Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 129: Mass Kill


“Black… Black Dragon!?”

Bi Yuntao was shocked by the scene enveloped In front of him. They never expect to confront a Divine Beast, let alone a dragon.

“Do you like it?” Yi Tianyun said with a smirk.

“Get rid of these trash!” Yi Tianyun said to the Black Dragon. Making them wonder is Yi Tianyun is the owner of the Black Dragon? But they can’t prove it because the black dragon immediately roared and swiftly slashes his claws into the pirates’ directions.

“Retreat!” Bi Yuntao screams out in horror. He quickly jumps into the water, as he thought that the water is the only safe place from the dragon.

But this move by Bi Yuntao was proven to be a fatal mistake. The Black Dragon roared so loud and its mouth was immediately full of flame. As soon as they see the dragon’s mouth full of flame, the flame is quickly aimed into Bi Yuntao’s direction. The dragon shoots black flame at the water! After the black dragon finishes his breath attack, at that exact location, a burst of bubbles can be seen, and not long after that, bodies of the pirates hit by dragon’s attack float to the surface, completely charred and lifeless.


‘Successfully killed Bi Yuntao!’

‘Rewards: 48.000 Exp, 2.200 Crazy Points, Flying Shark control, Earth Level Martial Art.’


‘Successfully killed Liu Yucheng!’

‘Rewards: . . .’


‘Successfully leveled up Black Dragon to Second Level Core Condensation!’

The Black Dragon is successfully leveled up! The rest of the pirates died one after another at the hands of the black dragon, but some of them successfully escapes, but Yi Tianyun doesn’t care about the small fries that escaped.

He is more concerned about killing all the leader of the pirates. The disciples of Heaven’s Top Mansion who defected were so stunned they’re shaking, they’re beginning to regret their betrayal now. They didn’t know that Yi Tianyun is this strong!

They immediately jump overboard realizing they stand no chance against Yi Tianyun! But the Black Dragon is so much faster than them, the Black Dragon immediately throws them back on the ship, and suddenly there is a voice said: “Not even asking your deacon here before escaping? How cold” said Yi Tianyun mocking their futile struggle.

“Okay, now it is all over, what do you think about their punishment? Should we just execute them here? Or leave the decision to Mansion Lord?” Yi Tianyun asked about what to do with these traitors.

He doesn’t mind to spare Deacon Qian for now, this is all a form of respect he could give to Heaven’s Top Mansion, Xuan Tian Spirit King already gave him a lot, even Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins helped him sheltering Jade Palace as he speaks.

Yang Xixue was the only one who stood bravely and walk toward Yi Tianyun and his Black Dragon. All the traitors is not immediately killed by Yi Tianyun, they’re lying on the floor, losing all the will to struggle.

Yang Xixue look at Yi Tianyun and asked: “Are you Heaven’s Top Mansion’s ally?” She asked with a slight tremble on her voice, clearly still a little afraid of Yi Tianyun.

“In short, yes! I am Heaven’s Top Mansion’s ally.” Yi Tianyun doesn’t know how to explain his side of story right now, he choose to agreed with them for now. He still has a couple of things to do first, but he makes up his mind to visit them later on.

“If I may, would you come with us to Heaven’s Top Mansion? I am sure that your help with dealing with the traitor just now would be greatly rewarded by the Mansion Lord.” Yang Xixue said while hoping that Yi Tianyun would agree to her invitation.

“I can’t do that now, I still have something to do. You all need to go back quickly now, there is no telling what you will encounter if you remain in this place any longer. Now there should be no more pirates hanging around this area, so you can make your way back fairly safe. Go back, and send my regards to your Mansion Lord. With your determination, Heaven’s Top Mansion surely would regain its glory.

“Many thanks Senior!” Yang Xixue said to Yi Tianyun excitedly, she is happy that there is still someone who believes in Heaven’s Top Mansion.

“When You come to Heaven’s Top Mansion, we would surely repay our debt to you!” she adds immediately before Yi Tianyun rides his Black Dragon.

“Sure, I will come around later.” Yi Tianyun said while waving his hand. Once he’s already at the back of the Black Dragon he adds “i’m looking forward to see you again, i’m sure when we see each other again, i can expect a lot of great things from you.” after he say that, he immediately takes off with his Black Dragon to Devil Cloud Island.

“Senior Sister Yang, you said that man is still young. How can he reach that level of cultivation at his age? Plus that Black Dragon as a Mount? He is so amazing! How can he be an acquaintance with our Heaven’s Top Mansion?” One of the Junior Disciple said to Yang Xixue with awe.

“ I don’t know him myself, but if there is anyone who can help our Heaven’s Top Mansion, I believe that the person is him.” Yang Xixue replies with confident. She immediately snapped from her longing look at the horizon and turn her attention into the traitors that’s already bound together.

“Take them all into the Mansion Lord Palace! Let the lord judge them for their crime!” She ordered  all the disciple standing around her. They all immediately shout their confirmation. Their voice latched with anger, if it is not their sworn loyalty to the Mansion Lord, they would be executing all this traitor themselves right here, right now!

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