Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 138: Eradicates Seal


This is the first quest he encountered with this big impact on the world, but still it didn’t mean much to him. He still didn’t have that many profits in the fate of spirit race as of now. With that thought, he didn’t particularly care if this quest failed, but it still intrigued him to complete this quest anyway. If he somehow could clear this quest, his relationship with spirit race would be greatly beneficial in the future. He could get support from them or at least make them an ally for Jade Palace.

“I understand now, I believe what you said at the very least, okay, I will try to break this cage now!” Yi Tianyun said with a light smile plastered on his face. 

“Wait! You have to break the seal first! Once the seal is broken, I can break out from here on my own.” Huan Qin said hurriedly.

Yi Tianyun became confused as he didn’t know what seal Huan Qin was talking about “Seal? What seal? I didn’t see any seal pattern here.” He responds confusingly. 

“The seal is not in here, it’s the stone tablet outside, it is connected to the great array that keeping me sealed in here. As long as you break it or throw it away it would dramatically weaken the effect of the seal in here! After that, I would break out with no problem.” Huan Qin said explaining the way to help her to get out. 

Yi Tianyun wondered for a little bit and ask Huan Qin about the phenomenon that was happening in the island “Are you the one that keep attracting the demon beast to come to the island?” Yi Tianyun asked. 

“Demon beast attracted to the island? No, it wasn’t me. I can’t affect the outside world from here. But from the look of it, you already encountered these demon beasts you’re talking about. Devil Cloud Island is very unusual, every once in a while, a group of demon beast would gather around the island and then they would die from the thunder constantly striking the island. It looks like some kind of sacrificial ritual from from what i saw. Because Lei Yun decides to imprison me here, he thinks that with demon beast constantly flooding the area, there would be little to none cultivator comes here. 

With Huan Qin explanation, Yi Tianyun was somehow satisfied “Yeah, that’s still the case as we speak. Well, glad to know! With this I could finish a bunch of demon beast in a short amount of time!” Yi Tianyun glad to hear how this island worked, he can use the Exp x20 card as efficient as it can be.

“We don’t know the truth of this island yet, demon beasts aside, this island also reproduces a lot of Fire Dragon Stones, it’s ironic I would say, as I am the one who discover this place, and now I am the one being imprisoned in this place.” Huan Qin added. She looked so solemn as she thought about the ironic nature of her imprisonment. 

“Don’t worry about the past! No point to depress yourself thinking about that. I will get you out of here, don’t worry!” Yi Tianyun said confidently, and started to make his way outside, when suddenly Huan Qin called him out “Wait!” she said.

“What? Don’t you trust me? Or you don’t want me to leave?” Yi Tianyun said while lightly smiling at her.

“No, that’s not it! I just want to give this to you.” Huan Qin said while throwing a small bottle of pill to Yi Tianyun.

“This is some recovery pills that I said I will give as a reward, also there is some runes on the cap that would help you break the seal on the stone tablet. If you read it, you could do damage to the stone tablet!” She explained to Yi Tianyun. 

“You aren’t afraid that I would run with this pills?” Yi Tianyun asked. Huan Qin just smiles and said “No I don’t think you’re that kind of person.” Yi Tianyun smiled a little at her and disappeared through the passage earlier. 

After Yi Tianyun returned to the island, he immediately headed to the stone tablet and checked his surroundings, it would be troublesome if someone came while he’s breaking the seal. He didn’t sense anyone on the island at the moment, it seems that Yu Shiqian already left the island. With Devil Sea Dangerous Zone he doubted that anyone would be coming anytime soon. He began to investigate the stone tablet and became quite mesmerized by it. He couldn’t stop to think that a stone tablet as a seal was a wonderful way to throw people off from finding the truth. Afterwards, he quickly tried to destroy the stone tablet, or lift it to hurl the rock to the side. He soon found out that his effort was wasted.

“This stone tablet sure is sturdy! No wonder she stops me from going out blindly.” Yi Tianyun quickly pulled out the small bottle of pills Huan Qin gave him earlier and immediately read the rune in the cap. The rune itself was a simple rune, not a complicated rune that took quite some time to understand, the runes read ‘Break Divine imprint’ he wondered, how could such an easy words became the word to break the seal, but nonetheless he tried again and this time he used the rune to break the stone.

He channeled all his power and tried to lift the stone as he spelled the word ‘Break Divine Imprint’! and sure enough the stone was lifted ever so slowly. But as time goes on, he still couldn’t lift the stone high enough for him to hurl it to the side but the seal on the rock began to regain form and the stone suddenly became heavier. Yi Tianyun was surprised for a while before he re-gain his composure and once again spell the word ‘Break Divine Imprint!’ while also activated his Dragon God Bloodline. With his power suddenly rising, Yi Tianyun quickly lifted the stone and hurled it to the side.

“I don’t believe it! Lifting such a small stones would be this hard! If I don’t have Dragon God Bloodline I would surely give up this farce.” Yi Tianyun said while panting lightly. Not long after the stones fell to the side, a burst of light suddenly appeared from the initial position the Stone Tablet was placed. Yi Tianyun concluded that this light was a sign that the seal was already broken.

“I change my opinion about the spirit race! I didn’t expect a spirit core cultivator as myself to have such a hard time to break it!” Yi Tianyun said while in awe of what he went through. 

He suddenly remembered Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruin’s great array. If his level was high enough to repair the divine runes compiling the great array, the ruin should be impregnatable from the outside, but as of now, his level was too low for that.

“I have to find the time to increase my Divine Runes Proficiency, I have to fix the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins as fast as I could.” Yi Tianyun said as he made note to increase his Divine Runes Proficiency later. He knew that Divine Runes Master have such a high regard in Cultivation World, so it wouldn’t hurt to raise the skill. 

After catching his breath for a while, Yi Tianyun quickly returned inside Huan Qin’s Tomb to meet Huan Qin once again.

When Huan Qin saw that Yi Tianyun came back, she was grateful for meeting such a wonderful man. She whispered softly ‘many thanks to you my savior!’ while looking happily at Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun just smiled and said “There is no need to thank me just yet. You can hurry up and break out from there, if there is no problem, then you can thank me properly.” Yi Tianyun said encouraging her to break out. 

“There is no need for that. I will surely break out from this damned place!” Huan Qin said coldly and prepared herself to break out.

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