Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 126: Devil Sea Dangerous Zone


Yi Tianyun doesn’t care what the other thinks. Anyway, now that he’s outside Earthly Borders Continent he doesn’t have to use Hundred Transformation Mask anymore.

Deacon Huang looked at him, he’s having a hard time believing what he just heard, which was very straightforward.

“It seems that our friend here is going to hunt demon beast.” Deacon Huang’s eyes sparkles, what Yi Tianyun said really piques his interest: “I can give you the information you need, but first, i have 2 choices. The first one, i’ll give you this information for free as long as you sell the demon beasts you slain to us, of course for a reasonable price; the second choice is you can buy this information from me for one thousand gold. I personally prefer the first choice, both of us gains benefit from this, because we need some demon beast for material and you can earn more gold.”

“No problem, but instead of gold, can you pay me with your material instead?” Yi Tianyun is excited, this trade is pretty beneficial for him.


For Yi Tianyun this is like killing two bird with one stone, because extra quest related to this popped up and he instantly accepted it.

‘Successfully accept ‘Hunting Demon Beast Mission’, hunt a hundred Core Condensation Level Demon Beasts, earned 500,000 experience, a thousand gold, 10.000 Crazy Point, Ten Free Lottery Draw, one hundred favorability for Star Pavilion!”

Whenever favorability or prestige is involved, Yi Tianyun will always accept the quest without any hesitation, especially if it’s Star Pavilion favorability, of course he wants to have a better relationship with Star Pavilion, it’s the most influential Pavilion in this continent.

“To be honest, there are a few places where many demon beasts gathered, especially those above Core Condensation level. Because the higher their level of cultivation is, the less possible they will live in a group. Based on recent information, one of this place is Devil Sea Dangerous Zone!” said Deacon Huang.

“Devil Sea Dangerous Zone?”

Yi Tianyun frowned, Heavenly Borders Continent has a total of five Dangerous Zones, one of which is the Devil Sea Dangerous Zone, just as the name says it’s really dangerous there, but mainly because the area mostly consist of water, movement is very restricted of course, even with good cultivation level, it would still be difficult to hunt in this area.

“Those demon beasts are in the sea? That’s bad news.” Even Yi Tianyun can’t figure out how to kill the demon beast residing in sea, even with Black Dragon, it won’t be easy.

“It’s impossible. Even i can’t do that, i’m not at Core Transformation level yet.”

Deacon Huang said solemnly: “The one i’m talking about is Devil Cloud Island, it is located in Devil Sea Dangerous Zone. I don’t know what happened, suddenly there was a group of demon beasts gathered there. A large number of demon beasts climbed up from the seabed, their cultivation varies from Spirit Refinement to the Core Condensation. That’s all the information we manage to gather and we do not rule out the existence of demon beasts with stronger cultivation!”

Yi Tianyun is excited, as long as there are a bunch of them, using 10 Times Experience Card will greatly boost his exp gain.

Deacon Huang said solemnly: “But the Devil Sea Dangerous Zone is very dangerous, and most people can’t fly, and it’s even more dangerous to use a boat there. Basically the most challenging task at hand is reaching the island. As far as i know for now that’s the only area with the matching criteria as what you requested.”

“That’s a lot, I really need this information.” Yi Tianyun is very satisfied, he can’t obtain this information from average informant.

Because the Devil Sea Dangerous Zone is extremely dangerous, average Cultivators can’t even go there, let alone obtain information about it.

“I’m thankful if you’re satisfied with this information, but still this is very dangerous. Are you sure you want to go? If you just wanted to hunt demon beast, i have other places, their cultivation base is higher but they’re scattered around the place.” Deacon Huang offered, but Yi Tianyun has no need of such information.

“No, thanks, i’ll stick to the first one.” Yi Tianyun said with a light smile: “I’m going to Devil Cloud Island to hunt demon beast. You Star Pavilion doesn’t plan to gather more information there? or hunt those demon beasts?”

“Our Star Pavilion is very powerful, but not everyone is willing to go, especially this Dangerous Zone, We need some Deacon or Elder to go there, that’s not worthwhile.” Deacon Huang said with a smile : “We will simply provide information.”

“That Information, by the way who else buy it?” Yi Tianyun asked with a wink.

“I’m afraid i can’t tell you.” Deacon Huang smiled.

Yi Tianyun also smiled and ask about that matter any further.

“So, do we need to sign something?” Yi Tianyun asked.

“No, that matter is already concluded when u made a deal with me earlier. The demon beasts you slain will be sold to us. You can keep a part of it, but the rest must be sold to us. If you violate our agreement, you’ll be completely banned to conduct any business with Star Pavilion.” Deacon Huang said with a light smile, and his tone is full of confidence..

However, Star Pavilion will not eliminate Yi Tianyun, it’s just he will be blacklisted by Star Pavilion and if he is, it would be troublesome since Star Pavilion is the most resourceful treasure house in this continent.

“Rest assured, i’ll keep my promise.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile.

“I believe in you,” Deacon Huang said. “What else do you need? maybe a ship, or something?”

“This won’t be necessary, just provide me with the route to the island” Yi Tianyun said.

“Of course. I will give you the exact information now. You can take a closer look.” Deacon Huang got up and walked in the room behind him looking for something. He quickly came out holding a star plate.

After taking the star plate, Yi Tianyun read the information inside, it is a very detailed map of the entire Heavenly Borders Continent, among which there is a bright spot outside the Heavenly Borders Continent, that is where Devil Cloud Island lies.

“This is Devil Cloud Island, just follow this route.” Deacon Huang points out and smiles.

“Okay, then I will gladly accept this.” Yi Tianyun put away the star plate and turned and prepared to leave.

“Young Master, wait a minute, how many companions are you planning to go with?” Deacon Huang asked.

“I am going by myself.”

Yi Tianyun smiled lightly, leaving Deacon Huang, who was speechless as he watched Yi Tianyun’s back.

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