Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 162: Arrangement


Shi Xueyun has fully recovered thanks to the Blood Jade, this feat couldn’t be accomplished if she merely consumed some blood qi pills to recover her blood qi, it could take years to fully recover.

The only alternatives would be Blood Qi Divine Pill, which was so expensive, and it couldn’t be found in Earthly Borders Continent. And it would take decades to be shipped to Earthly Borders Continent even if one could afford it.

For a cultivator, blood qi was basically their life force, so unlike the young who could recover their blood qi in a relatively short time, those Old Ancestors couldn’t afford to use their blood qi recklessly.

That was the reason why Blood Jade was such a rare item, considering it could fully recover one’s blood qi in a matter of minutes.

Meanwhile, Jade Palace’s disciple quickly rummaging through the enemy’s corpses to find some spoils of war. They really looked up to Yi Tianyun, as if he was a god!

Yi Tianyun was surprised when he noticed a sudden increase in favorability of Jade Palace’s disciple and Elders, and he didn’t even complete any quest which granted favorability. And he finally realized this was the most effective way to increase favorability through actions and interaction with others, not by completing the quest.

After collecting all spoils of war they could find, all disciples returned to Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins. Suddenly the disaster which befell them just now seemed like a dream and considering they weren’t injured and they got the spoil of war, they had no complaints. Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins played an important role too, if they didn’t evacuate here and stay at Jade Palace, there would be no Jade Palace right now.

The only casualties were Elders, but it was not life-threatening, the rest of the disciples didn’t even partake in the defense. It was not that they were scared or anything, but because of the fact that even if they did participate, it was simply courting death, they couldn’t even buy some time facing so many Experts.

At this time, Zhu Yuwei and the disciples Yi Tianyun rescued before coming here finally caught up. But much to their surprise, everything was settled, and Yi Tianyun single-handedly crushed Profound Azure Mansion.

“Miss Zhu, are you interested in joining Jade Palace?” Yi Tianyun suddenly asked.

“Join Jade Palace?” everyone was startled when Yi Tianyun said it, including Zhu Yuwei.

And instead of calling her Pavilion Lord Zi, this time Yi Tianyun called her Miss Zhu?

“Yes, I presume you have nowhere to return now.” Yi Tianyun said with a light smile, “Might as well join us, how about it? And we could use someone like you as an Elder. With your talents, I believe you’re fit to be the Elder of Jade Palace. Even Rain Pavilion thrive under your management. Rest assured, we’ll provide everything you need to do whatever you deemed necessary.”

“Me? Become an Elder of Jade Palace…that’s…” Zhu Yuwei couldn’t keep up with the conversation, after being invited to join Jade Palace, she was suddenly offered to become an Elder too.

The Elders were confused too. They thought Yi Tianyun was too hasty in making this decision, he didn’t even ask Shi Xueyun, the Palace Lord’s permission.

“If Tianyun evaluated her that highly, it just shows how trustworthy and talented Miss Zhu is. Furthermore, you aid us when we were in need without hesitation. And I thanked you for that. And despite what’s said and done, you did manage to become Pavilion Lord of Rain Pavilion, that alone was a good enough reason, and I believe you’ll excel in managing faction affair.” Shi Xueyun said with a smile, “So what do you think? As for myself, I hope you accept this position.”

“I agree. Back when we had a deal with Rain Pavilion. I saw with my own eyes her superb managerial ability, which I don’t think there is anyone in Jade Palace could come close to her level.” One of the Elder shouted voicing his opinion, she has grown fond of Zhu Yuwei, if it wasn’t for her, she would’ve lost her life.

Zhu Yuwei blushed to receive such an offer from Yi Tianyun, and even the Palace Lord and one of the Elder acknowledge her ability. It became so hard to refuse this offer, especially now that she has nowhere else to go.

“I gratefully accept this honor, but I’ll be especially strict with myself, if I can’t bring betterment for Jade Palace, I’ll resign as Jade Palace’s Elder!” Zhu Yuwei looked very serious.

And with that sentence everyone, there was convinced, with that level of determination they couldn’t help but acknowledge Zhu Yuwei’s resolve

Yi Tianyun nodded with a smile, and he believed that Zhu Yuwei was indispensable for Jade Palace’s growth. Her management ability was exceptional, Jade Palace wasn’t a Pavilion which specialized in trading, but even so, Jade Palace could use some insight to the business aspect, for example, Zhu Yuwei would definitely be able to estimate how much budget would Jade Palace need buying Spirit Pill, Recovery Pill, materials, etc.

“And as an Elder, I have an additional suggestion, which is appointing two reserve Elder!” Yi Tianyun said.

The disciples were listening enthusiastically.

“Reserve Elder? Who do you have in mind specifically?” Elder wondered.

“The first one, Sister Xiao Lian, the second one is Sister Jiu!” Yi Tianyun pointed both of them.

Liu Menglian and Jiu Lingyun were surprised that their name suddenly came up, and becoming a reserve elder? Just like Zhu Yuwei earlier, they were too surprised.

“The reason I recommended them as Reserve Elder was because Sister Xiao Lian and Sister Jiu performed outstandingly in this war. Not only they helped to treat Elder Ma’s wound, but they also possessed extraordinary courage and leadership. I said this because I know both of them always nominated themselves to procure ingredients when Jade Palace stayed here, and in the war just now instead of panicking they showed an outstanding leadership ability to lead other disciples, their cultivation might not be the highest, but their bravery and leadership was exceptional!”

Yi Tianyun just came to the realization that cultivation wasn’t everything, leadership skill was definitely indispensable when it came to being an Elder.

All disciples nodded, showing their approval. The higher cultivation disciples couldn’t say anything because, despite the war just now, they just panicked and couldn’t do anything as a result.

“To be honest, this is my first proposal as Elder, the rest of the Elders along with Palace Lord could discuss whether this suggestion will be beneficial for Jade Palace or not,” said Yi Tianyun.

“There’s no need to discuss it, I approve your suggestion.” Shi Xueyun instantly agreed without any hesitation: “I’m well aware of what those two are capable of, if you didn’t suggest it earlier, I would’ve proposed the same thing.”

Yi Tianyun smiled, her aunt always took his sides no matter what happened, encouraging him to come up with more ideas.

Other Elders had nothing to say, they had no choice but to agree at this point. Through his strength, Yi Tianyun earned everyone’s respect, besides what Yi Tianyun said was reasonable, so it wouldn’t hurt to agree anyway.

“Perfect, then I will leave things here to you all now… I’ll go to Profound Azure Mansion and become the harbinger of their end!” Yi Tianyun said coldly and full of killing intent.

“You’re planning to have all the fun without me?” Shi Xueyun smiled lightly.

Yi Tianyun nodded, said with a smile, “If the Palace Lord wishes to tag along, how can I refuse?”

Several Elders also wanted to go, Yi Tianyun prevented them from going: “stay here, and leave the rest to us… From now on, there will be no Profound Azure Mansion!”

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