Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 127: Heaven’s Top Mansion Disciple


After Yi Tianyun left Star Pavilion, he heads straight to Devil Cloud Island without wasting any time. After Yi Tianyun left, a figure is watching him from the crowds, and tail him.

When he reached City gate, Yi Tianyun is nowhere to be found!

“How can he disappear just like that!? Did he notice me?” He is responsible for tailing Yi Tianyun. The moment he blinks, Yi Tianyun is gone. He doesn’t know where Yi Tianyun go. With a dissapointed look he said: “I’m definitely gonna be punished for this…”

Deacon Huang wanted to make sure whether he’s really going alone or not, whether he’s bluffing or not.

“Deacon Huang, I lost him all of a sudden he’s just gone…” The guard who came back shook his head looking guilty.

“It’s alright, i pretty much guess this is gonna happen. His cultivation is unfathomable. I can’t accurately sense how strong his cultivation is. Considering he intended to go to Devil Cloud Island alone, he must be quite strong.” Deacon Huang dissmissed the guard and said, “I don’t blame you for this, you may go now.”

The guard is relieved, he thought he’s going to receive some sort of punishment.

Deacon Huang is wondering “I don’t know what’s the deal with him, is he really planning to go to Devil Cloud Island alone…”

Although the Star Pavilion is in need of demon beasts, they can’t afford to send their force to hunt, because is requires a lot of human resources, like Core Condensation Cultivator, or Spirit Core Expert. If they assembled such force simply to hunt demon beasts, it will cause deficit instead of profit.

Demon beasts’ body part can be utilized to produce Alchemy Material or Blacksmith material. Some people even buy it as it is. However, Star Pavilion don’t specifically hunt them, as long as they manage to procure these demon beasts their business is going to be stable.

Outside the City gate, Yi Tianyun obviously realized that someone is following him the moment he left Star Pavilion. He didn’t really care who it is. He just used his Stealth ability and hide from plain sight. After leaving the City gate, he found a remote place and summoned the Black Dragon. He flew to Devil Cloud Island riding his Black Dragon with unbelievable speed.

Soaring higher into the sky, and increasing its speed, like an arrow, from afar the Black Dragon is like a shadow flashing through the cloud!

“Let’s keep going at this pace…”

Yi Tianyun flew for two days, while paying attention to the star plate, he’s almost halfway there. If he happened to go using a boat, it would probably take a month or even longer, assuming there’s no problem on the way. He’ll never even consider taking this quest if he didn’t have this Black Dragon.

In fact, he’d rather wreak havoc at Profound Azure Mansion, but since he’s not strong enough for now, he changed his mind.

Along the way, he saw a beach. There was a big ship surrounded by more than a dozen boats there, but these boats are pulled by flying sharks!

Taming these flying sharks isn’t as easy as slaying a demon beast.

“Hey, Boss, there are a several charming girls aboard. We can have much more fun this time, my mouth is all watery!” The pirate next to him grinned and drooling as he watched one of the female cultivator turned pale.

“Indeed, they certainly look much more appealing, they’re definitely from a good sect.” Bi Yuntao looked at the Cultivators on the boat, his eyes are full of insidious and lust, approach one of the cultivators and said “I advise you to surrender, don’t ever think of fighting us on the sea, this is our turf!”

They’re not bluffing, with their flying sharks they have total advantage on the sea.

All these cultivators on the ship turned pale, their cultivation base is not high, most of them is in Spirit Refinement, the highest is at early stage of Core Condensation. Meanwhile the pirates have three Core Condensation Cultivators! And they can control these flying sharks, which is clearly an advantage for them.

“I, we are all from Heaven’s Top Mansion, I advise you to leave us if you don’t want to incur our Sect Lord’s wrath!” One of the male disciple shouted loudly, but the sound was not enough.

“Heaven’s Top Mansion?” Bi Yuntao said with a sneer: “You mean that puny sect? Even Second Level Faction is much stronger that that puny sect!”

“Deacon Qian, what should we do?” One of the beautiful women in yellow clothes was scared shitless.

They can imagine what would happen to them if they were taken away.

They’re all thinking of the same thing, and all they can do is looking at Deacon Qian, with highest cultivation among them, hoping he can do something to deal with this they came here thinking it would be safe, and just their luck, they’re suddenly ambushed by pirates!

Cases involving pirates are pretty much rarely happened, but when it happened to you, you know that you’re screwed.

Deacon Qian didn’t panic, instead he said with a casual expression, “We should surrender, we don’t stand a chance.”


The female disciples on the ship is speechless, and they thought they will have an all out battle, but suddenly Deacon Qian told them to surrender.

“Deacon Qian, what are you talking about!” One of the male disciples stood up and yelled: “Deacon Qian, we must fight together even if it’s futile! I don’t care if i die trying, i won’t let these scums do whatever they want!”

Only this male disciple voices his concern, other female disciples can’t say anything even if they wanted to, although it’s almost impossible wouldn’t it be better if they fight together, that’s what the male disciple.

Deacon Qian suddenly rushed toward the male disciple and kicked him toward the sea. “Bang~”, the male disciple was sent flying, and sank into the seabed.

“If you want to die that bad, i’ll let you die first.” Deacon Qian looked at the other female cultivators coldly and said, “Who else refuse to surrender?”

“Old Qian, you don’t really have to make a move, i haven’t had enough fun.” Bi Yuntao smiled and just laugh.

The cultivators on the ship are all shocked, they did not expect their deacon is in cahoot with these pirates!

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