Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 257 All Extinguishes



‘Successfully killed Feng Yulong!’

‘Reward: 7.800 Exp, 1.800 CPs, 50 SPs, 100 Divine Rune Proficiency MPs, Flying Clouds Sword Technique, Cloud Upheaval Step.’

“You actually killed brother Feng! How dare you!” Liao Wen who also betrayed Heaven’s Top Mansion and became a disciple of Divine Rune Mansion said coldly.

Yi Tianyun sighed as he noticed Liao Wen and immediately flashed to him and killed him on the spot!


‘Successfully killed Liao Wen!’

‘Reward: 6.500 Exp, 1.800 CPs, 50 SPs, 100 Divine Rune Proficiency MPs.’

“Did you know the terms of Capital Punishment? Let me put it in a way that you can understand, this punishment will make you less worthy than a bug. So, killing you is nothing but a chore.” Yi Tianyun said casually.

Everyone from Divine Rune Mansion was shocked that they couldn’t even see Yi Tianyun’s movement.

Even the elder was shocked as they didn’t know what to do if Yi Tianyun decided to attack them.

How could once defend against an attack they didn’t see coming!

Yi Tianyun looked the people from Divine Rune Mansion closely, he wanted to see if there was anybody that he was familiar with and betrayed the Heaven’s Top Mansion.

He knew that there must be more than just 2 people among them!

Sure enough, he saw many of them in their rank.

He immediately flashed over to them one by one as he killed all the traitors!

“Stop! I will be your opponent!” Elder Xiao Jie said as he released his Spirit Core aura.

But little did he know that Yi Tianyun has been waiting for that moment.

Yi Tianyun immediately flashed over to Elder Xiao Jie and killed him with a single kick to the guts!

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“Did you know that storming Heaven’s Top Mansion in order to create trouble is also a Capital Punishment? Maybe it is time for me to clean up the entire Divine Rune Mansion after this.” Yi Tianyun said casually.

Seeing that Yi Tianyun already killed almost all of the traitors in Divine Rune Mansion’s rank, Yang Yu snapped back from his shocked expression after seeing Yi Tianyun’s power.

He immediately rallied the loyal disciple of Heaven’s Top Mansion to attack the rest of the Divine Rune Mansion’s forces.

They already outnumbered the Divine Rune Mansion’s forces by 3 to 1 so, even though they had lower cultivation they should still win the fight!

The only ones left to kill were the remaining elders on their rank, and everything should be fine!

“You can’t do this! Divine Rune Mansion will be after your head for sure!” An elder of Divine Rune Mansion said as he saw Yi Tianyun walked slowly towards them.

“Nah, I will go there myself after this.” Yi Tianyun said as he casually punched one elder on the chest.


‘Successfully killed an elder of Divine Rune Mansion!’

‘Reward: 240.000 Exp, 3.200 CPs, 50 SPs, 500 Divine Rune Proficiency MPs.’

He activated the X8 Exp from the Crazy Mode. He didn’t want to waste any Exp now as he needed a lot of them to level up!

He finished all of Divine Rune Mansion’s elders in a short amount of time.

While fighting, he saw Li Huan was also there, and thus he flashed in front of him after killing all the elder and showed Li Huan who he really was.

Li Huan was once again shocked to see that the stranger who helped the Heaven’s Top Mansion was none other than Yi Tianyun himself!

“How could you be here!” Li Huan said with a shocked expression.

“Well, after killing the Mansion Lord of Divine Rune Mansion, I decided to go back home, what else.” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“But you will follow your beloved Mansion Lord to hell, you traitor!” Yi Tianyun said coldly as he kicked Li Huan on the chest, killing him instantly.


‘Successfully killed Li Huan!’

‘Reward: . . .’

After cleaning up the traitor and elder, Yi Tianyun was absolutely sure that the rest of Heaven’s Top Mansion’s disciple could finish the rest of the Divine Rune Mansion’s disciple on their own.

“Hey, Clean up the trash here together with your friends! I have to go somewhere else in the meantime!” Yi Tianyun said to Yang Xixue.

Yang Xixue nodded, and Yi Tianyun immediately headed towards Divine Rune Mansion!

He thought that Divine Rune Mansion’s problem was only in their higher-ups but it seemed that they were already rotten to the roots!

He needed to kill them all before it pestered!

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