Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 137: Quest of Reformation of The World


According to the Stone Tablet outside, this place should be a grave for someone, but intriguingly this place was not a grave for the dead, a living person was trapped in here, in fact the one trapped here was not even human at all, but a spirit race.

“You are not from the spirit race, are you?” the young lady said with a little shocked expression. She knew this for the fact that Yi Tianyun doesn’t seem to have divine runes on his face. The spirit race had a strong connection to runes, they always had runes engraved to their face. They even had strong innate ability on the divine runes. 

“I am not from the spirit race, I am just a passerby. I wondered, are you the one who has been called Huan Qin? There is a stone tablet outside mentioning that this place is Huan Qin’s Tomb.” Yi Tianyun asked curiously. He looked at her and understood that living in here was probably hard for her.

“How do you know my name?” The young lady was surprised that Yi Tianyun knew her name, which confirm Yi Tianyun’s curiosity.

“Like I said before, there is a stone tablet mentioning that this place is Huan Qin’s tomb, and on top of that this stone tablet seems to be left behind by someone called Lei Yun.” Yi Tianyun explained the situation to Huan Qin. 

“Lei Yun! It seems that you are telling the truth. He puts me here, and make everyone believe that this is my grave!” Huan Qin said with a furious look on her eyes. She became a different person all of a sudden, she doesn’t look like a beautiful lady that Yi Tianyun saw before. Huan Qin snapped out of her fury though and turned her attention to Yi Tianyun once again.

“How could you enter this place? Only spirit race can enter this place! Did someone help you getting in? is it Lei Yun?” Yi Tianyun looked at her and completely understood her suspicious toward him.

“I don’t know anything about this Lei Yun fellow. I knew a little about Spirit Race language, and from what I see outside of this place. I conclude that this place must have some kind of treasure in it, so I search my way in. and here I am.” Yi Tianyun explained as simple as he could, because he was not obliged to help this girl trapped here. He didn’t know her circumstances, why she is being imprisoned in here, maybe she did something unforgivable or something. He didn’t want to jump to conclusion too quickly. 

Huan Qin can’t argue with that logic, she knew that it is normal to be curious about something extraordinary.

“This is just my train of thought, no need to be defensive. Can you maybe help me out of here? I believe you, if you save me and help me out of this place, I promise to give you reasonable rewards! I will give you an earth level martial art and a lot of pills to help you cultivate! How about that?” Huan Qin though that this reward was enough for commoners, but that was not the case for Yi Tianyun unfortunately. 

The reward was reasonable, but how do I know I can trust you once I open this cage for you? How do I know that you are not some kind of monster that imprisoned here for a reason?” Yi Tianyun replied as he stated the logical reason. Huan Qin fell silent, she had no answers for Yi Tianyun’s question, all Yi Tianyun has said was very logical.

“If I am a monster then everyone else in this world is no better than a devil himself.” Huan Qin said looking desperate and vulnerable. Yi Tianyun raised his brows hearing Huan Qin’s word, he replied “Well, i barely know anything about spirit race, so I don’t know who you are and what your problem is, if you want me to save you at least you have to tell me why you are being held here.” Yi Tianyun thought that at least he can judge a character, he didn’t think that Huan Qin is bad person but at least he wanted to know the reason she was being held here. 

Huan Qin watched Yi Tianyun silently, pondering whether she could trust Yi Tianyun or not. After a while, she began to told Yi Tianyun the reason behind her imprisonment.

“The reason I’m in here was very simple. Because I don’t want to change the spirit race’s perspective. There is no way I would sell out my brethren for power! I am the next saintess of the spirit race so with me being captured and imprisoned in here, I can’t ruin Lei Yun plan.” She told her story with eye full of sorrow and anger. 

Yi Tianyun observe her expression while she speaks very carefully and didn’t find any sign of lie. A spirit race saintess? That title reminded him of Jiu Lingyun. was Jiu Lingyun also from the spirit race? But he didn’t find any trace of spirit race from Jiu Lingyun. 

“A quest for power is inevitable, even from a peaceful race such as spirit race.” Yi Tianyun wondered, why would a minority race such as spirit race wanted to fight over power, wouldn’t that backfired and diminish their own numbers?

“Hey you are thinking about our race as some kind of barbarians now right! It’s not like that, my race is a harmonious race, this is all because Lei Yun, he became a lap dog for Netherworld Empire! Netherworld Empire wanted our race to join them, there is no way I would allow it as a saintess, so he planned all of this so that he could make decision in my place!” Huan Qin said furiously, she certainly despised this Lei Yun fellow so bad. 

But, realization quickly came to Yi Tianyun, Netherworld Empire’s lap dog? Netherworld Empire was a fourth level faction, which had many Core Transformation Expert, they even had Void Spirit expert on their hands.

“Netherworld Empire supported Lei Yun to become the next patriarch for the spirit race with a condition that spirit race became their vassal! Our spirit race never sided with other faction. We have been maintaining our neutrality until now, Netherworld faction only wanted us so they can rise in rank of their faction!” Huan Qin said with anger. Yi Tianyun realized now, how to quickly rise the ranks of his Jade Palace quickly. 


‘Hidden Quest unlocked! [Rescue Spirit Race Saintess]’

‘Description: This quest will affect the fate of the world, please proceed with caution!’ 

‘Will you accept the quest?’

“Affect the fate of the world?” Yi Tianyun was startled by this notification. He immediately smiled, “Interesting! How can I not accept this rare opportunity, I will accept it!” 


‘Quest [Rescue the Spirit Race Saintess]’

‘Rewards: 200.000 Exp, 10.000 Crazy Points, 100 Huan Qin Favorability’

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