Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 160: Annihilating


After a colorful light burst off into the sky, the old ancestor fell to the ground, dead! As his life left his body, he returned to his decrepit former state. 


‘Successfully killed Old Ancestor Blood Fiend.’

‘Reward: 980.000 Exp, 15.000 Crazy Points, 100 Sin Points, Blood Demon God Martial Arts (Middle Earth Level), Heavens Devouring Divine Secret Art (High Grade Earth Level Martial Art) [Rare Item], Blood Dragon Skeleton Blade (High Grade Soul Tool), Blood Fiend Divine Armor (High Grade Soul Tool), Blood Jade (Rare Item), 10x Experience Card, 100,000 Gold, Coiling Dragon Treasure Map!”


‘Successfully killing an elite opponent!’

‘Extra Reward: 100.000 Crazy Point, Enhanced Version of Lottery Roulette (one draw).’

Yi Tianyun was so excited after receiving so many rewards for killing a boss-level opponent. He even got two rare items! And the treasure map really piqued his interest, maybe he could find something useful!

However, everyone else on the site was utterly shocked, with their jaw wide open. 

Almost nobody expected Yi Tianyun to actually defeat the old man, let alone kill him! 

Qing Tianxun and one of his remaining elders looked at Yi Tianyun in horror. He could kill a Core Transformation Expert all by himself? 

Without taking any damage too! 

“You killed our Old Ancestor without receiving any injuries? Monster freak!” they really had a lousy time acknowledging that a mere teenager was able to kill their Old Ancestor.

“Monster? Your old ancestor was the monster! He must absorb a lot of Blood QI from so many people all this time to stay alive.” Yi Tianyun said while sneering at them. 

Yi Tianyun knew this for the fact that he received a hundred sin points for killing the old man. You must have done some bad shit crazy things to acquire that amount! 

In fact, sin point only would increase if you tampered human life, whether killing them personally or not!

Qing Tianxun knew this fact that Yi Tianyun threw at him became speechless. He quickly turned away and fled, leaving his elder behind! He ran towards the giant eagle to escape this place by air.

“Mansion Lord, wait for me!” his elder shouted as he went after Qing Tianxun to survive.

“Didn’t I tell you, you can’t leave as I’m still here?” Yi Tianyun said coldly and instantly flashed near them. Seeing Yi Tianyun quickly close the distance between them, Qing Tianxun panicked! In his desperation, he grabbed his elder and threw him at Yi Tianyun. 

Realizing his own Lord doing to him, the elder became hateful instantaneously. As Yi Tianyun slashed his sword to finish of the elder, the elder shouted at Qing Tianxun, cursed him for abandoning him like this.

“Die, you selfish bastard!” he swore. He couldn’t even finish his sentence as Yi Tianyun has already sliced him in two like butter! 

Qing Tianxun kept running, ignoring everything at this moment, doing all he could to survive! As he arrived at where the Giant Eagle was left before they sieged Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, he quickly rode it to escape. But this desperate attempt of his turned to be futile as the eagle took off from the ground, it was instantly burned to death by the Black Dragon!

“At least you’re optimistic if nothing else! You think you will be able to escape this place alive? How naïve!” Yi Tianyun said as he has already stood in front of Qing Tianxun.

“Please let me go! I will give you the mansion lord of Profound Azure mansion position to you! I will be your slave if you want, but please spare me!” Qing Tianxun begged Yi Tianyun for his life.

“Not a bad offer! But nah, I don’t need that stuff! I don’t need you breathing behind my back, waiting for the right time to stab me from behind!” Yi Tianyun said while smirking down at Qing Tianxun.

“No, how can I do that to you! Please, I will do anything!” Qing Tianxun said while begging some more.

“Blame yourself for looking down at our palace lord, she is my aunt for fuck sake! It’s punishable by death, now prepare yourself!” Yi Tianyun said while swiping his sword to cleave Qing Tianxun’s body.

The sword of endlessness glowed as it pierced through Qing Tianxun’s armor like butter, ignoring all its defenses!

“Since you’ve said all you need to say, now rest in pieces. Hahaha!” Yi Tianyun said light-heartedly as he stored his sword endlessness back to his inventory.


‘Successfully killed Profound Azure Mansion’s Mansion Lord Qing Tianxun.’

‘Reward: 780.000 Exp, 13.000 Crazy Points, Qingyun Sword Technique Martial Art, Azure Profound Step Technique, Jade Pearl Treasure, Command Treasure Book.’


‘Successfully leveled up to Sixth Level Spirit Core!’


‘20x Exp Card expired!’


‘3x Crazy Point Card expired!’

The time limit was flawlessly precise as he wanted it. As the last enemy fell, his Exp Card and Crazy Point card expired!

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