Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 16: I Will Forging Spirit Tool!


“Summon Xiao Lian at once!” The Second Elder hurriedly ordered the nearby disciples to find Xiao Lian.

After a couple of moments, Xiao Lian presented herself in front of the elders. She was confused as she didn’t know why she was summoned here.

“Palace Lord?” Xiao Lian came over and asked.

“Master Kong here wants you to be his Dao companion. I wonder if you are willing?” The Second Elder asked her with a smile. Xiao Lian was considered a poor talent, so marrying her out in exchange for three spirit weapons was undoubtedly a very good trade.

“No, I’m sorry but I can’t comply with your wish…” Xiao Lian looked at Master Kong, immediately shook her head and refused.

After her refusal, Master Kong face contorted into a frown. He was a master, a promising blacksmith. His future achievements were limitless! He did not expect that her not to even consider his proposal and straight-up refuse him.

“I am a third level blacksmith. Once you marry me, you will have a better life. I will even be a fourth or fifth level blacksmith in the future, even so, you refused to marry me?” Master Kong eyes were full of discontent.

“I thank you for your kindness Master Kong, but I don’t want to be anyone’s Dao companion for the time being. I hope you understand. There were other beautiful sisters in the Jade Palace you can choose from.” Xiao Lian refused Master Kong. She seemed like she didn’t care about Master Kong’s feelings at all.

“Damn, you were just maidservant, yet you dare to reject me!” Master Kong felt humiliated and glared at Xiao Lian. With a cold tone, he issued an ultimatum, “If you don’t want to be my Dao companion, then forget the spirit weapons. You’ll have to find other masters who are willing to forge you one!”

“Xiao Lian, what were you thinking!” the Second Elder hurriedly said. “This is Master Kong. If you marry him, a mere plebeian like you will be treated like a noble, stop disrespecting him! Your family is not rich if you marry him. He will do whatever you want!”

The Second Elder did not want to lose this opportunity. It was getting three spirit weapons for free! How could she let go of such a sweet deal?

Master Kong’s expression continued to deteriorate, coldly watching Xiao Lian, his previous smile disappeared, revealing a cold expression.

“Leave at once!” Shi Xueyun glared at him coldly. “I address you master as a form of respect! I didn’t expect you to be this arrogant, I’ve had enough! I will ask others to forge spirit weapons for us, I no longer need nor appreciate your help!”

As her title suggested, the palace lord had an intimidating aura, dominating the entire room. Who’d dare to oppose her, especially now? If Xiao Lian happily accepted then she won’t have anything to say, but it was different when she was being forced, Xiao Lian would definitely not be happy.

“Plebeian? Sister Xiao Lian has always been noble. What are you talking about?” Yi Tianyun was also uncomfortable at this time. He looked at Master Kong and laughed, “Master Kong, it seems that you are not needed anymore. If it’s just a spirit weapon, even I can forge it myself!”

He stood up and looked at Master Kong with a smirk.

The moment he finished his sentence, everyone froze and stared at Yi Tianyun, even Shi Xueyun looked at him with disbelief at first. Being a blacksmith was not something you achieve overnight. It took a long time to learn to forge a weapon, let alone a Spirit weapon. Out of the blue, Yi Tianyun claimed that he could forge a spirit weapon. Wasn’t this kind of dubious?

She could only assume that Yi Tianyun said it out of desperation in an attempt to stop Master Kong.

“You want to forge a spirit weapon?” Master Kong sneered and said. “I heard that you are trash that doesn’t have blood qi. Well, it seems like you won against the Spirit Sect but I didn’t expect you to be an idiot as well.”

When Shi Xueyun heard this, her eyes became cold and murderous. Obviously, his words were out of the line, inciting her anger.

Yi Tianyun immediately held her little hand and stood up, sneering at Master Kong: “Then what will you do if I can forge one?”

“Ha! If you manage to forge a spirit weapon, I’ll give you this spirit weapon, and I will leave my students!” Master Kong took out a long sword. It was a good spirit weapon, but a weapon of this quality could only qualify as a low spirit grade weapon. Despite this, it was already worth the price tag of 50.000 gold. At Master Kong’s level, he could only forge lower level spirit weapons.

Master Kong’s eyes were full of disdain, he felt like he was being provoked. He did not expect to be humiliated like this after being rejected by a servant!

“If you can’t, what then? She will marry me, how was that?” Master Kong sneered. Even if Xiao Lian married him, he definitely wouldn’t treat her like a wife, she would be treated as a maidservant, no, maybe even worse.

He was of high standing and was held in high regard by many people, so after this humiliation, it was naturally impossible for him to treat Xiao Lian as a wife anymore.

“Sister Xiao Lian is not a weapon for a bet!” Yi Tianyun said coldly. “If I can’t forge a spirit weapon, then I will cut off an arm, how’s that?”

“Cut one of your arms?” Master Kong smirked and said with a smile. “Alright! If you are willing to go that far, then it’s a deal! Begin immediately. If you fail, then cut off an arm! If you can’t do it, you will give me authority over the Jade Palace, don’t blame me!”

Master Kong’s realm was not high, but he had a strong backing. At the very least he knew a few big families so applying some pressure to the Jade Palace was not a problem.

“No problem” Yi Tianyun turned to look at Shi Xueyun. “Palace Lord, please give me the materials required for a spirit weapon. I will forge a spirit weapon now.”

『Ding! Side Quest Activated: Forge a spirit weapon.』

『Reward: 5.000 exp and an Immortal Flame.』

『Immortal Flame: Can’t be extinguished, can be used to forge high-level weapons, or perform alchemy, can also be used to attack.』

He found a new quest, and the reward was an Immortal Flame! This thing was amazing, although it was a low-level item, it could be levelled up. It was truly incredible!

They all stared dumbfounded by this scene, especially the three elders, who all thought Yi Tianyun was stupid. He made a bet too. Does he really know how to forge a spirit weapon? Being able to forge a spirit weapon at such a young age, would mean he was a genius.

Obviously, this was impossible. Master Kong was thirty years old, and he was still at the third level. No one believed that Yi Tianyun could actually do it!

“Are you crazy?! You dared to say such a thing, quickly, apologize to Master Kong!” the Second Elder snapped.

“Apologize? Why should I apologize to him? It’s just a spirit weapon, I can also forge one!” Yi Tianyun sneered. “Sister Xiao Lian, people can marry whoever they want. You were not a weapon!”

“Young Master…” Xiao Lian’s eyes reddened. She looked guilty and believing that this happened because of her. She almost agreed out of guilt. She didn’t expect Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun to stand by her side.

“Well said! I will now take you to the forging room and you will forge a spirit weapon to show them what you are capable of!” Shi Xueyun actually agreed to this matter and did not stop him!

“Aunt, do you trust me?” Yi Tianyun said with complete confidence he stared at his aunt.

“If I don’t trust my own family, who else will?” Shi Xueyun smiled. Her smile was so beautiful.

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