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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 259 God Extinguishing Great Array


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“Impossible!” The Elder of Divine Rune Mansion said in disbelief.

There was no way a human could withstand the Thunder Strike Array without having so much of a scratch!

The thunder that produced by the array was supposed to be the same as the 6th Layer Core Transformation cultivator’s ultimate attack!

In the middle of absorbing the lightning, Yi Tianyun’s Absorbing Stars Great Technique was leveled up, which made the absorption speed increased to X8!

All the thunder was quickly absorbed by the Absorbing Star Great Technique and turned into Exp!

Yi Tianyun got an overwhelmingly close to 10 Million Exp!

“What? Never saw anyone survive this thunder strike of yours before?” Yi Tianyun said while smirking.

“You are not human! There is no way a human won’t receive any damage after that attack!” The elder said while still shocked to see Yi Tianyun survived the thunderstruck.

“Well, nice chatting with you! Now, goodbye!” Yi Tianyun said as he pulled the string of the Ice-Cold Divine Bow.

The elder’s body was pierced by the arrow and died instantly in the spot!


‘Successfully killed an Elder of Divine Rune Mansion!’

‘Reward: 1.100.000 Exp, 15.000 CPs, 150 SPs, 1.000 Divine Rune MPs, Soul Breaking Finger Martial Art, Violent Flames Divine Art, Divine Rune Paper, Imperial Spirit Stroke.’

The notification kept ringing as the Black Dragon still ran amok nearby.

Yi Tianyun quickly ordered the Black Dragon to level the ground surrounding the Divine Rune Mansion to destroy the array completely.

As Yi Tianyun continued on his killing spree, the elder and the disciple scattered around in panic.

He didn’t forget to take every little resource that Divine Rune Mansion had, be it a personal belonging like a Storage Ring or the resource storage that Divine Rune Mansion inside the mansion.

That was the fastest way to strengthen his factions.

Also, the Divine Rune Mansion will be no longer after that night anyway, and dead people didn’t need any of those!

After killing nearly 90% of Divine Rune Mansion’s people, Yi Tianyun felt a strong aura coming from somewhere.

He immediately activated his Heavenly Eyes and he immediately felt the presence of an array already locked on his location.

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Yi Tianyun saw with Heavenly Eyes that the array was named a God Killer Great Array.

He wondered, could that array really kill a god?

After analyzing the array for a moment, Yi Tianyun knew that array didn’t really have the power to kill a god.

It was more in the level of a Divine Art than a powerful God Slayer!

He checked the effect of the array and noticed that the array could concentrate a huge spiritual power and then shot the concentrated energy in a single blast.

Its power was said to be close to the Core Transformation Peak Stage!

Yi Tianyun found that array’s mechanism was interesting, with the array’s spiritual attack he knew that the Absorbing Stars Great Technique will be able to absorb it!

Yi Tianyun was excited knowing he will get another massive amount of Exp shortly!

Meanwhile, the rest of the elders who survived were looking at Yi Tianyun in expectation.

They could see that Yi Tianyun didn’t do anything to stop the array, which was currently charging power!

They still thought that Yi Tianyun probably didn’t know what will hit him in a minute.

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