Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 18: Go Out!


When Master Kong saw Yi Tianyun’s situation, he began to panic, especially when he saw how the materials Yi Tianyun tempered began to take shape, he felt flustered. In his head, he kept swearing at Yi Tianyun, hoping that Yi Tianyun would somehow fail to forge that weapon. Otherwise, not only he would be humiliated once again, but he would also lose a spirit weapon.

At this point, aside from Master Kong, the three elders succumbed to their shock and fell silent. Although they didn’t understand all the process of forging, at the very least they knew that Yi Tianyun was doing a rather remarkable job In front of them, there was no sign of failure.

The elders start to murmur behind him, “Will he actually succeed?”

They were stunned into disbelief. If that was the case, then Yi Tianyun really was a super genius. He could reach this level at such a young age. That meant he could reach an even higher level in the future, right? Not only his realm was not low, but he could also forge! How did he learn all this?

They couldn’t help but look at Shi Xueyun. They wondered, did Shi Xueyun somehow allow Yi Tianyun to learn how to forge? They could think of no other way for Yi Tianyun to how to forge.

In fact, it was not just them, but also Shi Xueyun who felt completely stunned. Forging was not easy, and it was completely different from the comparatively simple cultivation. The mysterious powerhouse who taught him was so powerful, he even knew how to forge.

Despite all the chattering, Yi Tianyun maintained his concentration and continued to temper the long sword inside the furnace. As time went by the material slowly but surely shaped into a bright sword.

“Forging completed!”

Yi Tianyun shouted, and immediately a long sword flew out of the furnace. 

This long sword flew out, spinning through the air. The sword then fell down and pierced the ground. The surface of the ground became covered in a layer of frost, showing off its ice properties.

Some of the materials used in creating the sword had cold properties, so the effect should be fairly amazing.

『Ding! Congratulations on completing a mission! You gained 5.000 exp and an Immortal Flame!』

He got 5.000 exp and the Immortal Flame appeared in his ability bar and become a unique ability!

Not only that, but his Forging mastery also increased by 10 points. That was good but he needs to forge at least a hundred weapons to level up. If he could forge a higher-level spirit weapon, the amount of mastery he earned would certainly be higher, in turn, his chance of failure would undoubtedly increase.

If he were to forge a low-level spirit weapon, there would be no chance of failure since, from the system point of view, the success rate was 100%, thus he could boast to Master Kong that he won’t fail.

“Master Kong, can you confirm that is this a spirit weapon?” Yi Tianyun said, a smirk never leaving his face.

This did not need to be confirmed at all, as long as that person was not blind, they could see the sword’s sparkling icy visage, confirming to everyone that sees it that is a spirit weapon. Although it was of a low level, it was still true that Yi Tianyun was successful.

Master Kong panicked, and the three elders were stunned! Looks like they don’t need Master Kong’s services any longer. Yi Tianyun could be his replacement, and since he wouldn’t charge as much for his service, the cost of forging a low-level spirit weapon would be reduced. The Jade Palace finally had a blacksmith! This was too good to be true.

Shi Xueyun pulled the sword out, she immediately charged the sword with her spiritual power, and the icy blue aura of the sword flashed. After a small wave of the sword, Shi Xueyun looked at Master Kong faintly and said. “This is indeed a spirit sword. Would you care to try it yourself?”

“No!” Master Kong was furious, looking at Yi Tianyun and full of malice he said. “I didn’t expect you to actually forge a spirit weapon. You deceived me by deliberately pretending not to be able to forge a spirit weapon!”

“When did I tell you that I couldn’t forge a spirit weapon?” Yi Tianyun sneered. “I am willing to gamble, and you lose, hand over your spirit weapon, and walk out with your head low!”

Master Kong actions earlier couldn’t be forgiven too easily in Yi Tianyun eyes. He had insulted Xiao Lian who hadn’t done anything wrong to him.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself! This gamble was my loss, but all of you conspire together to set me up. You were not interested in asking me to forge weapons, yet you still want my weapon!” Master Kong shouted at them rebelliously.

“Are joking right? If you didn’t provoke me by insulting sister Xiao Lian, I would have just stood still and leave the negotiation to you and the elders.” Yi Tianyun sneered. “Never belittle our Jade Palace again, you better remember that! Although they are all women, here the women are the real masters, not you!”

In this world, not only in terms of cultivation, but males also generally dominated every aspect, so they all looked down on female cultivators.

Yi Tianyun’s words immediately changed the three elders view of him. They expect him to have the final say regarding his win over Master Kong, but it was completely out of their expectations that he would assert the rights of everyone else in the Jade Palace. This was incredibly strange from the elders’ perspective, how could this young man be so full of trust and be so respectful despite their treatment of him?

“Sister Xiao Lian can make her own choice, she’s not a tool. I hope you can respect that.” Yi Tianyun added. “Now you could scram from the Jade Palace, of course, walk out with your head low!”

“Telling me to walk out with my head low, who do you think you are?” Master Kong said with cold eyes.

“Then perhaps you will comply when I’m the one telling you to?” Shi Xueyun took over the conversation and looked at him coldly. “Master Kong, you promised, be a man and accept the consequences!”

Yi Tianyun went as far as to bet his own arm, while Master Kong bet his spirit weapon, this was agreed upon beforehand

“Okay, fine!” Master Kong furiously bit his lips, turned around and went out. “I will remember you, don’t think this is the end!”

“Get out!”

Yi Tianyun rushed over and kicked Master Kong out. Master Kong screamed, startled by the suddenness of the attack. It’s not dangerous but the power he put into the kick was quite strong. Unexpectedly, Yi Tianyun was bold enough to physically kick Master Kong out.

Yi Tianyun was not that forgiving, anyone who provoked him should be ready to experience Yi Tianyun’s retaliation. Master Kong not only wanted to force Xiao Lian to marry him but also insults the Jade Palace, Yi Tianyun couldn’t let Master Kong get off so easily.

“You kid, just you wait!” Master Kong yelled. “Heed my words, don’t ever leave the Jade Palace especially if you want to live a long life!”

After threatening Yi Tianyun, he ran straight out. He was alone, while Yi Tianyun had Shi Xueyun by his side. Rather than fighting a losing battle he immediately left, saving him from more humiliation.

“Palace Lord, was this really worth it? Master Kong has a good status in Moon City. If he really found someone to pressure on us, what should we do?” The Second Elder was still unable to justify Yi Tianyun’s deed.

“This problem is mine alone, I am an outer disciple, what I have done has nothing to do with the Jade Palace!” Yi Tianyun took full responsibility for this problem as he started because of him, if, in the future, Master Kong retaliated, it would be fine as long as he was the target and not the Jade Palace.

The three elders were once again moved by Yi Tianyun words. Yi Tianyun really had courage!

“This is a problem the entire Jade Palace should face. This Master Kong looked down on our Jade Palace. This is something that elders witnessed themselves! Our Jade Palace is not strong, but that does not mean they can look down on us. If they want to put pressure on us, we will retaliate and take them on!” Shi Xueyun stood up again, still clad with a domineering aura.

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