Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 154: Sneak Attack


Qing Tianxun saw Shi Xueyun’s action and laughed at her meaningless attempt, he immediately ordered his man to capture her.

“How stupid, giving herself out like this. Capture her! don’t harm her too much!” he said while ordering his Spirit Core Expert.

Shi Xueyun immediately getting flanked, the spirit core expert surrounded her with ease despite her ice cold aura she emitted. 

The old ancestor and elder of Jade Palace just watched as she was surrounded, they really wanted to help her out but they knew that they didn’t stand a chance out there. 

Even though they have cultivated decently for the past month, a spirit core expert is too much for them.

“She would get through this! she will awaken her innate potential power and kick their asses!” said one of the old ancestor.

“I doubt that she will live! There is simply too much Spirit Core Expert surrounding her! But alas, she would create a time for Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins to recover!” Another old ancestor solemnly said.

Shi Xueyun has the same thought on her own mind. She definitely wouldn’t have a chance to survive against this many opponent. She was just stalling for the ruins to recover, until then she would do her best to delay the enemy’s attack.

“You really think that I don’t know that you’re just stalling?” Qing Tianxun said while keeping his emotions indignant.

Shi Xueyun knew that she had to at least injure Qing Tianxun somehow, she immediately forced her blood qi out and quickly integrated her blood qi to the Cold Ice Soul Jade, the result is instantaneous, she immediately reached the second level of Spirit Core. 

The cold temperature turns colder, and her sword was completely covered in ice! This newfound power she displayed struck fear into a few of her opponents, they took a step back. Even Qing TIanxun frowned seeing the intensity of Shi Xueyun’s power.

This was actually a forbidden method to increase cultivation in cultivation world. This method didn’t go without risk either, she needed to constantly consume her own blood qi to keep herself alive until the aura was balanced and she was back to normal. 

However, she successfully fended off some of the Spirit Core Expert surrounding her, they all screamed from the chill Shi Xueyun’s aura created! 

But as strong as she was, she couldn’t overcome the side effect of her technique. She already reached her limit, her face became pale, without a hint of blood on it. 

The elder inside then slowly closing door of Heavenly Immersing Ancient Ruins all shouting for Shi Xueyun to go back inside. They didn’t want Shi Xueyun to die at enemy’s hands so easily. 

When Shi Xueyun tried to stand up and walked back into the ruins, she found her body completely heavy. When she tried to look around, she found that her body was completely tied up by some thin wire. 

“I already said it didn’t I? You will not run away from me again this time!” Qing Tianxun smirked at Shi Xueyun. He came over to Shi Xueyun and place his foot on Shi Xueyun’s back. 

But suddenly, a scream broke out Qing Tianxun’s smirk. He quickly turned around and ask, “What the fuck is going on?” When he completely turned around, he became quite shocked himself, a lot of the cultivator he brought with him was lying on the ground without any clear reason. He didn’t feel any killing intent or threatening aura from anywhere nearby!

“What is going one? What happened to them? Half of my force was defeated just like that?” he asked one of his subordinate. 

They looked around silently, without a slightest idea. 

So many spirit refinement and core condensation expert have fallen! When they were distracted looking for the perpetrator, suddenly a figure rushed forward very fast toward Qing Tianxun and made a move to stab Qing Tianxun. 

Qing Tianxun sensed his life was in danger immediately used his hand to protect himself from the attack, but he was a tad too late, the dagger quickly pierced his palm and pierce his chest although it was pretty shallow. 

Blood gushed out of his hands and chest, the attacker realized he failed to finish him off and bounced backwards and spin through the air toward the other Spirit Core Experts and slice them in two! 

People began to scream due to this commotion, nobody ever though that someone would be able to kill a spirit core expert so easily! The figure began moving toward Shi Xueyun and when he was beside her, the figure immediately cut the wire tying Shi Xueyun up. 

“I am sorry I am late, aunt!” the figure quickly embraced Shi Xueyun in a familiar hug, his voice also familiar with familiar scent too. 

“Yeah, its okay.” Shi Xueyun said while nodding gently. Her pale face still showing a beautiful smile.

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