Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 158: Powerful Suppression


The surge of power coming from the Old Ancestor Blood Fiend didn’t deter Yi Tianyun, unlike everyone else, especially Shi Xueyun, she was anxious about Yi Tianyun.

This was a real Core Transformation Expert, although Yi Tianyun also demonstrated a powerful aura comparable to Core Transformation, but everyone else thought that he wasn’t stronger than the Old Ancestor. Qing Tianxun, on the side, felt giddy after seeing the real power of his Old Ancestor.

“Old Ancestor Blood Fiend sure is strong!” He said excitedly.

“Kill him, Old Ancestor, he has already killed many of our disciple and elder!” he shouted, cheering his old ancestor.

He began to bloat as he thought that his old ancestor would win against Yi Tianyun for sure.

“Is that it? Is that your real power?” Yi Tianyun asked indifferently. He thought that the Core Transformation’s power was not that far off from Spirit Core, but seeing the power of the old man before him made him realize that was not the case! Without using the effect of crazy mode, he would surely lose! 

However, he also knew that Old Ancestor Blood Fiend paid a hefty price for releasing his full power. If he didn’t do it, he wouldn’t be able to beat Yi Tianyun. With that in mind, it was already clear the difference between them.

“I’m a little bit rusty compared to my peak. But this is more than enough to get rid of you!” Old Ancestor Blood Fiend sneered at Yi Tianyun. 

The old ancestor quickly made a move, he took a step forward and released his menacing aura in a wave towards Yi Tianyun. Being hit by the aura head-on would be devastating. It could affect one’s mind, robbing them of their sanity or, worse, turned them into a mindless living corpse!

“Yi Tianyun, be careful of that aura!” Shi Xueyun screamed, warning Yi Tianyun.

“it’s too late! You will not be able to escape my aura field!” old ancestor Blood Fiend smirked.

“I will suck out all your blood qi!” He shouted, thinking that he would easily win.

“Is that so? Well, I have a similar plan! Let’s see which of us could suck more.” Yi Tianyun said, sneering. 

Yi Tianyun quickly changed his weapon to Frost Fist, and activated his Absorbing Stars Great Technique to absorb all the Spiritual Power and experience from the old man! 

With the Absorbing Stars Great Technique and Crazy Mode activated, now he could absorb as much as 32 times the initial absorption rate!

“Stupid child! You think you could absorb my menacing aura?” Old Ancestor Blood Fiend made a gesture with his hand, and the menacing aura once again accumulated around his hands and turned into a giant red palm.

“DIE!!” Old Ancestor Blood Fiend said while thrusting the giant palm towards Yi Tianyun!

The aura exploded from impact, covering the surrounding with dust, preventing anyone from seeing what happened. A moment later, a whirlpool of aura could be seen where Yi Tianyun stood before. But it was quickly dissipating, leaving Yi Tianyun in the middle of it with a smug on his face as he was unscathed!

“Thanks for the snack!” Yi Tianyun smiled smugly. 

Yi Tianyun always welcomed a free exp! But he wasn’t in a hurry. He needed to absorb every single exp from the old man to the last bit! He still had another half an hour before his exp card expired.

“How can this be!” Old Ancestor Blood Fiend was shocked seeing his attack had no effect on Yi Tianyun. 

“There is nothing impossible here. Even if I am much younger than you, it doesn’t mean I am much weaker than you!” Yi Tianyun smiled once again, and he immediately rushed toward the old ancestor, and activate the frost fist’s effect.

“Burst!!” he shouted, and suddenly the effect of frost fist took effect. The area around them was immediately frozen, including the old ancestor, as well!

The effect of the frost fist wasn’t entirely effective against the old man. It couldn’t wholly freeze him, he was struggling, causing the ice that encased him to crack everywhere. 

It seemed that a mere second more, he will be released from the ice. But, a second was more than enough! 

Yi Tianyun immediately wrapped himself around the old man’s back and slammed the old man to the ground, incapacitating him and quickly used his Absorbing Stars Great Technique to absorb all the exp he could get from the old man!

A tremendous amount of experience flowed through Yi Tianyun, at this rate, he will be able to level up in no time! As the ice encasing the old man shattered, he has already been at Yi Tianyun’s mercy. He immediately struggled as he sensed his Spiritual Power constantly left his body.

“Let me go!” Old Ancestor Blood Fiend said as he struggled to break free from Yi Tianyun’s clutch, he released his aura in waves again toward Yi Tianyun, but this was proven useless as soon as the aura leaves his body, it was absorbed instantly by Yi Tianyun.

“Don’t you want to suck my blood qi dry? Come on now, you can do better than this, right?” Yi Tianyun said tauntingly, he kept absorbing the experience out of the old man at really fast. 

This situation left him wondering if he upgraded the Absorbing Stars Great Technique once more, the absorption rate surely would increase. 

This suddenly came to his mind because he knew this old man’s Spiritual Power was as vast as the sea, it would take a while before he could completely absorb his Spiritual Power. 

Qing Tianxun was shocked and stunned, the thought of Old Ancestor Blood Fiend would be suppressed by Yi Tianyun this quickly never crossed his mind. He was utterly unable to move because of his fear for Yi Tianyun!

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