Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 139: Absorb The Shackles


Without further ado, Huan Qin attempted to destroy the cage by constantly freezing the cage surrounded by Fire Dragon Stone with her ice power, and then break the cage.

But the thing is, she was obviously lacking in power. No matter how much she froze the cage, it was quickly thawed by the surrounding Fire Dragon Stone. After exerting all her power but to no avail, Huan Qin was desperate, this is her only chance!

“Not enough power…”

Yi Tianyun walked in to the cave. Once again the heat suddenly blew on him, but since this is not the first time, Yi Tianyun is used to it.

“I broke the seal, how is it still so hot in here?” Yi Tianyun frowned, in fact it’s even hotter in here probably, no wonder Huan Qin was having a hard time freezing the cage, even surviving this long was unbelievable.

The moment Yi Tianyun saw Huan Qin again, she already sat on the cage looking powerless. Yi Tianyun who was worried said: “no luck huh?”

“I tried freezing this cage several times. Although Seal was lifted, I’m too weakened, in this state I couldn’t break this cage… I appreciate your help but I think this is the end.”

The look on Huan Qin’s eyes moved Yi Tianyun.

“Can this cage be destroyed from outside?” Yi Tianyun asked.

“It can be, but it requires even stronger force to break it from outside, are you…”

“Yes, I will help you break this cage!” Yi Tianyun winked, roll his sleeve, and said with a smile: “at first I didn’t want to make a move, but it’s a waste just letting this energy just sit here.”

“What?” Huan Qin had some doubts and didn’t know what Yi Tianyun meant by letting this energy just sit here was a waste.

“Just stand back and watch.”

“Dragon God Secret Art!”

Yi Tianyun mumbled, followed by a dragon-like roar, and thick dragon scale emerged from his skin, and power surged from within his body! The scale helped him resist the heat too.

Huan Qin was flinched, she didn’t expect Yi Tianyun could transform, and his appearance drastically changed! how much Divine Beast Blood Essence he consumed to transform like this, that’s what Huan Qin wondered.

“Absorbing Stars Great Technique!”

Yi Tianyun grabbed the cage and began to absorb. To be precise what Yi Tianyun drained was the Fire Dragon Stone, because it contained energy, and Yi Tianyun can absorb that energy.

With Crazy Mode being activated as well, the exp Yi Tianyun absorbed increased.

Two of the Fire Dragon Stone gradually dimmed as Yi Tianyun absorbed the energy.

But as it became dimmer, all of a sudden it lighted up again, no matter how much Yi Tianyun absorbed it, the Fire Dragon Stone kept emitting heat.

“You, are you trying to absorb the energy in this Fire Dragon Stone?” Huan Qin asked with amazement.

“Yes, as you said.” Yi Tianyun said with a light smile.

He came here for experience, even after killing so many demon beasts, he still couldn’t reach the level he wanted. However, Fire Dragon Stone is different. Absorbing this many Fire Dragon Stone. Just how much exp can he get?

“Absorbing this much at once, are you sure about this…” Huan Qin worried, she thought there’s a certain limit to how much Yi Tianyun can absorb the energy.

“Don’t worry, just leave it to me!” Yi Tianyun smiled and continued to absorb the energy.

Huan Qin saw Yi Tianyun’s confident expression, she still can’t believe everything Yi Tianyun did and said, but she refrained herself from interrupting.

“Activate 10 Times Experience Card!”

“Activate 5 Times Experience Card!”

After using two Experience Cards, exp absorbed turned into nineteen times!

Experience card or crazy mode didn’t affect the absorption rate but the exp he gained definitely increased by a large amount.

“Damn, this is awesome, I wish I have leveled up this skill to High Grade Earth Level Martial Art, I will be able to absorb more exp.”

Yi Tianyun wanted to upgrade his Martial Art, but 300.000 mastery was not a small amout. He only had a hundred thousand points so far, it’s still a long way to go to reach 300.000. Unless he had so much Crazy Points and bought enough Earth Level Martial Arts to fuse as mastery, but of course that method wasn’t worthwhile.

But this was so-so, the exp he gained here was just as much as killing the monsters outside anyway.

After an hour of absorbing, finally a notification!

‘Level up to Fourth Level Spirit Core!’

“Good, I’ll keep absorbing more!”

Once again the Fire Dragon Stone gradually dimmed, Yi Tianyun thought maybe he can get one more level here.

Seeing Yi Tianyun’s persistence, moved Huan Qin, the man in front of him went this far to help her, not to mention this place is irrationally hot.

Nobody knows that Yi Tianyun is doing this for his own sake, not only to complete the Quest but also to Level Up! This is basically killing two birds with one stone, and Huan Qin was not a bad person anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to help her.

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