Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 136: Spirit Race Young Lady


Yi Tianyun constantly walking around the island while thinking “There has to be something valuable here, maybe it’s something related to Spirit Race, or something related to why the demon beasts around the island acted weird.” 

Since there was a tombstone located in the island, he thought that maybe there was a battle in the island long ago, and the one who died in the island was buried here, so there would be a memorial left behind to remember them. After walking around the island for a while he didn’t see anything unusual in the island. 

He became a little bit disappointed “It’s weird, I don’t see anything weird around the island, is there really nothing here after all?” 

Even after his disappointment he didn’t want to give up, he chose to walk around the island one more time but this time, he intended to look for some symbolic engraving or something like that. Sure enough, he found several carving on trees around the island carved in Spirit Language.

“This carving…  it’s Spirit Language!” Yi Tianyun says, shocked to find it in the most conspicuous place. 

He tried to read it but to no avail, he became confused after reading the sentence “The door to heaven?” after he recited the word a few times, the less makes sense it was for him.

“Is this all useless now?” He feels that the word etched on the trees was connected to some kind of teleportation array that he can’t seem to understand how to use it. He tried to study the structure of the island and tried to find some clues about the array activation and the words etched around the trees on the island. 

After some time, he finally found out that he was right about the great array and its activation using Spirit Language, but he already tried it and failed. 

He walked to tree that stated the gate for using the array and tried to spell the activation word using the Spirit Language, but still to no avail. 

After a while, he thought about releasing his aura and then spelled the activation word, he came to conclusion that maybe his Spirit Core Cultivation aura has something to do about the Spirit Language as an activation word. 

As he spelled the activation words once again after releasing his aura, sure enough something magical can be sensed around the island, and the trees around him began to glow. 

After a while, the lights from the tree began to envelop him and immediately after, he vanished from the spot, leaving no trace behind. 

Yi Tianyun himself just felt like someone just turned off the light for a brief moment, and suddenly he was standing outside of a cave with luminous pearls illuminating the the passage inside the cave.

“Finally, this kind of thing usually leads to a treasure!” Yi Tianyun says while looking around the cave. Yi Tianyun’s eyes sparkle while imagining what treasure he can get on this place.

“This is amazing, I am very thankful to Aunt Shi for teaching me Spirit Language, this won’t be possible if she didn’t teach me Spirit Language.” He was happy for whatever circumstance that Shi Xueyun had that require her to learn the language but he was happy that she also taught him.

“I don’t know what would I find here but this place is supposed to be a graveyard. But what’s certain was this place was called Tomb of Huan Qin. And there was no information about him anywhere in the island too which was weird.” Yi Tianyun wondered for a while, but he knows that no matter what, he had to be careful on exploring the cave, there is no telling what kind of trap in there await. 

Later on he found out that the place has no harmful traps, but as he went deeper and deeper inside the cave he noticed that the air becomes hotter and hotter and the space becomes larger. However, the heat doesn’t bother him at all, with his Spirit Core Cultivation he can withstand the heat no problem. 

He walked in to an open space inside the cave, he was suddenly by what he saw inside the room. The room was filled to the brim by Fire Dragon Stones. This much Fire Dragon Stone would fry a normal human entering this place. 

This Fire Dragon Stone vaguely looked like a real dragon, it had very rich amount of Fire Attribute Spirit Power making it famously valuable and used by mainly cultivator with fire attribute. Yi Tianyun didn’t expect to land his sight on something so amazing in here. 

“Who is there!” Suddenly a woman’s shout can be heard from the center of the room. Yi Tianyun turned his sight to the direction of the voice immediately and set his sight to the cage made from the Fire Dragon Stone itself. 

Yi Tianyun instantly jumped up and saw what is inside the cage, and he saw a young lady sitting delicately, but her expression was full of vigilance and anger.

“A living person? Here in the tomb?” Yi Tianyun was very surprised by this turn of event. He really though that this place was a grave like the stone tablet on the island mentioned, he expected to find a dead body somewhere along the path, but instead he found a delicate young lady, she didn’t even seems to be older than 17 or 18 years old. 

On top of that, the young lady was very beautiful, she had long silver hair. But she looked quite miserable, that can be seen from her beautiful silver eyes that was full of anger, ready to be violent once she escaped the prison. 

She even had the aura of an expert emitted from her body. Yi Tianyun judged that she was at least at Core Condensation, and with her trapped inside a prison without any nourishment and above all this unusual way of imprisoning her, Yi Tianyun was certain that this young lady had much higher cultivation than what he expected her to be. 

Another interesting fact supporting Yi Tianyun’s theory is the intensity of cold wave she constantly radiated that instantly freeze her surroundings, but the moment she froze the prison, it was immediately thawed from the heat the Fire Dragon Stone produced. 

Yi Tianyun immediately realized that she has been imprisoned with so much effort to render her power useless. This fact made him question every information he gathered in the island before coming here, the stone tablet said that this place was a grave called Tomb of Huan Qin, which meant that she is Huan Qin, but as the name implied it was supposed to be a tomb made for a man not a woman, which confused Yi Tianyun further. 

As to make it more confusing, the young lady had several runes engraved on her face, which meant that she was from the Spirit Race. This fact was known to Yi Tianyun because in the past Shi Xueyun once told him story about the great Spirit Race and their outward appearance. 

He also knew that Spirit Race could enhance the effect of this runes to its limit, making them very effective runes user. But still, most of all Yi Tianyun was really surprised to find a young girl from a Spirit Race trapped here in the forgotten tomb in a very dangerous island. 

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  1. Thank you for this chapter! 🙂

  2. Wild Drongo Wild Drongo says:

    “This is amazing, I am very thankful to Aunt Shi for teaching me Spirit Language, this won’t be possible if she didn’t teach me Spirit Language.” He was happy for whatever circumstance that Shi Xueyun had that require her to learn the language but he was happy that she also taught him.

    That’s a convenient little retcon.

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