Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 156: Unilateral Surface Suppression


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Shocked was not even close enough to describe Yi Tianyun’s feeling right now, he just overturned the combat power of Mansion Lord dramatically! 

2.450.000 combat power was unnatural for Spirit Core, with this much Combat Power who could stop him from annihilating Profound Azure Mansion? 

The difference before and after leveling up this Crazy Mode was absolutely divine! If he could level it up again and gain the effect of damage x16 that would be godly!

“Profound Azure Mansion, you are too arrogant! Today, I am just a tool to drag you down to earth again, but I can’t say that you will not be squashed upon reaching the ground!” Yi Tianyun said while walking toward Qing Tianxun and the other Spirit Core expert.

Qing Tianxun and his Spirit Core Expert are all became pale and terrified, never did they encounter such overwhelming aura! They speak to themselves hectically, “This is not a Spirit Core Aura! This is already a Core Transformation aura!” One said.

“He is so young! How can he be a Core Transformation already? This is madness!” another said.

“We, we have to escape! We can’t win against him!” another one said while trembling profusely beside their Mansion Lord. 

Qing Tianxun that just stood still, he didn’t know what to do, so hearing one of the disciples’ idea, he shouted, “Go!! Escape! Run for your life!” and he didn’t waste any time to escape as fast as possible. 

Qing Tianxun fled faster than anyone else! Yi Tianyun sighed as he had to make effort again for the inevitable. 

He caught up with one of the elder in a blink of an eye and swung his sword to split the man in two! 

The elder sensed his impending doom, attempted to block Yi Tianyun attack with his own sword. This reflex of his, will be proven fatal! As his sword clash with Yi Tianyun it instantly exploded, killing him immediately!


‘Successfully Killed Profound Azure Mansion Elder!’

‘Reward: 680.000 Exp, 12.000 Crazy Points, 30 Sin Points, Netherworld Step Martial Art, Heavenly Star Palm Technique, Violent Flames Blade, and Blast Shoe!’

Yi Tianyun was shocked with happiness! With the crazy mode and exp card, he can get almost 700.000 exp in one go from just an elder! 

He basically excited to kills some more, and he even more exited to see how much he would get from killing a mansion lord! 

He quickly chase another elder and caught up with him easily. He immediately stabs the elder with his Sword of Endlessness, but the elder tries to resist! 

The sword hit an armor that glowing once the sword become close to it, but this is all for naught! The sword still pierce the elder like butter, the elder let a chilling scream as his life fade away.


‘Successfully Killed Profound Azure Mansion Elder’

‘Reward: 700.000 Exp, 13.000 Crazy Points, 35 Sin Points, e.t.c’

Killing an elder became si easy, the gap of power was just too overwhelming! Black Dragon on the side also did a proper job, killing all the Core Condensation Expert that scattered when Yi Tianyun came out. 

Now, all that’s left was a few elders and a mansion lord! There is no way Profound Azure Mansion could ever recover after this. 

“This power… this is too overwhelming!” an elder of Profound Azure Mansion elder screamed while running away. They have never been in this position before, they were always the hunter, not the hunted!

“Like I said before, don’t think about it too much!” Yi Tianyun said while piercing the said elder’s heart, instantly killing him.

“It’s sink or swim!” Qing Tianxun said while running as quickly as he possibly can. His heart was aching, how many elders has fallen until now, how could he recover from this heavy loss!

“One down three more to go.” Yi Tianyun said leisurely. Yi Tianyun looked around and assessed the distance of the two elders and mansion lord with his position. 

He chose to attack the closest one for now and immediately chase the elder down! 

When he almost caught up with the elder, suddenly a red cloud formed on the sky ahead of him. A baleful aura and strong killing intent could be sensed from it.

“Old Ancestor is coming!” Qing Tianxun screamed with a little joy and relief in his voice.

“Old Ancestor?” Yi Tianyun was startled. With the amount of baleful aura and killing intent from the red cloud direction there was no question that the said old ancestor must be a terrifying cultivation expert!

“How much exp will I get for killing Old Ancestor?” Yi Tianyun said to himself while grinning maniacally. There was no fear in his eyes whatsoever!

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