Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 155: 2.450.000



‘Killed Profound Azure Mansion Elder’

‘Reward: 580.000 Experience, 11.000 Crazy Point, Martial Art Netherworld Step, Serpent Slaughtering Sword Material, 5 Times Experience Card’


‘Level up to Fifth Level Spirit Core’

Yi Tianyun was killing many Profound Azure Mansion disciple before he saved Shi Xueyun. With his stealth ability and the scarlet set it became super easy to kill someone before they got the chance to protect themselves. He even used the Crazy Mode with 20x Exp card and 3x Crazy Point Card so the amount of exp and Crazy Point he got skyrocketed! 

Initially, he wanted to save Shi Xueyun quickly, but there were so many enemies here, he couldn’t jump there knowing that it would be dangerous if the enemies decided to attack at the same time. So instead, he made his way through by killing the enemies starting from the weakest! 

Everyone was shocked to see a young man could kill several core condensation expert and one of their elder.

“Who are you?” Qing Tianxun asked with a shocked expression written all over his face.

“Heh, I am the one you’re looking for!” Yi Tianyun said while putting Shi Xueyun down and letting her go back into the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins. 

“You are the one who killed elder Wei?” all the Profound Azure Mansion troops were shocked hearing Yi Tianyun’s confession. 

“Yes, it’s me! You Profound Azure Mansion is too greedy! You think the entire Earthly Borders is yours? You even want to control our Jade Palace and make all of our disciple yours too? This is already going too far, I will personally annihilate you all now!” Yi Tianyun said with a sneer.

Disciples of Jade Palace inside the ruins was relieved after sensing Yi Tianyun’s aura, their morale was back now. With Yi Tianyun on their side, they will not be easily defeated now!

“Elder Yi is so powerful! He just left for a month and now he’s already at Spirit Core!” the disciple of Jade Palace said, while whispering to themselves in the ruins.

“Impossible! You are too young! What faction did you came from?” Qing Tianxun said feeling humiliated. He already lost so many disciples, there was no way that Profound Azure Mansion could recover from this damage in the near future!

“I am an elder of Jade Palace, I belong to Jade Palace!” Yi Tianyun said coldly, “Today is the day you die! Don’t try to escape if you want a painless death!” Yi Tianyun waved his hands in the air and the black dragon immediately descended from the sky. It landed on the remaining Core Condensation expert and blasted them with its huge body!

“This is, this is a black dragon! A Divine Beast!” Qing Tianxun was shocked once more. 

At the same time, Snow Wolf walked limping towards Yi Tianyun while whimpering quietly. 

Yi Tianyun was surprised to see the snow wolf to be in such a state, it was obvious that the beast tried his best to defend Jade Palace. 

“Good boy! Now take a rest, l will handle this. after we’re done here you will come with me!” Yi Tianyun said while giving Snow Wolf a recovery pill and petting its head. The snow wolf just whimpered lightly and walked back toward Shi Xueyun.

“If it is not because the snow wolf, we would’ve been caught! It blocked many attacks from them so the ruins could hold on for this long.” Shi Xueyun said while petting the wolf’s head. 

Yi Tianyun just stared at the Snow Wolf, it made sense that it could block so many attack, it was already at the second level Spirit Core. Even if he was far away from the wolf, the wolf still received the shared exp.

“Well, I need to end this quickly then!” Yi Tianyun immediately drew his Sword Of Endlessness. This is the only sword that he never used, because there was no reason to use this sword before this, the effect was just too strong for casual use. 

The blade was radiating a strange light as Yi Tianyun gripped it firmly in his hand. 

The black dragon on the side already being surrounded by a few spirit core cultivators, but it should be okay. The dragon’s scale was too thick for them to penetrate.

“5x Exp card activate! Crazy Mode: Damage x8 activate!” Yi Tianyun shouted. His aura immediately bursted, his combat power was raising like crazy! 








In the end, his combat power stopped at 2.450.000. 

This numbers was much larger than a normal spirit core cultivator!

Qing Tianxun was only at 670.000 when he observed the man with his appraisal eye before. 

This number Qing Tianxun currently had already included his armors and accessories and also his weapons! 

There was no way Qing Tianxun could win against him now! 

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