Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 23: Merely Coincidence


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“Really? Is it really ok?” Her clear eyes were filled with eagerness, but she immediately shook her head, “Then please give me some time, I’ll consider it…”

She did not immediately agree, how could she without knowing who Yi Tianyun was, she didn’t even know his name.

An Ling was quite surprised, under normal circumstances, people would instantly agree but she didn’t instantly accept

Yi Tianyun tried to guess, whispering, “Is it because of your little brother?”

“You, how did you know?” Jiu Lingyun eyes widened. She was surprised.

“You said it yourself earlier, you want to give some silver to your brother, right?” Yi Tianyun had guessed the reason after considering her previous words. Judging from her tattered clothes, she was definitely not from a very wealthy family, and she couldn’t come with us because she had to take care of her brother.

“That’s… I am sorry young master but I can’t leave my brother.” Jiu Lingyun wanted to go, but she was worried about her brother.

『Ding! Quest Activated: Help Jiu Lingyun’s Little Brother.』

『Reward: 1.000 exp, 50 favorability with Jiu Lingyun and 5 prestige points.』

These quests just kept coming, the reward was somewhat ordinary and Yi Tianyun kind of understood why. It was an easy task and it was optional, so the reward was naturally a little less.

“System, what is prestige?”

He scrolling down his status bar, Yi Tianyun noticed a new label, prestige points. Did he miss just miss it the whole time?

Host: Yi Tianyun

Level: 12 (2nd Level of the Spirit Refinement Realm)

EXP: 5820/50000

CP: 670

Prestige: 5

Cultivation Technique: Dark North Divine Art (Human Grade, Mastery 378/1000)

Martial Arts: Absorbing Stars Great Technique (Human Grade, Mastery 378/1000), Eagle Claw Art, Falling Feather Sword Technique, Floating Cloud Steps

Weapon: Frost Fist (Common Grade, Mastery 329/1000)

Armour: Snow Wolf Boots

Divine Ability: Crazy Mode Level 1 and Luck Aura

Profession: Runecrafter (Lv.3), Blacksmith (Lv.3), Alchemist (Lv.3)

After his appraisal, the effects of prestige were shown.

Prestige: Prestige points would increase your luck.

“It seems like doing good deeds will increase my prestige. The issue is, I don’t know how effective it is.”

Yi Tianyun thought about it. If his prestige points reached a high value and then he combined it with his luck aura, his luck would be greatly enhanced.

‘I accept then!’ Yi Tianyun immediately took the task.

“We are going to bring your brother along as well. We are always recruiting more people into the Jade Palace” Yi Tianyun smiled.

An Ling overheard them but did not say anything. It was not a problem for them to bring back another person. There had already been several exceptions anyways.

“Is it really ok?!” Jiu Lingyun was surprised.

“Yes, but we need to go buy something first.” Yi Tianyun told her.

“Then, then I will wait for you here.” Jiu Lingyun said. “I can’t go in. People from the slums… we can’t go in.”

Wind City did not welcome people from the slums. The residents of the slums didn’t have money and many of them sold herbs in exchange for a few silvers. It didn’t make sense for them to loiter around inside.

If you wanted to enter the building you had to dress properly. Obviously, the residents of the slums couldn’t afford that, good clothing was too expensive. At most they could only ask somebody else to bring their herbs in and give them a few silvers as compensation.

“You will be a respected guest if you come in with me, I dare them to make a move on you!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

Jiu Lingyun looked at his face, before finally nodding slightly. It was partly because she wanted to go in but never had the opportunity to.

Yi Tianyun walked into the Wind Pavillion with Jiu Lingyun in tow but one of the guards tried to stop him.

“Sorry, we don’t welcome people from the slums here.” The guards were quite strong, they were at the 5th Level of the Body Refinement Realm. Even the guards here were strong, it was more proof it was not your average building.

“She is with me, is that a problem?” Yi Tianyun eyes were cold, and a strong aura emitted from him. The two guards unconsciously step back from Yi Tianyun. They knew he was more powerful than them.

“No, no problem at all, please, please come in…” the guards let them in while breaking into a cold sweat.

Unsurprisingly, they dared not stop such a powerful cultivator. It’s not that they wouldn’t let a single person from the slums enter, they just assumed that people from the slums didn’t have enough money to buy anything here.

Now that they knew a strong cultivator was bringing her along, they wouldn’t interfere. She was helping bring in a wealthy customer, so it was not a problem.

Also, although Jiu Lingyun was poor, her clothes were very clean, moreover, you could faintly smell a sweet scent coming from her. It was as if she added a few wildflowers into her bathwater.

“I, I’m really inside the Wind Pavillion…” Jiu Ling was very nervous. This was the first time she was allowed in here. She was very nervous. The most important thing to do was to be cautious and not to damage anything in here since she didn’t have the money to compensate.

“What do you want to buy?” Yi Tianyun asked.

“I don’t want anything, I’m happy enough looking around…”

She shook her head, and everything was expensive, even the cheapest item cost 100 silvers. She only had a dozen silvers at most, yet the prices here were mostly calculated in the hundreds of silvers or even more. Seeing the prices, she couldn’t help but keep it to herself.

Yi Tianyun took her around, he immediately went to the second floor because he didn’t find the materials he needed. After circling around for a while, he noticed that Jiu Lingyun showed interest in a bottle of pills, but when she looked at the price, the faint hope in her eyes disappeared.

He immediately understood. This pill was called “Expel Poison Pill”. As the name suggested, it was used for detoxification. However, the price was very high, costing 2.000 silvers. No wonder she dared not ask, such amount was enough for her to live for decades.

“Do you want this?” Yi Tianyun pointed at the pills.

“I…” She was about to say yes, but she realized she couldn’t keep taking advantage of his kindness, “I want this pill, can I borrow some money so I can buy it…?”

“Why do you want this pill?” Yi Tianyun asked.

“My brother is poisoned, and he couldn’t move his feet. I heard that it can be cured by an Expel Poison Pill. I want to buy it for him.” Her clear eyes sparkled with hope, she honestly wanted to cure her brother.

“Then take me to your brother, I can help you with curing your brother, if all you need is an Expel Poison Pill, I can do something for him.” Yi Tianyun smiled.

“You can?!” Jiu Ling was very excited.

The disciples next to him, An Ling and Qin Xue both looked at each other and felt very confused. Could Yi Tianyun heal people as well?

“No problem, now while we were at it, we could buy materials for that as well.” Yi Tianyun nodded.

While he was going around buying materials, a familiar voice was heard in his ear. “How could people from the slums be here? The Wind Pavillion’s standards have fallen so low!”

Turning his head, Yi Tianyun saw someone familiar, Master Kong!

He actually met Master Kong again, Yi Tianyun had wondered earlier if he would bump into him again and now here he was, Master Kong!

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