueyun is fond of Jade Palace, but also Jade Palace was tied to his Main Quest. 

The worries show themselves at the elders’ and Shi Xueyun’s face. They know if they fight the Profound Azure Mansion head on, the only weapons that can at the very least put a fight is only Yi Tianyun. This time, the level is so much bigger than the Three Great Factions Yi Tianyun fought before. There is no way Yi Tianyun would be able to fight a dozen of Spirit Core at once.

“I believe, I can do it, I can crush the Profound Azure Mansion, but this will undeniably be a difficult battle.” Yi Tianyun says solemnly. The elders are understandable enough that Yi Tianyun needs time if he really will crush the Profound Azure Mansion.

“We believe that you are able to do it, sure. but we think that at the very least you need some time for it. Now is not the time.” 

Hearing the elders’ reasoning for him to not head over to Profound Azure Mansion on his own, making Yi Tianyun sighs, as he knows they are right. Therefore, he had no choice as he needs to build advantages for Jade Palace.

“There is somewhere I need Jade Palace to see. I think several elders and Aunt Shi should come with me.” Yi Tianyun says as he looks Shi Xueyun in the eyes. Xueyun immediately understood that Yi Tianyun would do something for the sake of Jade Palace. 

Shi Xueyun immediately tells a disciple to go back inside and she also told Xiao Lian the same thing. After the elder that will accompany Yi Tianyun has been decided, Yi Tianyun quickly wave them over and took over one of the Profound Azure Dear giant eagle the Inspector use for coming over earlier.

As they began the ride with Yi Tianyun, they have no idea where Yi Tianyun would bring them to, this fact alone makes them confused. But, as they passed some familiar path, they immediately recognize that Yi Tianyun is bringing them to somewhere they are familiar with.

“This is the way to Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, is it not?” one of the elders says very confidently.

“Yes, you are right!” Yi Tianyun says with a light smile on his face. The fact that Yi Tianyun brings them to somewhere they couldn’t enter makes them even more confused than before.

In Yi Tianyun’s side, Shi Xueyun only smiles while looking at Yi Tianyun and didn’t voice any question at all. She knows that Yi Tianyun have something very important to show them when they arrive.

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