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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 144: Little Sister


Yi Tianyun rode the Black Dragon back to Heavenly New City. He headed straight to Star Pavilion to finish the business as fast as possible. Before entering Heavenly New City, he quickly wore his Hundred Transformation Mask to cover up his identity once more. He didn’t want anybody to recognize his face, it could ruin his plan on getting his way to Profound Azure Mansion. 

Once he entered the Star Pavilion, he quickly gave a sign to the employee to take him to Deacon Huang. When Deacon Huang met Yi Tianyun, he quickly asked Yi Tianyun, “What’s the matter? Is there something else that you need for your travel?” as he thought that Yi Tianyun haven’t departed to Devil Cloud Island, because it’s only been a few days since the last he saw Yi Tianyun.

“No, I already finished killing all the demon beast in the island. Here are the corpses take whichever parts you need.” Yi Tianyun said straightforwardly, “And as you promised you can pay me with materials.” Yi Tianyun added with a light smile on his face. 

“You what? How can you do it so fast?” Deacon Huang completely shocked by Yi Tianyun’s statement. All he knew was that to reach the island, anyone needed at least half a month with a boat or a ship, unless Yi Tianyun was using some special method, there was no way Yi Tianyun could go back and forth with such a little amount of time.

“You can check it for yourself if you don’t believe me. It is all in here!” Yi Tianyun said while putting his storage ring on the table. Deacon Huang stared at Yi Tianyun in disbelief, it must be a joke he thought. 

Deacon Huang take Yi Tianyun’s storage ring and inspect the content to confirm Yi Tianyun’s word, and he can’t believe his own eyes when he saw the demon beasts corpses are stacking like a mountain, completely baffled his train of thought.

“This, This much amount? You hunted this much by yourself?” Deacon Huang did not believe his eyes, this amount he saw was just not normal!

“No, I would say I do it with a friend. Is there a problem?” Yi Tianyun said, he didn’t state the truth. If this amount already surprised Deacon Huang, imagine if he said he actually hunted this much all by himself.

“No, there is no problem at all.” Deacon Huang seemed somewhat relieved by Yi Tianyun’s answer. 

“Can you do things a little bit faster? I still have things to do!” Yi Tianyun asked while looking indifferent.

“Yes, we can speed things up. One thing, what material do you need?” Deacon Huang asked while counting every demon beasts in the storage ring.

“There is no special materials I want, I just need the materials to forge soul tools.” Yi Tianyun said, not looking that interested in the conversation.

“Forging a soul tool? Are you the one forging this soul tools? Or is it your friend?” Deacon Huang asked looking very surprised and very interested. 

Yi Tianyun was somewhat confused by Deacon Huang’s expression, “Does it matter?”

“No, no, but all I know is there are not that many blacksmith who can forge Soul Tool around here. So if there is another person who can forge such a weapon, than we from Star Pavilion are hoping to negotiate that he would forge for us too.” Deacon Huang said while also looking a bit embarrassed. 

Yi Tianyun’s eyes flashed, this seems like a good proposition. But he quickly realized that he needed to level up faster to fight of Profound Azure Mansion, leveling up by forging was too slow.

“I am sorry, my friend is busy at this moment, perhaps some other time.” Yi Tianyun replied as he didn’t want to forge for now. Hearing this rejection from Yi Tianyun, Deacon Huang didn’t seem to mind at all, he just nodded and said, “If by any chance your friends has some time to spare, our offer still stands, we will pay a generous reward.” 

This attitude was very common and Yi Tianyun also knew this fact. Blacksmith was very respectable profession, they were welcome anywhere.

“About the demon beasts you slew before, we finished counting. We can exchange them for 15 soul tool materials. Is it okay with you?” Deacon Huang generously asked.

“Fine with me” Yi Tianyun was fine with that amount. 


‘Quest Completed’

‘Reward: 500.000 Exp, 2.000.000 golds, 10.000 Crazy Points, 10 Lottery Draws, 100 Star Pavilion Favorability’

Yi Tianyun was a little satisfied by the quest. The quest was easy with a good reward! 

“Please wait a minute! Little Zhu! Come, I need your help!” Deacon Huang said while calling over someone. Not long after, there was a women’s voice replying to Deacon Huang calls.

“What’s wrong Deacon Huang? Did you call?” a feminine figure stepped out from the hall. Seeing the women in front of him Yi Tianyun’s eyes widened with surprise.

“Pavilion Lord ZI?” Yi Tianyun said can’t contain himself. 

“Pavilion Lord? No, no. you must be mistaken. I didn’t have the qualification to become a Pavilion Lord.” The woman said while giggling at Yi Tianyun. Still in surprised, Yi Tianyun took a closer look at the woman, and immediately found out that she really wasn’t Zi Yuwei like he thought. But with 90% similarity between the two, he was convinced that the woman in front of him is her twin sister. 

‘Name: Zhu Yuxuan’

‘Cultivation: Ninth Level Spirit Refinement’

‘Equip: High Grade Spirit Tool’

‘Martial Art: Turning Cloud Plan, The Cloud Walk, etc.’

‘Combat Power: 16.000’


He didn’t bother read the rest of her status, he didn’t care about it that much.

“Do you have a sister?” Yi Tianyun asked after regaining his composure. 

But before the woman in front of him can say a word, Deacon Huang immediately interfered, “Young master, are you saying that you know someone who looks just like her?” Deacon Huang’s expression convince Yi Tianyun that he is really serious about this matter. Yi Tianyun remained calm and casually replied,, “Yes, I know someone and somehow she looks very similar with this pretty lady in front of me.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. 

Deacon Huang immediately laughed out loud, “Very good! Now, would you tell me where she is? I will give you a big reward for that!” Deacon Huang said while looking very sullen to Yi Tianyun. 

When Yi Tianyun wanted to answer Deacon Huang, Zhu Yuxuan immediately said happily.

“You have seen my younger sister? Where is she? Come on, tell me!” Zhu yuxuan said while jumping around happily. She was very excited and immediately jumped to Yi Tianyun shoulder. But she immediately realized what she was doing and stepped back trying to regain her composure.

“Sorry, I became too excited from that news. You see, she already gone for so long, I have not seen her for so long and there is no news about her! She was running away and she never told anyone about herself.

“She said while looking embarrassed. 

“Running away from home?” Yi Tianyun wondered.

“Yes, she was. She has left for several years now. I don’t know her condition, so can young master tell me where she is?” Zhu Yuxuan said excitedly. Yi Tianyun blinked and immediately turned his attention to Deacon Huang, “You never find out about her?” Yi Tianyun ask Deacon Huang to confirm some theory he had in mind.

“No, the world is to vast for us to find her. There is so much place outside of Heavenly Border Continent, so we can’t afford to waste any manpower and resources for her.” Deacon Huang said while smiling. Yi Tianyun could sense that Deacon Huang didn’t lie about anything while speaking. Now he knew that Zi Yuwei didn’t want to be found. She even changed her surname from Zhu to Zi! 

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