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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 150: Mean


Zhu Yuwei helped Elder Mo Yu without hesitation, leaving Elder Mo Yu speechless. She never thought Pavilion Lord would do something like this, going against Profound Azure Mansion!

“Pavilion Lord Zi!” Elder Mo Yu shouted, after regaining her composure.

“Come on! Hurry! I’m greatly indebted to Young Master Yi in the past. Now it’s my turn to help him in everything I can!” Zhu Yuwei said confidently. 

All she had to do now is to stay at Wind Pavilion, she knew that Wind Pavilion had a challenge on its own, but as of now, Wind Pavilion could help them for a while! 

“But, if you help us Profound Azure Mansion will target you as well!” Elder Mo Yu still tried to not involve Zhu Yuwei, as she didn’t think saving them would give Zhu Yuwei any good. 

“It’s ok! Young Master Yi is my friend, a friend of my friend is also my friend! I don’t need a reason to help a friend!” Zhu Yuwei said while smiling at Elder Mo Yu. 

Elder Mo was grateful that Zhu Yuwei felt that way, but she couldn’t help but kept thinking that they were not worth the trouble for Zhu Yuwei later.

“Well, as long as we can get through this, you will become our special guest at Jade Palace Lord Zi!” she said to Zhu Yuwei, “Get ready! We will fight them off!” She shouted at her disciples with her sword at her side, she immediately rushed over to Kang Haotian and swung her sword at Kang Haotian’s neck, tried to catch him off guard and quickly went for the kill!

Kang Haotian saw Elder Mo Yu coming at him and he just sneered at her and he immediately summoned his power and a terrifying power could be felt across the area. 

Kang Haotian’s murderous aura aimed directly at Elder Mo Yu, and she flinched after realizing how tremendous it was. But as she didn’t have enough room to fall back, she continued onward, attacking Kang Haotian. 

When she already swung her sword for the kill, Kang Haotian immediately blocked her out. Immediately the two clashed with their sword. 

With their cultivation base wasn’t far apart, Elder Mo Yu and Kang Haotian almost clashed to a standstill, but Kang Haotian finally had the upper hand, his sword had a special property which could lead him to victory. He began showcasing his sword skill, creating a shockwave toward Elder Mo Yu. Elder Mo Yu who didn’t have a clue fell victim to this skill and she fell on the ground coughing blood.

“Great Elder!” shouted all disciple who saw her.

This is only the beginning of the skirmish and their great elder already fell, this fact decrease the morale among the disciple of Jade Palace.

“What an overbearing power!” Elder Mo Yu said while trying to stand.

“What can I say, you are a strong woman. With you standing against me, I have no choice but to kill you!” Kang Haotian sneered, and immediately rushed at Elder Mo Yu to attack. 

The disciples of Jade Palace could only look at Elder Mo Yu in silence. They wanted to save their elder but they couldn’t even move a muscle from the tremendous killing intent coming from Kang Haotian.

Suddenly, Zhu Yuwei leaped off and pulled out something from her storage ring and threw them at Kang Haotian’s direction. When the black thing that she threw reached Haotian, it suddenly exploded.

“What the fuck! This is Heavenly Thunder’s Blast!” Elder Mo Yu and disciples of Jade Palace were shocked by Zhu Yuwei’s sudden and flashy entrance. 

“GO!” Zhu Yuwei said to Elder Mo Yu and her disciples, thanks to the explosives she threw earlier, now there is a path opened in front of them that was less guarded than other route.

“Bitch! Capture her! I will let that bitch know a hell on earth when I have my hands on her!” Kang Haotian shouted at his men.

“Ning Chuan, what the hell are you doing standing around, help me god damn it!” Ning Chuan, who was standing on the side, watching the fight, have a cold look on his eyes. He was also a core condensation cultivator like Kang Haotian. 

“Kang Haotian, seems like you’ve gotten weak! You are struggling just to capture a bunch of girls? Pathetic!” Ning Chuan snorted, he immediately pulled out a long sword and immediately chased Elder Mo Yu and Zhu Yuwei. 

He immediately caught up with them and began attacking them. He began to sway his sword making it transform into a sickle and killed the disciple one by one. 

When he reached Elder Mo Yu, he made a move to cut Elder Mo Yu’s neck but Elder Mo Yu blocked this attack with her sword, but she couldn’t block the sickle completely. 

Ning Chuan managed to inflict a deep wound on Elder Mo Yu’s shoulder!

“Great elder!” cried the disciples around her, surprised to see a huge amount of blood flowing through her arm. 

Elder Mo Yu herself was experiencing an intense pain as of now, she almost fainted herself, but she tried to stay strong and tried to tell her disciple to call anyone from the Palace.

“Go! Get out of here!” Zhu Yuwei shouted as she made her way back to help Elder Mo Yu. 

Zhu Yuwei cleared a path again by throwing her Heavenly thunder’s blast at the enemy. When she tried to run forward again, she suddenly saw a sickle nearly cut her neck, if she didn’t stop quickly, the sickle might have taken her head! 

“Stop making things hard for us! Heavenly Thunder’s Blast huh? Not bad, it sure is powerful!” Ning Chuan said while sneering at Zhu Yuwei. He immediately slapped Zhu Yuwei in the face, but Zhu Yuwei kept resisting, she rolled on the ground and immediately stood up again.

“Oh, what a good reaction!” Ning Chuan said while looking at Zhu Yuwei’s body from top through bottom.

“You have a nice body too, how about we have a good time and forget this fight for a while?” he said smirking. 

Zhu Yuwei’s face immediately became pale, she immediately took out her sword from her storage ring. She attempted to stab herself, steeled herself to take her own life. 

Some disciple of Jade Palace also followed her example. But Ning Chuan quickly disarmed them all.

“You all want to commit suicide? Wow, no, no, no! I couldn’t let you all do that. Where is the fun in that.” Ning Chuan said while smirking. 

Zhu Yuwei and the disciples of Jade Palace turned pale hearing Ning Chuan’s word, they knew that they would be tortured even raped if they were captured!

“Despicable!” Zhu Yuwei shouted.

“Despicable? Thanks for the compliment.” Ning Chuan said smirking, “I didn’t know that Wind Pavilion partake in this war. Want to be destroyed like them?” Ning Chuan asked with a joking tone.

“NO! She has nothing to do with us!” An elder of Wind Pavilion comes and hurriedly explain to Ning Chuan.

“This is her own business, we didn’t have a say in this. You are free to do anything you want with her, it wouldn’t be a problem. We really don’t want anything to do with this.” 

Zhu Yuwei look at this elder with disdain, “You used to say that you wanted to build a friendly relationship with Jade Palace, and now you go back on your own word? Pathetic man!” 

“What the hell are you talking about? This is your own problem for making Profound Azure Mansion as your enemy! Clearly you are stupid enough to make this move, and clearly you are an idiot if you think I would agree to this!” the elder said, clearly angry, “I will replace you myself! And I will punish all the idiot that follows you!” he immediately took a big sword from his own storage ring and was about to cut Zhu Yuwei’s hand.

“Wrong Choice? What is wrong from that choice?” A calm and sinister voice could be heard from the forest, and when he revealed himself from the forest, he could be seen with a gloomy face.

“Young Master Yi!” Zhu Yuwei shouted in relief as she became desperate about her current situation.

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