Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 151: All Extinguished


Yi Tianyun appeared in front of them with menacing look.

“You are that Yi Tianyun?” Elder of Wind Pavilion said full of fear in his eyes. This confused Profound Azure Mansion’s disciple, they don’t know how strong Yi Tianyun was especially Ning Chuan who just looked at Yi Tianyun in wonders.  

Suddenly, Kang Haotian felt that something was wrong, he began to look around and when he didn’t see anything unusual, he looked up, but it was already too late, a fire immediately engulfed him, he let out a high pitched scream that causing shiver run down everybody’s spine, but the fire was soon extinguished while leaving a pile of ash behind. 

A roar was heard not long after the fire were extinguished, and a dragon landed right where Kang Haotian stood earlier. Everyone was surprised, what was a dragon doing in here, a divine beast normally never showed themselves up in a place like this!

“Profound Azure Mansion, I didn’t expect you to react this fast, but alas how many did I have to kill now?” Yi Tianyun said coldly to Ning Chuan,,

“Kill all of them, Black Dragon!” The Black Dragon roared one more time and immediately whiped his tails at the nearby Profound Azure Mansion’s disciple, killing them instantly. The dragon kept on attacking them with its tails and claws. 


‘Successfully Kills Profound Azure mansion Disciple’

‘Reward: 14.000 Exp, 150 Crazy Points, 10 Sin Point.’


‘Successfully Kills Profound Azure Mansion Disciple’

‘Reward: . . .’

They became exp for Yi Tianyun!

“Ho, How did you control a black dragon?” Ning Chuan asked to Yi Tianyun with fearful eyes. 

“Who are you to think that I would answer your question?” Yi Tianyun said while his eyes trained to Ning Chuan, he quickly slapped Ning Chuan in the face, throwing him to the side with a broken tooth. He quickly helped Zhu Yuwei back on her feet and said,

“I know that you already went out of your way to escape that place, but she still loves you and asked me to deliver this to you.” While taking out the Jade Pendant given by Zhu Yuxuan and give it to Zhu Yuwei. 

When she laid her eyes on the pendant, she was surprised. she became teary once again remembering her sister.

“You saw my sister?” she asked.

“Yes, we will talk about it later, ok?” Yi Tianyun said and he immediately shifted his attention to the Wind Pavilion’s elder earlier.

“What would you like to do with him?” he asked Zhu Yuwei. The elder just stared at them with a pale face, he didn’t have the slightest courage to escape after looking at the dragon killing everyone. 

“Pavilion Lord Zi, please spare me! I don’t want to die!” the elder hurriedly begged Zhu Yuwei. Before Yi Tianyun came he wanted to kill Zhu Yuwei personally, and now when the tides has turned he just begged, Zhu Yuwei was really disgusted by his behavior.

“Earlier you wanted to kill me yourself, and now you want me to spare you? When I have something you want, you began to act nicely. But if you have someone better at your disposal, you immediately turn away! Young Master Yi, help me catch him!” Zhu Yuwei said coldly. 

“I am vey happy to help!” Yi Tianyun smiled, he immediately rushed toward the elder and kick him in the  stomach, throwing the elder to the side. The elder vomited some blood when he tried to stand up again. Yi Tianyun dragged the elder’s body to face Zhu Yuwei again, she immediately pulled out her sword and look at the elder coldly.

“You have been a torn on my side for so long, now I can get rid of you!” 

“Please Pavilion Lord Zi, spare me! We treated you well, didn’t we? We help you out when you are homeless and broke!” the elder kept on persuading Zhu Yuwei to let him live.

“True! But all you did was for your own benefit isn’t it? You want me to marry the sect master of Wing Sect don’t you? If the person has some use to you, you will give them good things and when they don’t have any other use to you, you discarded them like garbage. Young Master Yi here already received that threat didn’t he? What a disgusting human you are!” after she said all her mind, she quickly swung her sword and stabbed the elder, immediately killed the elder. She looked a bit relieved as if a heavy burden was lifted off her chest.

“Kills whoever tries to escape!” Yi Tianyun shouted, and the black dragon could be heard roaring once more. All the disciples from both side was stunned on their spot. The Black Dragon released its own killing intent, making all of them literally froze on the spot from fear. 

Yi Tianyun quickly headed over Ning Chuan and glared at him,

“What information do you have when you came here?” Yi Tianyun asked coldly.

“What do you mean? Did you think…. AAAAAH!” Ning Chuan was completely engulfed in flames when Yi Tianyun didn’t hear what he wants.


‘Successfully kills Ning Chuan’

‘Reward: 120.000 Exp, 2000 Crazy Points, High Grade Spirit Tool, Netherworld Hook, 20 Sin Points.’

“Hear me out, I will ask you a question, if you don’t give me the answer truthfully I will burn you to death! And now, you! What information do you have?” he asked to one of Profound Azure Mansion’s  disciple.

“I, We don’t know anything! AAAAHH!” he too was burnt alive. 

“What about you?” Yi Tianyun asked to another disciple. 

“I know something! We didn’t hear anything for a long time from Elder Wei and the others, so something must have happened to them. So someone was sent to investigate it and immediately they reported that Jade Palace already evacuated, and the elders all speculated that Jade Palace must have something to do with the incident, and they immediately sent people over.” The disciple said, looking afraid of what Yi Tianyun wants to do.

“How many people was dispatched?” Yi Tianyun asked.

“Basically all the elders and a bunch of disciple were sent.” The disciple said in a hurry, he’s afraid he’ll be burned to death as well.

“How about Mansion Lord? Did he come as well” Yi Tianyun asked.

“Yes, he should be coming as well!” said the disciple.

“Where are they now?” Yi Tianyun asked, now becomes anxious.

“They went straight to Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, someone saw that Jade Palace going in and out of that place.” The disciple explained in a hurry.

Yi Tianyun becames more restless, he didn’t think that Jade Palace would be discovered this fast!

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  1. Thank you for this chapter! 🙂

  2. Wild Drongo Wild Drongo says:

    Hey, we’re on the verge of being annihilated and need to hide in this secret realm that has an abundance of all the energy we need to cultivate thus cutting off our need to go out and look for fortunate encounters so let’s let all of our disciples just go wander in and out of the place all they want even if all we need to do is send one high level member with storage rings to pick up essentials secretly every few months.

    How convenient.

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