Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 130: Slaughters Crazily


Yi Tianyun never expects to encounter Heaven’s Top Mansion on his way to Devil Cloud Island. He sure didn’t expect to save them in the middle of the sea, but even if the one down there was not from Heaven’s Top Mansion, he would still try to help them out. At least he knew who was right and wrong in that situation.


‘Successfully complete achievement [Saving a life is more prestigious than building a seven-floor pagoda]’

‘Reward: [Savior] title – Permanently increase 200 Prestige Points’

A System message popped up, letting him know that he completed a hidden achievement. This title’s effect was great, there was no need to equip other armor and stuff, he gets a permanent buff just like that.

“I never thought I would become a savior that easy! It must have been an accumulation of all people I helped up until now!” Yi Tianyun thought to himself. 

He had this smug on his face, after he checked the title thoroughly, he saw that this title is different than the [Guardian] title. This title can be developed, which means that if he keeps saving people from their predicament, this title can rank up too. If it can be ranked up, this title would reach a terrifying degree at some point! Adding a permanent Prestige Point was not a child’s play. Prestige Point can improve his luck, whether it’s a forging success rate or an attacking rate.

He proceed to check his forging success rate and see that forging a soul tool has increased from 10% to 20%, and if he uses his Lucky Aura, he will have a whooping chance of 50%! this information stuns Yi Tianyun a little bit. With this success rate, it would be easy to level up his martial arts if he ever get his hand on the material needed to forge a Soul Tool.

After a while, he finally had his eyes on an island, there was no mistaken that this island is the Devil Cloud Island. As the name implies, the island have a dark cloud looming above the island, and the cloud seems to remain in one place. 

The dark clouds constantly shooting thunder to the island, making it one of the most terrifying scene a person could see in their live. The thunder could kill a core condensation cultivator in one hit! Once he set his vision to the shore line of the island he noticed something strange. 

There is a bunch of demon beast lying around that was usually found on the sea bed of the ocean. There were giant octopuses, giant sea shark, and giant manatees among many others.

“This Devil Cloud Island is so strange!” Yi Tianyun thought to himself. There is no clear explanation about these demon beasts’ behavior, they varied from the level of fifth level spirit refinement to eighth level core condensation, these beasts’ habitat is underwater under normal circumstances, in land their power is surely weakened. Even with their weakness exposed, Yi Tianyun doesn’t seem to find any cultivator trying to hunt them anywhere.

Yi Tianyun was satisfied with no other cultivator nearby, now he could kill a bunch of these demon beasts without competing with others.

“This is great, I have to start now!” Yi Tianyun said to himself. He immediately activates all his buff.

“Dragon God Bloodline activates!”

“Crazy Mode, activates!”

“5 Times Experience Card, activates!”

“10 Times Experience Card, activates!”

“Double Crazy Point Card, activates!”

He activates all exp and crazy points buff he got, and proceed to jump off the Black Dragon to catch these demon beasts off guard. 

The demon beast sense a great power looming above them, and they immediately looked up. But its already too late for them to dodge Yi Tianyun’s surprise attack. 


Yi Tianyun lands with a bang! Splitting apart the demon beast he lands on with his Chaotic Heaven Sacred Axe! The same situation happened with the Black Dragon, it swooped in from above and teared a demon beast apart with its huge claws.


‘Successfully Kills [Giant Octopus]’

‘Rewards: 200.000 Exp, 4.000 Crazy Points, 1x Octopus Feeler (Doubles the power for short period of times).’


‘Successfully Kills [Giant Manatee]’

‘Rewards: 350.000 Exp, 6.000 Crazy Points, 1x Sea Cow Horn (Material).’


‘Successfully Kills [Giant Walrus]’

‘Rewards: 400.000 Exp, 6.500 Crazy Points, 1x Walrus Skin (Material).’

With so many Exp and Crazy Point buff he is using, he gets a lot of exp and crazy points from these demon beasts! And with his prestige point from the [Savior] title, he got so many items drop from the ‘increase item drop chances’ effect. 

The best thing is these demon beast wasn’t afraid of Yi Tianyun. They keep rushing at Yi Tianyun with the intention to kill! Yi Tianyun doesn’t have to make extra effort to hunt them one by one, they approached at their own will, and his exp card lasted for an hour, which was great! He didn’t have to waste any time running around.


‘Pet [Black Dragon] Successfully levels up to Third Level Core Condensation!’


‘Pet [Black Dragon] Successfully levels up to Fourth Level Core Condensation!’

The Black Dragon leveled up quickly, due to the Black Dragon’s level is lower than Yi Tianyun, whereas Yi Tianyun needed a lot of Exp to breakthrough to Spirit Core.

“I just need to keep doing this for a while longer. COME AT ME, BEASTS!” Yi Tianyun shouted at the Demon Beast to aggro them faster. Yi Tianyun keeps on slamming his axe at the demon beast that come close, with this intense power Yi Tianyun exerting no demon beast was able to stop him!

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