Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 145: Family Work


“What is her name?” Yi Tianyun asked.

“Zhu Yuwei!” Zhu Yuxuan said quickly.

Yi Tianyun was right! Zi Yuwei definitely didn’t want to be found. But Yi Tianyun never expected her to run away from home, although this fact also made sense for why a young woman like ZI Yuwei could become a Pavilion Lord.

“I don’t know the reason why she ran away from here, so in that respect, I can’t tell you her location. Or perhaps you can enlighten me with some explanation?” Yi Tianyun asked. 

“There is nothing to tell to you! This is our family’s business, just let us solve it by ourselves and gave us her information! I swear that we will reward you the best we could!” Zhu Yuxuan’s tone suddenly changed. She didn’t want to talk about why her sister ran away from home, the reason was too embarrassing to tell a stranger.

“Well, I am sure that you can deal it on your own, I can’t tell you where she is as I can’t betray her. Plus, she definitely has her own reasons.” Yi Tianyun said calmly. 

“Young Master seems reluctant to share an important information to us. Why do you care so much anyway? A family sometimes has a secret or two that they couldn’t let people knows about. We would do nothing that could somehow hurt her anyway.” Zhu Yuxuan said while looking cold to Yi Tianyun.

“That’s not what i’m saying, if you want to know where she is right now, you just have to tell me the reason why she left.” Yi Tianyun press on, knowing that he doesn’t have the obligation to tell them anything. 

Zi Yuwei had a good relationship with Yi Tianyun, when he was in the Wind City, he could sense her honesty. For that, Yi Tianyun would consider her a friend. There was no way Yi Tianyun would sell her out. 

Yi Tianyun turned around, ready to leave when suddenly Deacon Huang shouted, “You doesn’t seem to know where you’re at right now! She is very important for us Star Pavilion right now, so you better say where she is right now or you will not leave this place unscathed!” Deacon Huang quickly snapped his finger and 3 Core Condensation Cultivator quickly stepped in to the room. 

One of them asked Deacon Huang what the problem was and Deacon Huang quickly filled him in about their situation. The middle aged man suddenly turned serious and asked, “You really have information about Zi Yuwei? Just tell us about her already, we will give you a hefty reward for her information! I assure you of it. We don’t want to harm you, after all you are a patron for us.” The middle aged man kept on negotiating with Yi Tianyun.

“I already said that there is no room of negotiation regarding that information! As a friend I respect her choice, so stop demanding shit! I don’t care about your problems.” Yi Tianyun said looking annoyed by their stubbornness. 

Deacon Huang looked irritated by Yi Tianyun’s word immediately ordered his man to capture Yi Tianyun, “Capture this brat! We can’t let him go!” Deacon Huang shouted loudly. 

Yi Tianyun sighed, this could be the beginning of a good relationship, but it could crumble just because of something so trivial. One of Deacon Huang’s man suddenly rushed forward, ready to attack Yi Tianyun. As Yi Tianyun already knew that these man didn’t have any intention to kill him, he can’t kill them, he dodged the man’s attack and quickly grabbed the man’s collar and spin it, slamming the man into the hard floor, rendering him unconscious immediately. Yi Tianyun’s fast movement stunned everyone else in the room, halting their movement.

“I advise that you stop this foolish act right now! Next time I will not be lenient enough!” Yi Tianyun says coldly, sending shiver down everyone else’s spine. They knew that with that small amount of time Yi Tianyun use to instantly incapacitated their companion that they would not have a chance against Yi Tianyun!

“So what now? Are you still suicidal enough to harass me with your stubbornness or you want to talk?” Yi Tianyun said while still checking their shocked expression. They quickly realize that they can’t agitate Yi Tianyun more than this and choose to compromise this time. 

“We don’t really want to do this either, but Zhu Yuwei is very important to us. She has been away for years! It caused a lot of trouble for Star Pavilion.” Deacon Huang said while sighed.

“Let me guess, she must have been forced to do something that she wouldn’t want to do, then she chose to leave? I know her enough to know that she is very well behaved and a responsible person. There is no way that she could make this decision without a reason.” Yi Tianyun said solemnly. 

Zhu Yuxuan was silent for a moment and quickly stepped forward. She immediately looked Yi Tianyun in the eye and said, “Since you have made up your mind to know about her, then I will tell you the truth. My sister is running away from marriage, she would be married to a powerful sect so that Star Pavilion could maintain good reputation in this continent.” She ended her speech as she looked at Yi Tianyun hopefully.

“Running away from marriage?” Yi Tianyun was startled by Zhu Yuxuan’s answer. He didn’t expect Zi Yuwei to be a rebellious type!

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