Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 27: Upper Level Spirit Tool


After the Rain Pavilion managed to sell another batch of Spirit Weapons, the Wind Pavilion finally made their move.

“Reporting to Pavilion Lord Zi, the Wind Pavilion is selling the Spirit Weapons at a price 10.000 silvers lower than us!”

And that’s how the battle began, with both sides trying to sell their Spirit Weapons cheaper than the other. Yi Tianyun honestly thought that the Wind Pavilion would just sit and watch, letting the Rain Pavilion exhaust their materials, but, clearly, they couldn’t hold still any longer.

This was because usually, the Rain Pavilion couldn’t compete against the Wind Pavilion due to limited resources, they had less funding and materials. Now, thanks to Yi Tianyun, the Rain Pavilion could make up for their lack of funding by not hiring a Blacksmith, and their cheap Spirit Weapons attracted customers to buy other stuff as well since they thought it might be cheaper here as well. This would make the Rain Pavilion better liked compared to the Wind Pavilion.

This fact made the Wind Pavilion unable to sit and watch anymore thus they tried to compete in terms of price as well.

“They finally made their move?” Yi Tianyun smiled. “We don’t have that many Spirit Weapons left right?”

He refined dozens of Spirit Weapons, but this number was not too much. It should be noted that, in Wind City, the demand for Spirit Weapons was not that high, so after they sold their last few batches, there shouldn’t be that many customers here left. This was known through statistics from the Wind Pavilion’s customers who bought Spirit Weapons in the past. The number had already dropped, so the customers were not as crazed as before.

“Almost, because of the price cuts, our stock has already depleted.” Zi Yuwei nodded, she thought that this was their limit, they couldn’t suppress the Wind Pavilion any further.

“What if we also lower the price of upper-level weapons?” Yi Tianyun said faintly.

“If the price of upper-level Spirit Weapon is lowered, it would certainly be able to attract even more customers. That is definitely true.” Zi Yuwei analysed.

The price of the upper-level Spirit Weapons was very high, the basic cost of forging an upper-level Spirit Weapon was around 200.000 silvers, if someone wanted to buy it from the open market, the price would easily reach 300.000 to 400.000 silvers. It was close to the price of 3 low-level spirit weapons.

If they could only make it cheaper by 1.000 or 2.000 silvers, it would not really make a difference since upper-level Spirit Weapons were just too expensive. 

“Then we want if we make it cheaper by 50.000 silvers?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Zi Yuwei just smiled at Yi Tianyun, “This, this is not impossible, the price of the materials is practically the same as the lower level Spirit Weapons. You just need a few more materials to forge an upper-level Spirit Weapon, so we don’t need to worry about the material cost. The only problem is the success rate of forging upper-level Spirit Weapons. If it fails too often, it’s not worth the cost.”

“Not a problem, we need to keep our momentum. We need to keep on overwhelming the Wind Pavilion! Keep pulling their customers away. We need to increase our customer loyalty in preparation for the future too.” Yi Tianyun blinked.

“This, this… hold on boy, are you saying that you forged these Spirit Weapons yourself?” Zi Yuwei was dumbfounded by Yi Tianyun statement, the same could be said about An Ling and Qin Xue who heard Yi Tianyun’s comment.

“Yes, is there a problem?” Yi Tianyun smirked, although the success rate was not 100%, with his luck aura, there was no need to worry about the success rate, even if he doesn’t rely on his luck aura, the success rate was still more than 50%.

“Brother, can you really refine an upper-level Spirit Weapon?” An Ling said still shocked by Yi Tianyun words. Yi Tianyun was too young to be capable of forging upper-level Spirit Weapons, anyone under the age of 30 years old was considered young, and nobody around that age could forge upper-level Spirit Weapons.

He seemed younger than twenty years old, and it would be an incredible feat for him to be able to refine an upper-level Spirit Weapon.

“Would I be bothered to say it if I couldn’t forge it myself?” Yi Tianyun looked at the stunned Zi Yuwei and smiled, ”The Rain Pavilion only needs to prepare the materials. We only take 30% of the profits you make.”

Since the materials were provided by the Rain Pavilion, the percentage of the profit he deserved was roughly 30%. But was only true for low-level Spirit Weapons. The Rain Pavilion stood to earn far more money with their sales of upper-level Spirit Weapons.

“As long as Young Master Yi can maintain a sufficient success rate, we can give you 40%, no… 50% of the sale profits!” Zi Yuwei felt really excited about this deal. If this really was successful, the Rain Pavilion could attract more customers and ensure their pavilion’s popularity in the future.

Even if Wind City had many Blacksmiths but the number that could make upper-level Spirit Weapons was still not that high and, amongst those who could, they still had a really low success rate.

“I’ll definitely live up to your expectations, you only need to provide materials, leave the rest to me!”

Yi Tianyun’s approach seemed like to be a fool’s behaviour at first glance. But since he was the one who came up with this idea, he obviously knew a loophole – he could make a breakthrough to the Third Level Spirit Refinement! There would be no chance of failure if he could breakthrough to the Fourth or Fifth Level of the Spirit Refinement Realm.

The precondition was that the Rain Pavilion would provide more materials for him to forge, the sale prices were already agreed upon to be lowered so all he needs to do is successfully forge upper-level Spirit Weapons.

“Materials are definitely not a problem, as long as Young Master Yi really can provide the upper-level Spirit Weapons, I’ll definitely give you a larger share of the profit!” Zi Yuwei was not a fool, even if she gave more profit to Yi Tianyun she would still get a large profit.

Yi Tianyun smiled and said nothing. He began to forge an upper-level Spirit Weapon. The success rate was only 55% but activating his luck aura, it instantly increased to 100%!

The luck aura consumed a Crazy Point every second. Looking at his pool of Crazy Points he only saw 100 points. He was amused by the fact he could only use his luck aura for around 100 seconds. The consumption rate was crazy, but it was fine as long as he doesn’t excessively use it.

The most difficult step was adjusting the force used to forge so he only needed to use his luck aura at that point.

Over that period, he would need to spend at least 10 Crazy Points.


On his first try, he successfully created an upper-level Spirit Weapon.

『Ding! Congratulations on successfully forging an upper-level Spirit Weapon. You gained 5.000 exp and 100 blacksmith mastery!』

Not only he gained a lot of experience, but also a lot of mastery. However, advancing from an intermediate blacksmith to an advanced blacksmith required a mastery of an insane 10.000 points! Assuming he succeeds every time, he needed to forge a hundred upper-level Spirit Weapons!

Failure would grant a small amount of mastery but it was not as much.

“He, he, he really was successful!”

Seeing the dazzling upper-level Spirit Weapon, they were all shocked, and all their faces became flushed. To them, it was a rare treasure, this fact only made Zi Yuwei wonder, could her own brothers successfully make weapons of this quality? Zi Yuwei didn’t think so. Zi Yuwei was convinced that she was standing in front of a master level figure, she needed to keep in contact with Yi Tianyun in the future.

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