Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 260 Two Old Ancestor


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The Elder looked at Yi Tianyun with an excited look on their face.

They thought that they will finally get rid of Yi Tianyun once and for all!

Yi Tianyun on the other hand already knew what would happen and excitedly waited for the array’s attack!

As the array finally finished charging, an eye appeared in the sky looking at Yi Tianyun and immediately shot a light beam towards him.

The light beam obliterated everything on its path, the building was instantly demolished by its sheer power!

Yi Tianyun immediately activated the Absorbing Star Great Technique to its fullest potential creating a vortex of spiritual energy in his palm!

The vortex immediately absorbed every spiritual energy that crossed its path, even the Light Beam from the God Killer Divine Array didn’t seem to be strong enough to resist the vortex!

The Elders of Divine Rune Mansion looked at Yi Tianyun with a conflicted look at their eyes.

It seemed that the light beam which was supposed to kill Yi Tianyun vanished into a vortex that he made with his palm!

They couldn’t believe their eyes, how could a boy not even half their age do that kind of thing!

They instantly knew that they had no means to fight Yi Tianyun with, and they immediately ran away, trying to save their sorry asses out of Yi Tianyun’s killer grip!

Yi Tianyun however, already knew that after seeing their ultimate defense mechanism couldn’t hold a candle against Yi Tianyun will choose to run away in that very second.

He already prepared the Ice-Cold Divine Bow in advance and immediately shot them all with pinpoint accuracy!

Yi Tianyun also ordered the Black Dragon to block their path and immediately killed all of them!

However, once again the skies began to darken and not long after, two old men flew towards Yi Tianyun while thunder violently followed their path!

Yi Tianyun overheard some of the disciples shouting excitedly that finally their old ancestors have come to help them!

The Deacons who were hiding in a corner somewhere also came out immediately after hearing that their old ancestor finally arrived!

Yi Tianyun immediately activated his Appraisal Eye to see those new enemies of his.

‘Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder: 8th Level Core Transformation Stage, a fully enchanted physique with thunder attributed Divine Rune.’

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‘Combat Power: 5.250.000’

‘Weakness: Earth attribute attack.’

‘Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant: Core Transformation Peak Stage, fully enchanted physique of thunder attributed Divine Rune.’

‘Combat Power: 6.500.000’

‘Weakness: Earth attribute attack.’

“I don’t know who you are or where you’re from, but it is capital punishment for attacking us like this!” Thunder Tyrant said coldly.

“Capital Punishment? It is I who’s going to be the one to give you capital punishment!” Yi Tianyun said with an evil grin in his face.

Yi Tianyun didn’t feel the difference of power at that moment was that high, once he activated Crazy Mode, his combat power will skyrocket above theirs!

But first things first!

Let them think that Yi Tianyun was from Netherworld Empire!

Yi Tianyun took out the Jade Talisman on his inventory and immediately crushed it, summoning the Netherworld Emperor’s Phantom Shadow!

The two Old Ancestors were shocked to see the shadow of the Netherworld Emperor appeared in front of them all of a sudden.

“How can that talisman be in your possession? Are you part of the Netherworld Empire?” Heavenly Thunder said worriedly.

“Well, if that is true what would you do?” Yi Tianyun said challengingly.

At the very next moment, the emperor’s shadow immediately attacked with its signature Netherworld Divine Palm!

Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant immediately unleashed a powerful thunderbolt to block the Netherworld Divine Palm, the thunderbolt immediately destroyed the Netherworld Divine Palm completely!

“If you are really from the Netherworld Empire, why did you do this? What did Divine Rune Mansion do wrong?” They looked at Yi Tianyun with a conflicted expression.

“It is all because of your Mansion Lord’s ignorance, it is not even half of the mistakes that you Divine Rune Mansion even do!” Yi Tianyun said while smirking evilly!

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