Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 13: Luck Aura


“How did you breakthrough to the Spirit Refinement Realm, no, how can you even cultivate… As far as I know, you couldn’t cultivate before, so you have to tell me what’s going on!” Shi Xueyun pulled Yi Tianyun’s hand and walked down the stage.

Since the matter at hand was over and Yi Tianyun was not injured, it was necessary to talk to him.

Yi Tianyun couldn’t think of a better excuse and ended up blurting out. “A few days ago, a mysterious expert came to help me and, as you could see now, thanks to him I managed to cultivate and even broke through to the Spirit Refinement Realm.”

He was well aware that this was a very illogical reason but then again, he couldn’t say that he suddenly got the Crazy Leveling System, and a different soul entered this body.

“Mysterious expert?” Shi Xueyun’s eyes lit up and immediately believed most of it. This was not impossible. Anything in this world was possible with eccentric experts. “Was he sent by your father?”

Yi Tianyun’s parents ran away, but they weren’t dead. Their whereabouts were unknown even now, but Shi Xueyun knew that the reason why the previous palace lord left was definitely to chase after Yi Tianyun’s father who was a super genius. Well, he wasn’t one, Yi Tianyun’s mother wouldn’t have been so head over heels for him.

Yi Tianyun smiled, “That’s very likely. The mysterious expert did not disclose any information. In any case, it’s thanks to him I could cultivate this much, otherwise, I wouldn’t have the strength to win this fight.”

Shi Xueyun thought about it, and then continued, “That mysterious expert didn’t say anything else?”

Yi Tianyun shook his head, “He didn’t say anything else. After an explanation, he left and told me to focus on my practice, so I didn’t ask anything else.”

“There should be something else, something else… but I thought you were lacking blood qi. You’re lying to me.” Shi Xueyun sounded a little angry, but the expression on her face was not angry.

Yi Tianyun scratched his head and was embarrassed, “This was to give aunt a surprise…”

He was relieved that his aunt believed his random excuse, even filling in the details.

“This really was a surprise!” Shi Xueyun reached out and hit his head, whispering, “I will teach you a lesson later. I am about to go to a meeting now so you should go back to rest.”

Yi Tianyun smiled and went back to the house while Shi Xueyun went to take care of her own business. After the matter ended, Xiaolian quickly approached Yi Tianyun and excitedly held his hand. “Young Master, you have revealed that you’re actually really strong!”

Yi Tianyun has been underestimated for most of his life. She has always looked through his eyes and secretly felt sorry for him. Now Yi Tianyun was hailed as a hero, he had proved himself with his own strength. How could she not be excited and proud?

“Do not worry, this was just the beginning.” Yi Tianyun squinted, obviously not intending to just stop here!

After returning to the room, Yi Tianyun finally had the spare time to open his Lv11 Gift Pack.

“Open the Lv11 Gift Pack!” Yi Tianyun was very excited, he didn’t know what he would get.

『Ding! Obtained basic level mastery for all professions: basic level alchemist, basic level runemaster and basic level blacksmith! One chance for lucky draw and a Lv15 Gift Pack.』

Yi Tianyun was surprised. He didn’t expect to get basic level mastery in all professions. Each one was very useful, and he learnt not only one but three at the same time, which meant that he suddenly became quite versatile!

Although it was only a basic level of mastery, it was already equivalent to a master at the third level in this world. In this world, no matter what profession, they were divided into the first to the fifth level, Master, Grandmaster and then Creator.

A master at the third level, no matter which profession, was considered to be at a good standard, at least it was not the lowest level.

For example, a third level alchemist was enough to refine most middle-level pills. There wasn’t even an alchemist in Heavenly the Jade Palace

That was actually pretty normal which shows just how rare alchemists are. It was related to their internal attributes as well. If one’s attribute was ice, they would find it extremely difficult to practice alchemy as it mostly required fire attributes.

Therefore, generally, the Jade Palace requested help from outside for alchemy, forging weapons, etc.

Now that he possesses the ability, he could help forge weapons and perform alchemy for the Jade Palace.

Although they were all at the basic level, as he raised his mastery, he could level them up, much like some of his martial arts.

Naturally, these abilities could level up, with their mastery starting at “0/1000”, they required more time and materials to cultivate in comparison to martial arts. But as long as he kept practising, he could level them up.

“I also have more lucky draw opportunities, so let’s get into it.”

Yi Tianyun was more excited about this. Last time he got the Frost Fist and he didn’t know what he would get this time!

“Open the lottery system!”

A lottery wheel appeared out immediately, everyone around him couldn’t see it as he’s the only one who can the system. Immediately, he pulled the handle, and the wheel began to spin quickly, the pointer spinning past various categories.

“Please stop on a divine ability! Please!”

He prayed with great fervour! The most precious prize was a divine ability. For example, his Crazy Mode was a divine ability. It had the incredible power of doubling any of his values, stoking his enthusiasm for the next one he gets.

This roulette seemed to hear his praying and slowly began to stop, eventually, the pointer stopping on a divine ability!

“I really got a divine ability!”

Yi Tianyun exclaimed, he was incredibly surprised. A gift bag fell out, and he quickly picked it up. After he opened it, a description of the divine ability was displayed.

『Luck Aura: Enhance luck by five times, consuming a Crazy Point each second.』

“Luck Aura?”

Yi Tianyun certainly recognised this, but the consumption was really insane. Consuming one point every second?! This was so much more than Crazy Mode! It really was a divine ability, even the consumption rate was divine.

“The cost of using it is awful, but it’s not all bad. Five times more luck. Is it possible that I stumble over cash if I randomly walk around outside?”

He frowned and immediately walked outside into the yard. Activating his Luck Aura, his Crazy Points flowed away like a waterfall, losing one every second! This made Yi Tianyun feel distressed, but he wanted to see how lucky would become after using this skill!

He looked around, hoping to see if random treasures would start falling down. Even if he watched the sky, would treasures really start falling out?

“Young Master, what were you doing?” At this point, Xiaolian came over and looked at Yi Tianyun curiously.

As she came over, she suddenly slipped and fell in Yi Tianyun’s arms. Fortunately, Yi Tianyun reacted in time and held her in his arms. He wanted to say something but Xiaolian raised her head not knowing their faces were so close.

“Ah… yes, sorry young master, I didn’t mean it…”

Xiaolian shyly trying to stand back up, her face was flushed. She didn’t expect to encounter such a situation. After she managed to stand back up, she quickly ran away. Although it was an accident, it was still really embarrassing!

“This was another kind of luck I guess…” Yi Tianyun reached out and touched his cheek, deactivated Luck Aura, and snorted.

“It seems like the effect isn’t so bad after all…”

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