Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 24: Suppression


Master Kong approached them. He was looking at Jiu Lingyun with an expression full of disgust. Even though she’s not smelly at all, due to her status as a resident of the slums, Master Kong felt disgusted by her.

Then he realised that Yi Tianyun was the one who brought her along, his eyes turned from disgust into anger, “I heard somebody had brought in a resident of the slums, I didn’t expect it to be you! Why were you here?”

When he saw Yi Tianyun, he couldn’t help but bite his lips, he was once again being reminded of the humiliation he experienced. He was overwhelmed by Yi Tianyun, even though he was treated well anywhere, so he couldn’t forget his humiliation.

“Is there something wrong with me being here?” Yi Tianyun’s eyes were cold. As expected of Master Kong, his blacksmithing skill was nothing special, yet he acted like a tyrant, did he really think that Yi Tianyun would back down easily?

“Of course! Show these people the exit please, they don’t belong here!” Master Kong shouted to the guard next to him. “How could a resident of the slums casually come in here, how outrageous! This will stain the Wind Pavilion’s reputation!”

“Sorry, Master Kong, I will drive them out right away!” The guard’s expression suddenly changed, then he coldly said. “We have rules here, people of the slums can’t enter, please take your leave!”

And even though Yi Tianyun was a guest here as well, they would naturally favor Master Kong instead of Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun’s heart burned with anger, “Why can’t a resident of the slums enter? I’ve met your dress code just fine, can’t you let this slide?”

“It’s pointless for her to be here anyway, she doesn’t have money. Please leave.” The guards insisted.

Next to him, Jiu Lingyun bit her lips, she was not worried about being driven out by others, rather she was worried about involving Yi Tianyun. She was afraid Yi Tianyun would be humiliated because he brought her here.

“I, I would leave right n…” before Jiu Lingyun finished her sentence, a few pieces of gold fell into her hands, it was worth tens of thousands of silver.

“So how about now?” Yi Tianyun said, trying to hold back his anger.

“This…” When the guard saw those pieces of gold, he was speechless and turned to look at Master Kong.

“We don’t welcome you here. I don’t care how much gold you have. Once a plebeian, always a plebeian.” Master Kong keep throwing insults.

Hearing that, Jiu Lingyun‘s body went limp as though all her strength left her body, and her eyes were red and teary. She wanted to say something, but she was afraid of Master Kong’s status, so she chose to remain silent.

“Yes, she certainly is a plebeian, but there’s still something lower than that, a beast-like human, compared to that I’d say she was way much better.” Yi Tianyun smiled and reached out to the side and patted her shoulder, indicating that she should not worry so much.

“Who’s the beast? Who did you say?” Master Kong angrily pointed at Yi Tianyun’s face.

“I never said it’s you though, but to think it rubs you the wrong way, maybe you really are one then.” Yi Tianyun turned to look at the guard, said solemnly. “He is a guest, but we are a guest as well, you really think you can treat us like this?”

“I am an honorable guest here. I could drive you out easily!” Master Kong said coldly. “Send them out!”

He ordered the guards to capture them. Although he wanted to settle this with Yi Tianyun, if he told Shi Xueyun about it he would be in trouble. Yes, he was an honorable guest, with high status as well, but that did not mean he could mess around with the Jade Palace!

“I’m not just a guest. Where was the one in charge here, I have something to tell him!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“Who died and made you the boss? You want to meet Pavilion Lord you say?” Master Kong sneered. His face was full of disdain.

“What’s with all this ruckus?” At this point, a middle-aged man came forward, he moved elegance and easily earned everyone’s respect.

“Pavilion Lord Liang, you came at the perfect time. This kid, not only he has humiliated me before, now, as if to purposefully spit on my face, he brought a resident of the slums here. It makes me uncomfortable, but I also feel bad for Wind Pavilion. Letting her in here will only provoke anxiety in the guests!” Master Kong said coldly. “Please drive this kid out along with that girl from the slum!”

“Well?” Pavilion Lord Liang looked at Yi Tianyun and his companions, his brow wrinkled, just wanted to say something, when he saw An Ling and Qin Xue, he was a bit surprised.

“Pavilion Lord Liang. Don’t you think your guest is too rude? We were from the Jade Palace. We were coming here to do business, aren’t we considered guests?” Qin Xue couldn’t help but stand up and give him a piece of her mind.

Master Kong’s words were just too harsh but they didn’t mind it too much, they knew that’s just how Master Kong was.

“It turns out that you were the people of Jade Palace. It was no wonder that the two of you have such a temperament.” Pavilion Lord Liang smiled and immediately said to Master Kong, “Wherever they were from, they are a customer nonetheless, as long as they’re here just to do business it’s all fine right? Money has no-fault, right?”

He couldn’t afford to offend either side. Granted, Master Kong was their honorable guest, but the Jade Palace, although their influence was not that big, they were still pretty strong. He couldn’t afford to provoke them.

Wind Pavilion has quite an influence as well, but they were neutral as they specialize in trading, so they wouldn’t cause unnecessary troubles.

“Pavilion Lord Liang, mark my words. If you insist on welcoming them, then I will be the one leaving!” Master Kong was furious, forcing him to choose either one of them.

Pavilion Lord Liang face changed, this was indeed quite troublesome, but he did not think twice, and immediately said to Yi Tianyun: “I’m really sorry, but I’ll have to ask you to leave…”

He spoke politely trying not to provoke them, but the fact that he chose Master Kong over the name the Jade Palace infuriated Qin Xue and An Ling, so much so that they were about to draw their swords.

In fact, the name of the Jade Palace must be louder than Master Kong. The difference was that Master Kong was a guest who could help them create Spirit Weapons. The weight of that fact was immeasurable.

“This is unacceptable…”

“Alright whatever, I don’t give a damn anymore, you better remember your choice today Pavilion Lord Liang!” Yi Tianyun reached out and stopped Qin Xue, indicating that they should not act impulsively. Then they immediately left.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Where did all your confidence earlier go? Wind Pavilion is my turf! Don’t you dare come back here!” Master Kong bathed in his victory over Tianyun, he couldn’t hide his satisfaction.

Pavilion Lord Liang frowned, and immediately shook his head and said nothing.

When they left, Jiu Lingyun cried, and apologized, “I’m sorry, it’s all because of me…”

“I am not blaming you, in fact, Master Kong had a grudge against us. You’ve done nothing wrong.” Yi Tianyun looked around, there was another Pavilion across from Wind Pavilion, it was not as luxurious as the Wind Pavilion, but was in the same business. It was called the “Rain Pavilion”.

The two had been in a competitive relationship, but it was clear that Wind Pavilion was slightly ahead. They couldn’t enter Wind Pavilion, so they went into Rain Pavilion instead.

“Let’s go to this Pavilion instead, I will make them regret their choice!”

Qin Xue and An Ling looked at each other, they did not know what Yi Tianyun planned to do. All they could do was follow him.

When they arrived at the Rain Pavilion when the shopkeeper welcomed them. Yi Tianyun immediately took out ten Spirit Weapons and announced, “I’m going to sell these to you, but I need your help! I have a plan!”

His eyes lit up, his plan was very simple, since the Wind Pavilion drove him out, he would request assistance from the Rain Pavilion, and take revenge on Wind Pavilion!

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