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C.L.S Chapter 163 Attack


After taking care of things in the ruins, Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun flew to Profound Azure Mansion HQ with the Black Dragon to save time. In the trip, Yi Tianyun found it strange as Shi Xueyun never asked him anything.

“Aunt, aren’t you going to ask me why am I able to cultivate so quickly?” Yi Tianyun asked as he thought that Shi Xueyun just didn’t want to be rude to ask such a question. 

“Why should I? as long as you are still the sweet Yi Tianyun that I adore, I will always support you no matter what.” Shi Xueyun said while smiling brightly.

“Even though you are doing something taboo or forbidden cultivation, I will always be by your side until you don’t want me anymore!” Shi Xueyun added while still smiling. 

Yi Tianyun was utterly startled, hearing Shi Xueyun’s word. He never thought to have unconditional support from her, he never thought Shi Xueyun’s love toward him was absolute. But because of the confession, the atmosphere became heavy and sad.

“I will give my life to save you, but then again, if I die, who else will support you? Until the time comes that there is someone else I could entrust you to, I will gladly watch over you.” Shi Xueyun said lovingly. 

This caught Yi Tianyun off guard, he never expected Shi Xueyun to say this kind of thing so casually, but he felt all warm and fuzzy inside. He breathed hard to stop himself from shedding any tears.

As Shi Xueyun noticed that Yi Tianyun became silent, she said, “I don’t know what happens to you, you used to not have any blood qi, and now you can cultivate so quickly. But still, you are my cute little nephew who I can rely on.” 

“Now, now, aunt, any more would be bad for my heart. Come here.” Yi Tianyun said, didn’t know what to say anymore. Shi Xueyun did what Yi Tianyun told her to do, she rested her head on Yi Tianyun’s chest, and they silently rode the Black Dragon to their destination. 

People on the ground could see the Black Dragon. Clearly, they were shocked to see that a divine beast become mount that some man and woman could ride on. They came to wonder, which emperor has come to visit the borders continent this time. The cultivators who saw the Black Dragon was no exception, they all looked at the Black Dragon in wonders and amazement.

At this moment, at Profound Azure Mansion.

“What is Mansion Lord doing now? I am sure that Jade Palace is already destroyed! I heard that Jade Palace is a woman sect. I hope that the Mansion Lord brought many of them back as a souvenir!” One of the deacons of Profound Azure Mansion said lustfully. 

“Did they really? I hope the Mansion Lord brings back many little girls. Little girls have soft and tender skin. Toying with them is my personal favorite! After we are done with them, we can sell them to the brothel outside. Female cultivator is all exaggerated anyway, hahaha.” Another deacon said while laughing. This deacon’s word followed by many laughter from many disciples of Profound Azure Manson that gathered around there. 

“They deserved this! They use a cheap underhanded trick to kill one of our elders, at the very least they can do is be our slave!” A disciple said proudly.

“Hey, we deacon will not just take any person for our slave! At least we must get one of those core disciples, and your disciple could get the rest of them. Hahaha!” Another deacon said menacingly.

“Hahaha, serves them right! A garbage sect, dare to mess with us, Profound Azure Mansion. No wonder they get thrashed like they’re supposed to be!” Another disciple said proudly.

In the middle of all these laughter filling the room, a Black Dragon suddenly landed in the middle of the field, making a quite loud noise and flashy entrance. Shocking everyone in the vicinity. They’ve never seen any Black Dragon up close before, but they sure recognized one from the description going around. 

“Who are you!” One of the deacons approached cautiously. 

“Me? Aren’t I the garbage of Jade Palace that you so proudly looked down upon? Why so cautious?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently while summoning the Snow Wolf.

“Your Mansion Lord and all his men are already dead, now I will destroy all of you, so there is nothing left!” Yi Tianyun waved his hands to gesture to the Black Dragon and Snow Wolf to attack the enemy in front of them. And they quickly do so!

After giving the signal, Yi Tianyun looked at Shi Xueyun and say, “This is our spoils of war, we will take all of the martial arts and treasure that they have!” Shi Xueyun only nodded as she didn’t have to do anything.

The Black Dragon and Snow Wolf killed the rest of Profound Azure Mansion very quickly, many tried to escape them by running around like headless chicken or hiding, thinking that they should be safe. Little do they know that the Snow Wolf could smell them, and the Black Dragon could sense their presence!


‘Successfully killed Profound Azure Mansion Disciple!’

‘Reward: 10.000 Exp, 200 Crazy Points…’


‘Successfully Killed Profound Azure Mansion Deacon!’

‘Reward: …”

They killed everyone in the vicinity, while Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun were resting nearby. Yi Tianyun couldn’t help but think that this is very DOPE! He could laze around and let his pets do the hard work. He wished that in the future, he could have some more pets for himself!

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