Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 256 Capital Crime!


Yang Xixue at the moment was shocked to see Yi Tianyun.

At the very moment, Yi Tianyun used the face of the man that previously had saved Yang Xixue’s life from the pirate, she immediately called him benefactor out loud.

Yang Yu was surprised, he never saw anything about the man that saved his sister’s life before.

And now, he got to see him up close.

Yang Yu immediately expressed his gratitude to Yi Tianyun for saving his sister’s life while he could do nothing for her at that moment.

And he awkwardly gave his blessing to Yi Tianyun if he wanted to marry her sister.

Yang Xixue immediately pinched her brother’s cheek in embarrassment and pulled him closer to her.

Yang Xixue glared at him for saying such an embarrassing word and smacked Yang Yu on top of his head in frustration.

“Enough!” Feng Yulong said amidst the Divine Rune Mansion.

“You are my fiancée! If you choose to be bedded by another man, I will personally hurt you!” He said in anger.

“You? Come and try me, traitor! You are weaker than me even when you are healthy, and now that you are already crippled, I would like to see you try!” Yang Xixue said coldly.

“A traitor? I only do what is best for me. Heaven’s Top Mansion has nothing left for me to take. Instead, Divine Rune Mansion was kind enough to let us join their faction. The best choice was for me to take the offer as I don’t want to be a loser!” Feng Yulong said while sneering.

“If you choose to leave your master faction like this, you need to pay the price or receive the consequences!” Yang Xixue said coldly.

“What price? Heaven’s Top Mansion doesn’t even do shit to me! All they give is a poor cultivation medicine and weak cultivation technique! What price do I have to pay for that?” Feng Yulong said challengingly.

“If you know that Heaven’s Top Mansion has bad resources, why the fuck did you choose to join?” Yi Tianyun said, pitched in to help Yang XIxue.

That was true, if he knew that the faction he was about to enter was in decline, he always had the option to not join them in the first place.

That way, he will be able to join other factions he saw fit without betraying anyone.

But it seemed that Feng Yulong along with other disciples who betrayed Heaven’s Top Mansion didn’t have that conscience, they were too blinded with greed and took all they could get from Heaven’s Top Mansion before leaving it altogether.

“You! What do you know? You aren’t even from here! You don’t get a say in all this! You better shut your mouth before I make you shut up!” Feng Yulong said in anger.

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“Come here Yang Xixue! Don’t make me come over there!” He said furiously.

“No! I don’t want to go anywhere with a traitor like you!” Yang Xixue said spitefully.

“Good, now you will die like the rest of them!” Feng Yulong said coldly.

“Where is your elder?” The deacon of Divine Rune Mansion said coldly.

“I am the one responsible for everything around here!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“Then, with our Mansion Lord’s Direct Disciple has been killed at the hands of your Mansion Lord. We will exact his revenge on your faction! or you can pay us with a certain number of Medicinal Pill and Soul Tool!” Elder Xiao of Divine Rune Mansion said coldly.

“What compensation? It is clear that your people themselves are trying to bother our Mansion Lord. There is no way Mansion Lord Yi will kill people without reason!” Yang Yu said, full of emotion.

“Elder Xiao, it seems that they are not willing to cooperate with us! I suggest that we start killing them one by one now.” Feng Yulong said coldly.

Elder Xiao looked at everyone from Heaven’s Top Mansion coldly.

“It seems we have to collect the payment ourselves. Then, all of you! Go and take everything you can get! Kill anyone that tries to block your path!” Elder Xiao said, ordering everyone from Divine Rune Mansion.

As everyone from Divine Rune Mansion charged to attack, Yi Tianyun flashed over to Feng Yulong and struck Feng Yulong’s chest swiftly, killing him immediately!

“Betraying your master sect would get you an abolishment of your cultivation technique, but plotting to destroy your master sect is a death penalty!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

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