Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 153: Surrounded


Yi Tianyun carefully approached the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruin’s entrance as not to be seen. As he got closer, he noticed that the door has been bombarded by the enemy forces. Enemies kept bombarding the door, leaving a dent here and there from their attack! 

He observed the enemy group as stealthily as he could, he saw that the group the closest to the entrance consisted of eight Spirit Core Expert that ranged between second to eighth level Spirit Core, the Mansion Lord being the highest level cultivator among them. 

Behind them were the Core Condensation Expert group, with about 30 cultivators in that group. The Spirit Refinement group was right beside them, this group was even bigger than the Core Condensation, spirit refinement group had hundreds of Profound Azure Mansion’s disciple in it. 

The thing that baffled Yi Tianyun was the amount of people Profound Azure Mansion dispatched for a first level faction, this is just too much! Yi Tianyun observed the entrance after he saw all the Profound Azure Mansion’s forces. He realized that the door couldn’t hold much longer under enemy attack. He couldn’t let them breached the door, for that he needed plan.

“Prepare another round of attack!” A middle aged man shouted from the Spirit Core group, the man seemed to be the highest level cultivator, which mean that he was the mansion lord himself, Qing Tianxun!

“I believe that this door wouldn’t hold out much longer.” While smirking.

“They wouldn’t get away for killing our elder! Did you think you are safe in there? I didn’t attack you earlier because of the stupid rules, now that you have killed our elder, I have a good excuse to ignore it! Hahaha!” Qing Tianxun laughed as he stated his reason.

There is a set of rules in Heavenly Borders Continent about Earthly Borders Continent, the factions on Heavenly Borders Continent may not attack the faction in Earthly Borders Continent as they please. 

This is because the gap of cultivation between the continent is too big it wouldn’t be fair. But, Heavenly Borders Continent faction can send one or two people to make a demand for some faction in Earthly Borders Continent to become a part of their faction. 

This is merely a display of power from the more powerful faction. This rule has a little chance of breaking, because if the faction didn’t have a good excuse they could receive sanction from all faction in Heavenly Borders Continent!

This is the case now, Profound Azure Mansion had a good excuse to launch an attack here as their elder has been killed here. Many factions from Heavenly Borders Continent already knew this reason, which was why they didn’t interrupt Profound Azure Mansion to come here. 

The elder of Profound Azure Mansion that become the reason of attack can be said a martyr, as he died, the door to invade were now opened!

Suddenly, the Heaven Immersing Ruins Door slowly opened, making Qing Tianxun raise his hand to stop the attack of his man. After a little gap opened, a figure can be seen from outside the door.

“Aunt!” Yi Tianyun said while gasping, Shi Xueyun didn’t look good! She was holding a bloody sword, her face was pale and her aura was fluctuating, clearly she received an injury while fighting earlier on. Seeing his aunt in this state infuriated Yi Tianyun more than before, now he would be sure to spare no one from Profound Azure Mansion!

“Finally! You came out! Are we too noisy that we interrupt your slumber in there?” Qing Tianxun said while smirking at Shi Xueyun.

“Anyways, Palace Lord Shi, your sect killed one of our elder. As a payback, you have to kill the perpetrator or hand them to me and you have to become my wife! As Jade Palace is, it’s obvious that Jade Palace would become our subsidiary sect here in Earthly Borders Continent!

The mansion lord was still obsessed with Shi Xueyun, he didn’t want to let go a strong woman! It’s one of his many hobbies, conquering strong woman. Shi Xueyun just stood there, pondering what she would do next.

“I will go with you, but you have to let Jade Palace go!” she said thoughtfully.

“Like I said before, first you need to kill the person that killed our elder! After that may we negotiate other things!” Qing Tianxun said coldly.

“Think wisely lady! Did you think this place would stop us? This door would be destroyed in a day or two!“ 

Qing TIanxun clearly had an advantage here, he obviously had no intention to negotiate anyway. As long as the status quo was not balanced, there was no way he wants to negotiate!

“Then I will choose death!” Shi Xueyun shouted while expanding her aura. Any place that came in contact with her aura froze instantly!

“Don’t come out from the ruins!” Shi Xueyun shouted to those inside the ruins. 

“Palace Lord no! don’t go!” Changyun screamed from inside the ruin, while the door are slowly closing again. There was so many expert in front of Shi Xueyun, which mean there was a little to no room to escape them.

In the distance, Yi Tianyun already thought of a plan that will ensure him to rescue Shi Xueyun.

“Wait for me aunt!” He said while he began to make his move.

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