Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 159: Double Eruptions


Old Ancestor Blood Fiend was unable to move! His Spiritual Power was continuously extracted out of his body by Yi Tianyun. This put a humiliation to the prestigious old man pushed to this extreme by a young boy. 

“Let go of our old ancestor!” Qing Tianxun shouted as he ran toward Yi Tianyun. The two elders who were alive followed their Mansion Lord’s example, running toward Yi Tianyun to attack. 

Sensing the attack coming, Yi Tianyun released his clutch against the old ancestor and stood up to finish off the remaining enemies. 

However, before he left the old ancestor completely, he slammed the old man’s head to subdue him a little. 

Seeing Yi Tianyun focused his attention on them, the elders changed their direction and tried to run once again, but this time, their fear toward Yi Tianyun slowed their reaction.

“Come on now? Why would you run after I give you my attention?” Yi Tianyun said playfully. He quickly rushed over and punch the 2 elders simultaneously, killing them instantly. 


‘Successfully Killed Profound Azure Mansion’s Elder’

‘Reward: 670.000 Exp, 11.000 Crazy Points…’


‘Successfully killed Profound Azure Mansion’s Elder.’

‘Reward: …’

Now only Qing Tianxun left, the Mansion Lord of Profound Azure Mansion. He was running too, but the slowing effect of Frost Fist didn’t affect him. He didn’t want to be near Yi Tianyun, as he didn’t want to die! With his position as a mansion lord, his potential was huge! 

“Brat! You really annoy me this time!” Old Ancestor Blood Fiend growled from behind. 

Immediately, the menacing aura from before came back full force, this time old ancestor blood fiend draws out bone blade that he immediately used to draw a little bit of blood from his wrist, the blood that splattered into the blade creating a blood-red divine rune that glowed menacingly. 

As the glows became brighter, his combat power increased as well!

This is the last resort the old man had to fight Yi Tianyun, this technique he used was called burst mode. 

This technique would burn the user’s blood qi, reducing the user’s life span significantly. This technique was a taboo for a cultivator, but it seemed that the old man didn’t care anymore as long as he could kill Yi Tianyun!





The old man’s combat power rose to 4 million! He overshadowed Yi Tianyun in an instant! “Core Transformation expert sure is amazing! to have this ace hidden in his sleeve as well.” Yi Tianyun said while smirking. 

He knew the technique the old man used was very taxing, he was burning his own life span! 

Yi Tianyun thought that this old man has gone senile for doing this. He proceeded by activating his Dragon God Bloodline. His body was covered by a dragon scale in an instant, raising his own combat power in the process!




Knowing that even with Dragon God Bloodline, he was nowhere near the old man’s combat power, he quickly changed the frost fist to Sword of Endlessness once again. 

“Cease your futile struggle, kid! You will die soon enough!” the old man shouted as he noticed Yi Tianyun became more powerful every second. 

The old man quickly swung his bone sword to Yi Tianyun’s direction while shouting, “Blood Fiend Murdering the Gods!” A huge phantom-like creature appeared in the air with a massive bone blade in its hand, the phantom moved precisely like an old man and tried to smash Yi Tianyun with the massive bone blade!

“Luck Aura activate!” Yi Tianyun activated his Lucky aura to increase the critical chance of the Sword of Endlessness. 

Even though the sword didn’t have any critical properties, Luck Aura still enhanced the sword’s power as if it had that property. He quickly parried the old man’s attack! 

When their attacks collide with each other, a huge shockwave was created, this shockwave threw Yi Tianyun backward a couple feet away. But the old man also suffered hefty damage as well, his phantom-like creature was destroyed, and he was shaken up pretty badly from the impact with his bone blade receiving many fractures.

Qing Tianxun, who observed from afar, was struck with disbelief.

“Impossible, he even blocks old ancestor’s attack which consumes his own blood qi!”

“Just drop dead already!” Old Ancestor Blood Fiend said furiously, this time he swung his blade recklessly at Yi Tianyun, creating many phantom-like creatures ready to attack Yi Tianyun. 

Shi Xueyun at the side became more worried as she saw the old man’s reckless attack. However, Yi Tianyun didn’t feel any fear in front of this devastating attack. In fact, he was full of excitement.

“Sword Splitting the Vault of Heaven!” he shouted. 

Instantly, the Sword of Endlessness began to glow as its divine rune was activated, the sword now had a double damage effect! 

He quickly charged through the phantom army and dodge every single one of its attacks as it was just a reckless swing of a desperate old man’s attack! 

As he got close enough, he quickly strikes the sword of endlessness through the old man’s chest. 

A dazzling light immediately engulfed old ancestor blood fiend’s body. 

Yi Tianyun used his appraisal eye to assess his own attack and saw that he was at 4,7 million combat power!

Old Ancestor Blood Fiend screamed a chilling scream as he was swallowed by the light that immediately leaves nothing behind!

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