Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 14: Main Quest Reward


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The following day, Yi Tianyun continued to try his Luck Aura. The result was disappointing. He found a piece of broken silver in the corner of his room! There was no improvement to his martial arts, nor did he find a spirit fruit anywhere, and so on, there was just not enough of a reward for the price he had to pay.

There was no such occurrence unless his luck was truly heaven-defying. He thought that something truly valuable would fall from the sky.

“If I use it outside, the effect may be better.”

He wanted to try this Lucky Aura in the forest. If he was lucky, he might actually find some buried treasures. For the time being, he deactivated the Lucky Aura. It consumed a distressing one Crazy Point every second. He only got 5 Crazy Points for killing a snow wolf, that is, it could only last a pitiful five seconds.

As he was about to go out for some experimentation, Xiaolian blushed and walked in, not daring to look him in the eye.

“Young Master, Palace Lord called you to attend the elders’ meeting…”

“Elders’ meeting?”

Yi Tianyun immediately guessed that it was about his own situation. His situation here had been very controversial. It was no exception this time either.

“Then I will go now, sister Xiaolian, are you going too?” Yi Tianyun asked carefully, not wanting to create an awkward atmosphere again.

“No, the elder meeting is for you to go, I am not qualified to go in.” At least she could look at him in the eye now.

Xiaolian’s cultivation level was not high, she was just an attendant in the Jade Palace, specializing in serving, so her status was not high among the disciples.

Yi Tianyun didn’t say anything else. He began walking toward the meeting. Not long after he arrived at the Elders’ Hall, sitting in front of Shi Xueyun and her sides were three elders. The rest of the elite disciples in the Jade Palace were all at the Spirit Refinement Realm while these three elders were all at the Core Condensation Realm. It should be known that they were all much older than Shi Xueyun.

Yi Tianyun walked in as everyone’s gazes turned to him, but they didn’t show the usual disgust and dissatisfaction.

“As we already discussed earlier. In general, there were two main topics. The first one is letting Tianyun become a true disciple of the Jade Palace. The second is to give him the quota for entering the Heavens Immersing Ancient ruins.” Shi Xueyun solemnly announced. “I don’t know what the problem is, elders?”

“It is undeniable that his performance was surprising, however, ever since the establishment of the Jade Palace, we have never accepted a male disciple. The rules cannot be broken, and his realm is not high enough. If he enters the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, he will suffer! Furthermore, he is the son of a criminal. Sheltering him is the most we are willing to do!” The first to speak was the Second Elder, Jian Yuping. She was looking at Yi Tianyun with an unfriendly gaze.

Her arguments were sound, the rules could not be broken, if his cultivation realm was not up to standard, it would naturally be impossible to become an elite disciple, even with his achievement. Just his victory during the tournament was not enough, the rules were not the issue here!

Yi Tianyun felt uncomfortable. This elder threw sound arguments one after another even though he never provoked this Jian Yuping. It appears that, since his mother broke the rules, he has to be the one bearing the consequences!

“I agree with the opinions of Second Elder. The rules were absolute. Male disciples have never received permission to become inner disciples. If we break the rules this time, it will definitely cause many men other sects to come here and cause great trouble to the Jade Palace.” Third Elder Lu Sibing followed.

“She is right, we can’t break the rules. However, we can compensate with other things. For example, martial arts, you could let him train in what he wants.” The attitude of Great Elder Mo Yu was much better than the others, at least he only asserted that they have rules that shouldn’t be broken, so it was nothing personal, and in exchange, she even gave him compensation, which was much better than the others.

Three elders chose to deny him, which was not surprising at all. It’s just that he has worked hard for the sake of the Jade Palace, and it felt really cruel to be treated this way.

“The other disciples, do you have any opinions?” Shi Xueyun’s surprisingly calm.

The disciples around him looked at each other and choose to remain silent. The elders had already said their piece. The next step of their plan was to drive Yi Tianyun out of the Jade Palace.

Shi Xueyun solemnly spoke, “It seems like everyone has decided to deny and kick him out, then I also have my own opinion of this. Tianyun will become a formal disciple, and he will get the entry permit for the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins.”

“This was bad,” Yi Tianyun thought. His aunt was definitely making a decision based on her own feelings, that was not a good way of leading.

“Palace Lord, that must not happen! This is not in accordance with the rules, it will stain our Jade Palace’s reputation!” The Second Elder immediately defended her opinion.

“Yeah, we cannot allow this, even just this once, it will definitely become a problem later! For so many years, the Jade Palace has not admitted any male inners disciples for a reason!” said Third Elder.

Shi Xueyun eyes were cold, solemnly she rebutted, “If I remember correctly, there was an official disciple recruited long ago that was a male, but the rule was changed later on. Is it not possible to change it back now? I’m not saying that we will recruit male disciples in the future as well. We only need to recruit one male disciple and only this time!”

And it’s true though. In the past, Jade Palace had a male disciple, he was one of the Ancestors. But because he ran away from his duties and abandoned other ancestors who had created the palace together, it led to the rule of only recruiting female disciples.

“To be honest, in lieu of the performance of the Spirit Sect tournament earlier, if it wasn’t for Tianyun’s effort, not only would we lose an entry permit for the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, we would also lose our honor as the Jade Palace! Which one is more important to you? Our reputation or the rules?”

In other words, everyone was just being stubborn about the rules and didn’t think about what would have happened if they lost the tournament earlier. The aura coming from Shi Xueyun was intense, so much so that the three elders couldn’t even compare to her. This was the aura a Palace Lord should have.


Before Jian Yuping finished her sentence, Shi Xueyun interrupted, “Second Elder, I know what your intention is, you want to give the entry permit Tianyun won on your own disciples. But this is Yi Tianyun’s victory. I didn’t give him this entry permit because I treat him special. If he was still a powerless person, who couldn’t cultivate and didn’t contribute in any way to our victory then I would back off! But this was what he won himself. He earned that permit himself, by winning the tournament and keeping the Jade Palace’s reputation. He deserves this!

Yi Tianyun listened to all his aunt’s words, as expected of the Palace Lord, she was really convincing.

If it wasn’t for him, let alone the entry permit, Jade Palace would have lost its reputation as well, if that were the case, that entry permit would not matter anyway.

Jian Yuping felt really angry seeing how Shi Xueyun saw right through her. She just wanted to let her own disciples go to the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins. This was a huge opportunity, how could she let this go?

“His realm was too low, I disagree! Even if he goes in, he couldn’t harness the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins full potential, and might lose his life as well!” Jian Yuping continued to try to deny Yi Tianyun’s entry no matter what.

“He still has half a year before entering Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins. I think Tianyun can breakthrough from the first to the required second level of the Spirit Refinement Realm in this period so there should be no problem. Are there any more problems that bother you?” Shi Xueyun smiled lightly.

“He broke through to Spirit Refinement Realm?!”

They’re all stunned, they thought that Yi Tianyun cultivation was in the Body Refinement Realm, they did not expect him to have broken through to the Spirit Refinement Realm. It seems that he was even ready to breakthrough to the second level of Spirit Refinement Realm!

Yi Tianyun smiled lightly. That would be too easy. Not even mentioning how he broke through to the Spirit Refinement Realm in half a year, even reaching the fourth level of Spirit Refinement Realm should be no problem. The issue is, staying here would stunt his growth as there were no more monsters that suited his need for exp.

“W… Well, even if that was the case, he can’t become a formal disciple. This is not in accordance with the rules, at most he can become an outer disciple.” They were still dead set on sticking to their ancient rules.

“That’s alright, he can become an outer disciple then.” Shi Xueyun very refreshingly agreed. This left them all stumped for a moment. They thought that Shi Xueyun wouldn’t budge, they didn’t expect her to agree immediately. She accepted it just like that. Anyway, outer disciple or official disciple made no difference for her, it’s just a name, a mere formality in the palace.

“Tianyun, you have to work hard to cultivate, and entering the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, is a big opportunity for you to further accelerate your training!” Shi Xueyun said with a heavy heart.

“I will do my best!”

Yi Tianyun looked at her serious expression and nodded.

『Main Quest: Seize the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins.』

『Reward: Control of Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, 100,000 exp, 10,000 Crazy Points and the Sword of Endlessness!』

After seeing the rewards of the main quest, Yi Tianyun felt shocked, the reward seemed too good to be true!

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